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Outlaw Star - 2 (Peter Quill/Reader)Vol. 2 Spoilers!

Imagine being with Peter during a hard time and have a small confrontation with Gamorra…


Part One

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“What are you doing! I told you to go!” Peter yelled at you as you clamped your hands on his making the final bit of celestial light vanish.

“And I’ve always told you.” You held onto his arms as the world around them shook, “There isn’t world that can exist where Outlaw Star lives and Star Lord doesn’t.”

He stared into your eyes, “Y/N…”

You teared up a little throwing your arms around his neck, “You’re not alone. You have never been alone.”

He held you tightly burying his face into our neck. The heat from the explosions got closer with every second, “Y/N…I…”

“Save it…I know.” You told him shutting your eyes letting your fingers find his mop. You were ready for the void. You were right where you needed to be.

You felt a hard impact on your side and felt yourself being lifted off the ground. Your eyes opened looking at Peter who was staring at Yondu. Peter adjusted his grip on you as Yondu reached out balancing out the group.

You stared at Yondu as he looked at Peter, “He may have been your father, but wasn’t your daddy.”

He looked to you pride in his eyes, “I’m sorry I didn’t do any of it right.”

“Yondu…” You felt your air suit activate as he pressed a spare to Peter’s chest.

“What?” Peter stared at him as Yondu just smiled at him that toothy grin when he’d done something right. The one he always gave Peter when he wasn’t looking.

“Yondu stop…you have to put on a suit…” You looked up as he only pushed the rocket further past the atmosphere.

“Yondu…what are you doing?” Peter looked at him fear and realization starting to sink in, “Yondu you can’t!”

“Yondu!” You stared at him tears coming to your eyes as Peter started to claw at his suit to give to Yondu. Your heart was breaking as he screamed holding onto his father.

Yondu only got him to stop by putting his hands on his face. His skin started to freeze from the exposure as he reached over for you. You moved closer toward the direction he wanted putting your face next to Peter’s.

The corners of his mouth moved up just slight before his hands started to move away from their faces. Peter started to shake his head reaching for him denying what was happening.

“Peter…” You whispered tears streaming down your face. You grabbed his arm to keep with him, “Pe-peter he’s gone.”

“No!” He looked at you, “No, no he can’t…he just…he…”

“Peter…” You let out a sob wrapping your arms around him. He kept denying it until he finally relented shaking in your grasp. Nothing was going to make this better now…just time.

The funeral had turned out to be beautiful. Everything Yondu had deserved and more. A true Ravager funeral.

Gamorra came to you afterwards as you prepared one of the small vessels for take of, “How are you doing?”

You looked at her seeing some sincerity, but the underlying inquiry was there. She wanted to know how deep your relationship was with Peter. You wanted to mourn your father.

“I’m managing.” You told her packing a bag with the supplies you found about the ship.

“Good.” She nodded picking up a ration pack handing it to you, “Do you need help with anything?”

You let out a sigh, “I…just lost my second father…I’m gonna need time, and the ship is in good shape, and I found everything I need to get to my secondary ship in Xandar.”

“I see…you have a strong plan.” She swallowed crossing her arms.

You stopped looking at her, “Gamorra, I’m only going to say this once, so listen.”

She tensed up as you stepped toward her keeping your voice hushed, “He really cares for you…and you’ve acknowledge it back. He’s going to do everything he can and more to take care of you. It won’t seem like it sometimes…his mind works differently and in irritating ways, but he will always mean well. You’ll see it in his eyes. They way they soften apologetically as your face will harden with anger.”

You watched her lick her lips uncomfortably as you went on, “And he will give you 150% every time for everything. No matter how big or how small. So treat him right. Give him at least 100%. Understand how his mind works…let him in…and don’t break his heart or so help me…”

She watched you look away from her clearing your throat, “I won’t intentionally hurt him.”

You look back at her, “And I won’t come between you two, no matter how much it hurts. You will always be able to count on me.”

Gamorra smiled a little and nodded looking at the ship, “I can make an adjustment to the burners with Rockets help. Should get you a few extra jumps.”

“That would be nice, thanks.” You took in a deep breath as she stepped inside. You followed her in not seeing Peter peek around the hall corner.

His mouth was parted slightly as he watched disappear into the ship. You couldn’t see the conflicting expression on his mourning face. You didn’t see his hands flexing nervously at his sides.

He never knew you thought about him in such an intense way. He knew he had thought about it…dwelled on it in fact for years. He just never acted on it.

He ducked back down the hall feeling his heart beating against his chest wildly, “Shit…”

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Rare footage of a man’s spirit being crushed before his very eyes.

Do you think he picked the wrong waifu?

I will never let your fingers touch my damaged skin again; you are the one who did this to me. 
You told me you loved me 
And that nothing would ever hurt me again 
But then you did.
 You caused the wounds to rip open 
After you had healed them 
You caused the tears to fall
 After you had dried them.
You. You held me in your arms above the world 
Just to drop me 
And leave me falling
—  at0mic