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Armored Lady Monday

its my 3rd fav alolan pokemon! Tsareena!

its been a while since i did a gijinka armor so i decided to do one again :D

i wanted to make it very obvious that this was an armor designed to kick stuff, made the bottom all glowy n shit for it, she uses the thrusters in her waist “puffs” to reach high speeds and do some sick kicks 

077-TROPHAWN [trophy-fawn]
-The Antlers Pokemon
-Ability: Battle Armor/Intimidate - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is said to be a soul attached to the bones of its own corpse. it wanders aimlessly around the same place its life ended, with its eerie yellow eyes shining in the dark. If this are seen in the dark, they are said to make travelers lose their way”
    -Horn Attack
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Confuse Ray

–>Evolves with Fire Stone<–

078-WENDIGLOW [Wendigo-Glow]
-The Carcass Pokemon
-Ability: Battle Armor/Intimidate- Flame Body(HA)
-Dex: “Said to be formed from the remains of a hunted pokemon, WENDIGLOW hides deep in the forests and swamps searching for the ones who ended its life Its body is made from flames and bones, yet its nevers burns out or consumes itself..”
    -Flare Blitz
    -Shadow Bone


You can see my LED boobs here. :)

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Who’s your favorite starter Pokémon? I am so excited for @peppermonster she got 3rd place in the armor category for this amazing Charizard cosplay! So beautiful and detailed. #cosplay #c2e2 #pokemon #charmander #cosplayer #cosplayers #charizard #pokemongo #pokemoncosplay #charizardcosplay #armor #worbla

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reopening commissions! casually, so i will be taking my time with them ^^ (previous commission posts x x x)

style 1; Experimental, i’m going to test different brushes and colors and stuff; prices vary ($5 < x < $25)

style 2; trying very hard: full color $25; flats $20; line art $15; add character +$15 (examples)

style 3; Casual: full color $20; flats $15; line art $10; add character +$10 (examples)

background is +$5; 40% off for a bust, 20% off for waist-ups 

won’t draw: super nsfw, mecha/armor, complex animals (ie pokemon), super furry (nekomimi is okay)

contact me via direct message on twitter @talentlesshuman or here on tumblr if you’re interested! thank you~! (⁎˃ᆺ˂) also after a day i’m going to be closing requests! get them in asap if you want them!

Armored Lady Monday (technically tuesday edition)

this drawing killed me

my favorite alolan pokemon wishiwashi! it was an intense competition between pyukumuku, wishiwashi and toucannon but in the end wishiwashi is just too cute and also too cool man, im in love with this pokemon

since wishiwashi’s whole deal is to get super powerful without evolving i decided to go a mech way, thats “technically” armor right? even if it isnt this wouldnt be the wildest stretch ive ver done

anyways, hope you liked my month-ish of pokemon armor gijinka! 

???-CANDOLL [Candy-Doll-Candle]
-The Candy pokemon
-Ability: Illuminate/Harvest - Sweet Veil(HA)
-Dex: “Long ago, on a halloween night, a kid went missing never to be found, shortly after this pokemon was seen wandering at night. Its presence is announced by a sweet smell in the air. ”

–>Evolves at lv. 20<–

???-JACKALAMP [Jack'o'Lantern-Lamp]
-The Lantern Pokemon
-Ability:  Grass Pelt/Harvest - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon makes it home inside a discarded pumpkin shell which serves as both shelter and armor. During daytime this pokemon will gather on open fields and lock inside their shells until night time comes again, always under the watch of a MONSTROW”
    -Bullet seed
    -Shadow Ball
    -Leech seed

–>Evolves at lv. 40 at Night<–

???-MONSTROW [Monster/Scarecrow]
-The Watchful Pokemon
-Ability: Grass Pelt/Harvest - Wicker Man*(HA)
-Dex: “This large pokemon are always to be found guarding large fields full of JACKALAMPs and sometimes CANDOLLS, being extremely protective and territorial to the point only one MONSTROW can inhabit a field. They are active only during night time, patrolling their fields and will remain motionless during daytime unless an intruder comes near their home ”
    -Burn Up
    -Shadow Force
    -Shadow Punch
    -Seed Bomb

*When hit by a fire-type move, the user will change its typing from grass to fire

Armored Lady Monday

Continuing with my “im hyped about sun n moon” month, my second favorite pokemon clawitzer as a sci-fi armor!

i wanted to make a medieval one after the last time was a sci-fi one but how do you do that claw man, in this case it works with electro magnets handled by her right arm, the joints you see in the dragon like claw are moved by her shoulder, elbow and back of the hand, the “mouth” of the claw is controlled by her fingers, yellow fingers control the 2 joints of the jaw, blue fingers control the top part, open mouth by opening your hand, close mouth by making a fist 

Hope you like it!

Armored Lady Monday

Umbreon! my fav from gen 2, tho i dunno, i feel like its kinda cheating since its an eveelution, but the other one is the added evo to scyther soooo, i dunno man, this was hard and i was putting it off bcus the 2nd gen is the weakest imo, there are very few pokes that i like and a lot that i dont like of that bunch for sure

next week is gen 7 tho get ready boiisssss im like probably more than half way into the game now and needed this extra week to really decide on it