armor concept art

Against all odds - I’m still alive! The development of Dry Drowning is proceeding smoothly but since I’ll be having a bit more spare time in the following days I decided to knock at tumblr’s doors to reopen commissions. Please refer to this post if you wanna commission me something! I’ve got a couple of spots open for now

Allow me to introduce you to armor… aka BUCKLE HELL

I’m figuring out Papyrus’s armor, and this is just the first layer… I actually had to do research to figure out how to put this stuff together. Goshdarnit Unrestedjade, you and your excessive knowledge of armor… Jk I love you ^^

The armor Papyrus is wearing so far is his oversized leather cuisses and plated boots.


Infinity Gauntlet – Infinity Armor concept art

I can show you this concept art now that issue 4 has come out. The Armor first appears on the cover of issue 2 and at the end of issue 2 but I purposely kept it in shadow and out of focus. 

The idea here is that if you are a Nova and you have the Nova Gauntlet and that Gauntlet has at least the Power stone, then you can activate the Nova Armor. 

There are two versions here. The first shows the Gauntlet has remained intact and the second has distributed the stones across the whole suit. I chose to go with the first design.