Without a doubt, this is my “favorite outfit” Richard! 

Not only that, but her hair, sits him younger, what stands out too much and it is perfect. 

It’s my favorite look of this man! I love, love it! 

Sorry, but it is inevitable not to use this same video! ;) ;) 

•Day 2: Favourite outfit/look


Happy Birthday, Richard!

Countdown to the life-ruining dummy’s birthday (Aug. 22nd)

Day 1/7 → Favourite scene.


Countdown to Richard’s Birthday

Day 1- Favorite Scene(s)

Just one!?! Well that’s impossible! 

I’ve chosen these for all the obvious reasons ;)

The Vicar of Dibley- The Handsome Stranger: Harry Kennedy being cute and shy asking Geraldine out on a date.

Moving On- Drowning Not Waving: John Mulligan… just damn!

Between The Sheets: Paul Andrews playing footsie!!

Strike Back Viral Video: Wet John Porter. Enough said.

Spooks- S9-Ep-3: Lucas North’s sweet soft kiss.


Countdown to Richard’s Birthday!

• Day 3: Favourite photoshoot.

This is the first photoshoot, in which I met Richard for the first time (when I began my infatuation for this man) 

And if I can say it is one of many that I have favorites, but I just wanted to choose it, love it! 

Richard Armitage for FAULT Behind the Scenes Exclusive