armor is going to be so expensive

Emergency commission

Hi everyone!!

I need your help now to raise money. My husband’s computer broke down today, is a little old one, and he is pretty sad. He work as freelance 3D modeler for video games, and without his computer he can not  work. 

The problem is we are pretty short on money, because in june we moving from Chile to Vancouver (i’m going to study there) and we have had many expenses buying tickets, paying visas, etc… so we are out of money. 

So, i’m opening a lot of commission slots, to raise $1500 and can buy him a new computer. He always support me in every of my ideas and plans, so i want help him now.

So the price list is this (Any extra donation will be grateful):

- Bust: $10 (couple $15)

- Medium Shot $25 (couple $35)

- Full body: $50 (couple $75)

- Add Background, charge extra
- Hard armors or difficult desings, charge extra

(Check my tumblr for more art)

Also, i’m open to comic gig if any of you want to hire me (short comics, preferably, ask me about my rates)


If any of you want ask him for a 3D model, just check his art here!

If you can’t ask for a commission, you can share this info and help me to reach more people to achieve the goal.

Thanks a lot!


no-atomo  asked:

You reblogging your own selfies to spite nazis is amazing and has inspired me to reblog my own selfies more btw that armor is kickass

Thank you :) It’s been pretty expensive!

Spiting Nazis is just one of many great excuses to reblog selfies, vanity and wanting attention are other wonderful reasons :P So go out there and reblog your selfies! Get your face out there! The people have spoken, they want it!

ouroandar  asked:

⚠ : How does your muse react to possibly dangerous situations? Do they face them head-on, or do they plan out their actions first?

Originally posted by desu


(I’mma post this link to you – if you would like to get a good idea how my Character might react: Also tagging @grandynetheroshan since she likes that post a lot. 

But pretty much, she just deals with a situation head-on. I’m not saying she’s headstrong, but she’s fairly capable of dealing with situations to help protect others. Sometimes at the expense of harming herself, but she is just a Sin’dorei in plate armor. There has to be consequences for her, and she is my oldest character. Plus I roleplay dragons on the side, so she gets the brunt of the bullshit. 

There have been times where she did plan out actions, but they still failed. I don’t exactly remember where the post is, but it was with @unabashedrebel / @charm-in-spades – and essentially she sent out a bunch of convicts that were controlled with magic to deal with a threat in the Ghostlands. The rogues attempted to deter the contingent from meeting with the Juggernaut – @tursidhion-felomelorn – and they all ended up dead. They were just NPC’s of course, but the Commander was prompted to act when guardians in training were slain in Eversong. 

So I can’t really say she is the best strategist, but she tries. ;) 

@ouroandar - thanks for the ask :^) 

My thoughts so far while making armor for the first time

-Foam is pretty cheap if you find the right place to buy it at!
-Heatguns! WOW!
-Wrapping myself in plastic wrap and masking tape for each corresponding armor location is super helpful for mapping out the pieces and making templates!
-It is also very warm and takes a while.
-I am not flexible enough to map out all of the armor pieces and need assistance…
-But I still try without help anyways.
-How did I bend that way? Lots of determination. Limits are meant to be broken.
-Magnets, straps, and Velcro? Magnets, straps, and Velcro.
-My floor is covered in foam scraps???
-How did people actually wear armor and move let alone fight?
-Did I mention that I’m warm?
-Will I die at the con?
-I cannot sit down while wearing this.
-Going to the bathroom is going to be a pain.

Hello! Tumblr user roninkami here and for various reasons I’ve decided to open up COMMISSIONS! (Because, well, going to school where I go is expensive. Yikes.)

All prices listed are in USD. PayPal only.

Sketch/Lineart - $12
Simple color (flats, minimal shading, simple background) - $18
Painted color (layered color, shading, and background) - $27

*Work with over 3 figures/characters will have an extra rate of $1 per additional figure. (For example, a lineart commission with four characters will be charged $13.)

I will not draw NSFW content or animals. Animal/human hybrids, mecha, OCs, and armor are okay.

All inquiries can be sent to Please let me know your PayPal email so I can send an invoice to you as well. I ask also that you pay upfront, and send me any references needed to complete the commission.

I look forward to doing business with you guys! 

Early Halloween drawing! Trixie as a darkspear Troll!! (My favorite WoW race)

She would totally be a troll mage if she were to be part of the WoW universe!

Also planning to cosplay a darkspear troll (once i can afford it), so this is really fitting!

If anyone is interested you can get a commission headshot sketch like this one and the previous updates for 5$ to help me earn some money to get this cosplay going. I’m gonna make it from scratch and I’ll have to buy expensive materials like Worbla to create armor pieces!

Also, I dare any WoW fan who runs a pony blog to draw their character in their favorite WoW race, wee :D