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The Power of Love in SNK

I’ve noticed a pattern that those who feel love in snk become the strongest and most capable of their jobs or at least find the greatest strength to do their job and I just wanted to call attention to it.

  • Annie is dedicated to her job because she has a loving father waiting for her to come home again after he regrettably forced her into this mess. She came arguably the closest to stealing Eren in the warrior program all on her own.
  • Mikasa is the strongest soldier and it’s all inspired by her love of Eren motivating her to fight.
  • Eren is able to move a giant boulder because his love for Armin and their dream drives his willpower to the end.
  • Ymir is able to fight against her odds because of her love for Historia as she was begging her to stay alive.
  • Historia is able to overcome her own demons and thrive as a queen because the love of Ymir and her sister Frieda inspire her to live and to care for people.
  • Kenny thrives in his horrific work because he is drunk on his love for Uri. 
  • Etc. etc. etc.

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Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 37

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The episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, Ep9, Ep14, Ep16, Ep20, Ep24, Ep26, Ep27, Ep30, Ep33, Ep34). There were 4 directors for this episode: Tetsurō Araki (Ep1, Ep25), Yoshihide Ibata (Ep27, Ep34), Takayuki Hirao (Ep32) and Satonobu Kikuchi (Ep8).

The episode covered ch50 and it overwrote ch51 from page 1-45.

Even in my nightmares, I never thought they’d change things so much. As someone who has read the entire manga more than 10 times, and who is a hardcore manga fan who just wants a faithful adaptation, this was by far the worst episode of this season for me.

I think that you’ll only find salt in the “thoughts” section, they’ll be under the green line, and I’m not forcing anyone to read it.

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Oh how lazy I’ve got.. anyway here’s the final one ;; The episode was.. just amazing. I’m quite speechless. Eren using the coordinate for the first time is my ultimate favorite scene in the whole series so it really made me tear up to finally see the scene I’ve been waiting for the most <3 

A list of the things I enjoyed having in the twelfth episode:

- Carla flashback at the beginning, the feels ;;

- That music when the smiling titan appears again. HYPE INCREASING 

- Ymir saving Erwin <3 

- Mikasa protecting Eren ;;

- Hannes saving Eren and Mikasa 

- Hannes vs Smiling titan

- Armin my cinnamon roll <3 

- Ymir <3 

- Historia <3 

- Yumihisu <3

- Historia being too badass, she’s so cute too ;; 

- The music, I love “Barricades” <3 

- Mikasa <3 

- Eren <3 

- Armin being so worried of Jean ;; Care taker Armin <3 

- Eremika feels ;;

- Armin bae in danger!!!

- Hannes death; I wanted to see how it’d look in the anime so I waited for it but at the same time I wasn’t ready and it hurt a lot :c They made it even worse for the anime.. like in the anime you can see when the shine goes away from his eyes when he dies…. It’s so sad and how Eren tries his all to transform and save him.. ;__; This broke my heart </3 

- Eren’s laugh and rage crying.. I just love Yuki Kaji as a voice actor.. He’s so talented and always gives his all… I felt so bad for Eren ;; 

- THE EREMIKA MOMENT I’VE WAITED FOR <3 IT’S TOO BEAUTIFUL.. “This world is cruel.. but also very beautiful” YES 

- Mikasa’s smile <3 

- "You wrapped this scarf around me, thank you” MIKASA BEING TOO CUTE AND THAT SENTENCE <3


- “I’ll wrap that around you… as many times as you want” I’m falling even deeper in love with this Jaeger boy <3


- Seeing how they animated that coordinate flash and what it sounded like <3 Perfect <3 

- Titan attacking the Smiling titan.. EPICNESS 

- Eren carrying Mikasa <3 

- “You bastards! I’ll kill you all!” 

- Armin shedding tears when he feels so relieved to see his best friends alive ;; Aww let me hug you <3 

- Yumihisu moment.. Ymir’s goodbye ;; </3 

- Hannes flashback ;; The feels.. 

- Bertolt, Reiner and Ymir on the wall

- Erwin with a beard

- Levi <3

- Erwin’s smile and Levi being like “The hell you smiling for?” and he looked so shocked

- Final scene and the music <3 

- Zeke at the end.. I hate him but I guessed right that they’d show him in the end to give something exciting for only anime watchers : 3 

I’ll miss SNK but I’m so glad that we don’t have to wait 3-4 years for next season. It’s coming next year! 2018! YASSS 

ereani fanfic

With a Little Help From my Friends.
(College modern AU)

When the news reached her, the young blonde recluse could only raise her eyebrows in confusion. She’s heard of him, the noisy brunette from Darwin College who was always organizing student mobilizations for, what seemed to be, every conceivable issue under the sun. To her, his yelling in the common areas, his angry, passionate posts on social media about this and that were all too stupid. These were nothing more but noise and fruitless efforts. 

