I know this is posting a bit early for some timezones but according to where i live it’s Pink/innocence day of leopikaweek2016!!

Luca belongs to me and Farah belongs to @chainedintimacy and @armintie(who consiquently organised leopikaweek2016!) 

Just want to say thank you for inspiring so much new art and fics in the fandom!! :0

(( hey guys!! mod adrien here!

i just wanted to let y’all know that at the end of august i’ll be moving to chicago to go to school, so i’ll not only be heading back to school but i also have a feeling i’ll be a lot busier than i have been the past year of school

so!! i definitely will not be as active on here until i reach winter break and stuff like that (not that i was super active on here during this past school year but shshshhs)

i might give a little update once i actually get there and get settled, but i’ll keep answering some more Q’s as best i can for the rest of the summer until i leave :D

if u want u can keep up with me more at my main @armintie or follow my twitter @peachyadrien or my instagram @artccoon where i’ll be posting art stuff probably :p ))


Tonights menu: Taroluca, with a handful of Cal and a sprinkling of Farah

For those who don’t know, Farah is @armintie​‘s and @chainedintimacy​‘s leopika baby and Lu’s a leopika baby designed by yours truly.Cal is Mizaistoms kid and a good friend of Lu’s (possibly bf if lu can get his shit together).

The final pic is a rough lil initial design of Luca’s Nen ability, which allows him to control this smoke like substance that is made from his nen. (details under the cut)

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You are cordially invited to the wedding of Leorio Paladiknight and Kurapika Kurta.

Date: July 30th, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM (PST) - ???

Location: ask-leopika

Yes, all you ask blogs.  You are all invited to take part in celebrating these two dorks getting married.  If you would please wear your most formal attire, that would be wonderful.

Here’s how this will work!  You can all draw your muse(s) in their formal outfits to wear to the wedding, and in the end I will put them all together to make a giant collab image of everyone at the ceremony!  Sort of like a giant photo of the entire wedding party!  But you can have fun with it, not everyone has to be standing up straight and looking so serious about it.  Fun poses are welcome!!

Please make your drawing(s) transparent!  If you absolutely can’t, don’t stress too much!  I’ll be more than willing to make sure you still get added into the finished piece.  But it would be very very helpful if you could make it transparent on your own, with just your muse(s) wearing their outfits!!

Once you have your drawing(s) finished, post it to your blog with the tag ‘askleopikawedding2k16′, that way I can keep track of them all.

The last day to post your outfits will be July 29th!  And if you could please post it before 7:00 PM (PST) on July 29th, that would be perfect.  That way I can make sure I can get the image finished in time!  You can start working on it at any time, and post it any time, as long as it is before this final date and time!  (And if you are someone who can’t make their image transparent, please try to get your image posted earlier!  Like, a few days earlier.  That way I can make it transparent with enough time to put it all together.)

I will be posting images from the wedding, starting from the dressing rooms all the way to the reception, throughout the day of July 30th at various intervals, starting at roughly 12:00 PM (PST) until who knows when, but I’ll try not to keep going too late!  I know some people live in time zones that could end up going very very late.

You’re free to comment on/reply to the various posts or create posts of your own during the day!  Basically liveblogging as the event goes on.  So everyone can interact with each other, and even with Kurapika and Leorio!  (If you do happen to make a post, though, please use the ‘askleopikawedding2k16′ tag so I can see them all. I don’t want to miss anyone!)

And in case you’re wondering, both Leorio and Kurapika already have their best men.  Kurapika’s is another beloved Kurapika, @askthechainuser , and Leorio’s is their dog Pietro because the original Pietro couldn’t be his best man.  The rest of you are all already included as part of the wedding party!!

I’d like to thank both @askthechainuser / @chainedintimacy for helping me plan out the wedding and ideas, and @breadbunnie for helping me touch up the event-setup itself.

Now, for my last point…

Have fun!!  Both as you create your muse’s outfits, and on the day of the wedding.  I’ll make a post when it’s the last five days or so to post your drawings to make sure everyone remembers and gets them done in time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me either here or on my main (@armintie).  Preferably through the IM system so they don’t get mixed up with regular asks!

(( This also means that I probably won’t be answering asks at all until after the wedding, because I’m going to be busy making drawings for that, as well as working on things away from the ask blog.  But fear not!  After that I will for sure work on getting more into the swing of answering asks again!  Turns out this summer has been a bit more hectic and draining than I had anticipated lol.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding though!! ))


All dressed up and ready to vom from candy consumption. Decided to add Cal, Paul and Woble into the mix! 

In the first pic: from the left is Cal, Luca, Farah (held by Paul), Kuza and Woble

The other images are just some cute shenanigans (click for captions) 

Cal was created by @the-smallest-kurapika and I, Lu was created by moi, Farah was created by @chainedintimacy and @armintie, Paul was shat out by @blunderxblunder, Kuza was made by @millionsknive, and Woble’s older design was created by @blunderxblunder and I!!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any good trans!kurpika fics recs?

EDIT: I posted this when I should’ve been sleeping so I changed some of these to correct trans/saw an author’s comment and edited accordingly.

I don’t have the best memory, so I had to scroll through my fic lists I’ve read before and check to see which ones I liked and were with trans!Kurapika, but here are some! (Also, sorry but these are all, like… Leopika… I don’t read fics unless it’s for a ship. ^^; )


Crack the Shutters by SocksAreArgyle (on tumblr @armintie) - Unfinished

Supplies X Closet by dicksakura (NSFW) 

Shared X Space by olivemeister (NSFW)

Cafe AU (Part One) by @kurapilka - Unfinished (Peeks is kinda agender/trans in this, as stated by the author in a reblog!)


My Favourite Book by unhappyrefrain (NSFW)

Spring Haze by caseyvahalla - Unfinished (ALSO TRANS!LEORIO B] )


All Folks Are Damaged Goods by Queerapika - Unfinished


Honesty X From X Funerals by fragilesoftmachines (NSFW)

There sadly aren’t too many where it isn’t just sexicles, which makes me really sad. ;^; Hopefully more will be posted soon where it isn’t just that, but these are the good ones I found when looking through my fic lists! Sorry again that it’s so small… orz I also wasn’t sure if you wanted Female-to-male!trans or NB!trans so the first six are FTM and the rest are NB! Also there’s genderfluid as well so B)

hey hey!! just here to let anyone interested know that im going to be moving to go to school at the end of august, and i’ll probably be a lot busier than i have been this year since i’ll no longer be at home

so!! i probably won’t be super active on here and my queue might run out sometimes, so in case that happens, this is why!! if u want u can check out my main blog @armintie if ur super interested in keeping up with me elsewhere, but yeah!

heyoo so idk how many followers here care about this, but imma be moving out to go to school at the end of august and i’m not sure how busy i’ll be but i assume i’ll be busier than i have been this year

so!! i probs wont be as active on here unless someone i really care about posts a video and i wanna reblog stuff from it lmao but yeah, if i’m not active/my queue runs out it’s bc i am busy with school and being An Adult (terrifying tbh)

but if u wanna keep up with me on a more regular basis u can check out my main @armintie or my twitter (@peachyadrien) or my instagram (@artccoon) where i’ll probs be posting art stuff

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