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Generaloberst Heinz Guderian visited the 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 of the Leibstandarte Division in his capacity as Inspector General of the Armored Forces in mid-April 1943, Kharkov area, Ukraine. The company commander’s tank Tiger ‘405’ is displayed for Guderian.

US Captain Willard V. Horne, Communications Officer hands the BC-603 receiver of the SCR-528 mobile radio to Lt. Stanley James.
They are an M4A3 Sherman B-17 from ‘B’ Company, 25th Tank Battalion, 14th Armored Division in the Alsace town of Ohlungen. March 24, 1945.

(Note the M-1 Carbine leaning against the Sherman turret)

(Willard V. Horne died in January 2015 aged 93)

(Photo source - US Army Signals Corps)

(Colourised by Royston Leonard from the UK)


The Panthers of the 5. SS Panzer Division Wiking in action in Kovel sector, where the division saw fierce combat in the spring of 1944.

A Sherman M4A1 (75) of the US 3rd Armored Division passes by a Panzer IV Ausf. G destroyed  In a street in Marburg after the breakthrough of the Remagen bridge.

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler examines a Tiger tank with SS-Hauptsturmführer Herbert Zimmermann (left), the commander of the 8./SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 of the Das Reich Division, Kharkov area, Ukraine, 24 April 1943. In the hands of the Waffen-SS the Tiger will rule.

M106 Paladin self-propelled howitzers belonging to 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade, 4th Infantry Division

Wiking Division Panther immobilized with track damage, but the gun is in working order, and the crew continue to give fire support. Kovel sector, spring 1944.

This was the first tank crew of the 41st Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division, 3rd US Army to reach the Rhine in the breakthrough. Crew members are: Cpl. William Hanse, Private Marvin Aldridge, T/4 John Latimi, Cpl. Vincent Merreale and Cpl. Sidney Mayer, 21 March 1945. Shown is a M4A3E8 Sherman tank with added armor.


U.S. Army Soldiers with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Regiment and 173rd Airborne Brigade, together with Canadian soldiers with the 5th Mechanized Brigade and German soldiers of the 10th Armored Division, attack simulated enemy combatants while conducting a defense operation during exercise Allied Spirit IV at the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels Training Area, Germany, Feb. 2, 2016.