Sydney Stereosonic

Highlights of day 1 were Zedd’s speakers fucking up and him singing clarity terribly along with the crowd and the non stop 138 at Aly and Fila Vs John o Callaghan was crazy good. 

Today was a good day, something really bad happened but we didn’t let it ruin our day and we ended up having more fun Day 2 then Day 1. Above and Beyond’s whole set was amazing as usual and finally got to hear them play sun in your eyes live. Bingo players and Axwell were surprisingly good and Armin was amazing to finish on. Kinda Ironic tho that Armin was like “are you ready for a state of trance”, then straight-up drops Adagio, not complaining tho i LOVE that shit :D.

Things i’ve learnt about Sydney people- most of them aren’t very friendly, nobody shuffles, nobody smokes, everybody wears hoodies…That is all.