armor mewtwo


Hey, guys! Sorry it’s been a while! I’ve been busy as of late, but here’s a new piece I just finished for Anime North next week! I was going to work on a different piece, but then I randomly had the idea make an homage to Mewtwo’s past, and present. Also, it gave me an excuse to draw Armored Mewtwo, who was all kinds of badass!

I did a slight redesign on Mewtwo’s armor, but kept it relatively close to the original design. Also, I used Giovanni’s FireRed/LeafGreen design, cuz it’s way more intimidating than what he looks like in the anime!

Anyways, I hope ya like it! :D

We are proud to announce the release of the very first Smash Bros. Legacy-flavored build of Project M! 

Additions to this version of Project M will include:

  • Exclusive narrator voice customized for this version of Project M
  • Nostalgic background music and remixes for stages
  • Greater variety of skins for characters, including Hyrule Warriors Link, Helmetless Captain Falcon, Pirate Hat Yoshi, and Team Rocket’s Armored Mewtwo
  • Competitive, re-imagined stages appropriate for tournament play
  • Unique menus, character portraits, and selection screens

What this build will not include:

  • Any changes to character’s hitboxes, movesets, or identity. In other words, we want to keep fighters in the game unchanged from the PMBR’s official builds (with the exception of skins). 
  • Any changes to items from PMBR’s official build

As of now, this project is based off of the Project M 3.02 build. But we’re preparing in advance to adapt this work-in-progress to the 3.5 version as soon as the PMBR releases it. 

We’re not sure when this will be released exactly, but we’re working hard to get it out soon so that all of you can download and enjoy it. 


Finally got Project M working on my PC! Runs all stages at a silky smooth 60+ FPS internally upscaled to 1920x1080.

CPU: AMD FX 6120 6-core @ 4.1ghz
RAM: 16GB DDR3 Corsair
GPU: Radeon 7850 2GB 1Ghz

Early thoughts on version 3.0.x?

  • Fox and Falco still feel different from Melee. I prefer PM Falco personally, but you can’t deny the difference.
  • I also don’t think Fox and Falco are head and shoulders above the rest of the roster like Melee. Top tier, absolutely, but certainly not 1-2 on the tier list.
  • Bowser is still crazy OP. Dat armor.
  • Yoshi’s chaingrab potential against most of the roster is absurd.
  • Game & Watch’s ledgeguarding game is a bit ridiculous. (GG space animals)
  • Roy may possibly be in a better place than Marth, balance wise.
  • Kirby/Ness/Olimar/DeDeDe probably need a buff or two, they’re all pretty outmatched by most of the cast.
  • GOLD MEWTWO ARMOR? #thankyoubasedPMBR
  • GIGA BOWSER? Now my casual friends have a fighting chance?!?
  • C Falcon/Jiggs/Marth are the 3 Melee mainstays that I think are hurting a bit. The characters haven’t changed one bit, but their matchups all got buffed for the most part.