armless girl

closed RP with kinjiros-quiet-corner

It was getting late, the last classes of the day were ending and the girl still sat alone in the art room. Everyone had already left, everyone except the armless girl. She was sitting in a table, fork gripped between her toes and eating her food.

Suddenly she heard the door open and a boy enter the room. He didn`t seem to acknowledge her as she stared at him, the fork still filled with rice and her mouth opened. “Hi.”

+3 saw you in art class




The kid`s teacher was sick and she called in her helper to take care of the children. The orders were simple: just watch the kids while they paint and make sure nobody gets hurt.

Everything was normal until the stranger heard a little girl cry in the corner. When they arrived to see what was wrong they saw an armless girl with a brush trapped between her toes and her drawing on the ground. The paint had spilled over the painting and the girl was crying over her ruined piece of childish art.