armor of altair

INKTOBER 21 - Assassin’s Creed 2 - armor of altair  

Some time ago I got to play AC2, at the beginning of Ezio Auritore as assassin, one of the things that amused me more of this game was to find emblems of the most important masters assassin’s, for Altair’s armor.

Is that the month of term inktober, but did not have time to escenear and then upload it before, and to work at the end of the month, even so end all inktobers before the end of the month, the climb now that I have some free time .


You know all them collectable outfits and armor we get in the games? I wonder where are they now in modern times? Especially the Armor of Altair since Ezio had it last time when he visited the aftermath of the attack in Brotherhood. Man I miss the Armor of Altair the most, I hope it makes a comeback, as it can modified to be worn under a uniform or another outfit.