Recently I’ve been looking at a manuscript by a Giovanni Antonio Lovino of Milan, written ca. 1580. Oddly enough, Lovino appears to have dedicated the manuscript to Henry III of France. Lovino covers dueling with one handed sword,

Sword and Dagger,

Sword and Cloak,

Sword and Buckler,

he’s one of the few that covers Sword and Rotella,

a shield he calls a “targa”, a Target shield,

he also covers dueling a left-handed fighter,

dueling with a case of sword (a case of sword eing a pair of asymmetric swords kept in the same scabbard, used one in either hand),

a “hand-and-a-half sword” (his words, not mine),

two-handed sword,

There are four more, but this is my photo limit, so I’ll reblog and continue.