This was the most she’s thought of her schoolmate, Eren Jaeger, the rash, perpetually angry student from the Department of History. Which was why, when Armin Arlert from Intro to Biology asked her whether she’d be interested in going out with the infamous student activist, she was caught off guard to say the least.

“Why?” was the first word that slipped off her lips.

Armin’s brows twisted. And his lips frowned thoughfully.

“Because,” The young man pursed his lips and placed a curled, contemplating finger over his chin. “He likes you.”

Annie was not amused. Her eyes narrowed and flickered to her ticking watch. This Eren, apparently, didn’t settle with wasting merely his time - but that of others as well.

“I’m not interested.” She finally says and was about to turn on her heel when Armin raised his hands, pleading all the sudden.


“He’s the one who likes me yet it’s you here.”

“Oh.” Armin suddenly loses his train of thought. Admittedly, her’s was a valid comeback. “So, if he were to ask you himself-”

“I already said no.”

“You don’t even want to meet him?" 

Annie turns to give Armin a dangerous look. In turn, the young man pauses and lowers his raised hands in caution.

"I’ve seen him around. And I’ve already told you, I’m not interested.”

This is when the young man with the boyish features took offense. “How can you say that when you don’t even know him?” His face grows a flush. And Annie’s expression keeps steady, unmoved and undaunted by his flaming cheeks. “Eren deserves more than simply being brushed off.” 

Throughout the semester they shared, Annie couldn’t fault Armin as easily and as typically as she did almost everyone else. He was someone dependable and quick witted. In their university, almost everyone prides themselves intelligent. Armin was part of the few who was more than meets the eye. For this, he will always have her respect. At least, that was what she thought before this incident. 

“So,” The young man’s voice calms. And, bracing himself, tries yet again. “Will you meet him?” 

Annie’s sapphire eyes shone as she tilted her head up to the taller student. 

“No.” She says in finality. And with that, she turned to leave; taking with her the respect she had unwittingly bestowed upon the well-versed student who sat two seats in front of her in Biology. 


“Go out with him.” The white hand that slams over her desk orders her.

Unshaken and unamused, Annie’s sapphire eyes look up, knowing exactly whose gaze she’d be meeting - the ever daunting Mikasa Ackerman.

When Annie simply replied with a dead, disinterested stare, the ebony-haired beauty clicked her tongue in annoyance and said, “You’re going out with Eren Jaeger. Give me your digits.”

“Class is about to start.” 

“Does it look like I care.” 

“What is wrong with all of you?” Annie whispers in genuine befuddlement. First Armin, now Mikasa. How many more minions did this Eren have under his employ?

Mikasa instantly takes offense. “There’s nothing wrong with me.” She grits in a heated, dangerous tone. Then, realizing - quickly added, “Especially Eren. Eren’s perfect.” 

“Then, you go out with him.” 

The taller and fierce young woman instantly flushed in embarrassment. “I–I– We’re family.” 

Annie wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s none of your business but his parents adopted me.” 

Annie’s aloof and nonchalant gaze merely looked back at Mikasa’s flustered one. 

“Besides - it’s you he likes–”


Mikasa’s heart nearly jumps out of her chest. She whirls around and finds a relatively short man by the professor’s desk. Confusion riddles her face because she knew that man wasn’t their professor. 

“Take your fucking seats.” 

Annie could only fight back a smirk at the sight of Mikasa rushing down the lecture hall to her seat. 


With the semester ended, Annie starts bringing out from her dorm boxes of books and personal items. Soon enough, her schoolmates from the same town, Bert and Reiner, would be picking her up. They drive home together every end of semester and make a fun roadtrip of it. 

There were only a number of people she could tolerate. And it took years before she warmed up to the two best friends. 

Annie was seated on a random box outside her door room, reading a small pocketbook, when Reiner and Bert found her. Reiner was raising his hands, gesturing with excitement the loads of fun he had in store for them. The tall, lanky young man beside him only smiled good-naturedly. He had no intention to contribute to Reiner’s enthusiasm; the bulky man had more than enough for the two of them after all. 

The girl only smiles and shakes her head as she stands. She proceeds to grab one of her boxes when she notices a newcomer approaching them. 

Her eyes start to widen. And an uneasy feeling starts filling her gut. 

“How can I help?” The brightest smile she’s seen greets her. And for a second, for longer than a second, she loses all thought. She doesn’t hear Reiner as he excitedly introduced her to the new addition to their small group. She doesn’t hear Bert as he explained how the three bonded over this tedious extra credit assignment their terror of a professor made them accomplish before the end of the semester. All that registered was the stunning large grin the new comer wore. 

Later, when they were in Reiner’s pick-up, with Eren seated at the back seat with Annie, the blonde-haired young woman slowly managed to regain her wits about her. And as they bonded on the road, she would come to learn that Eren had no idea that his friends approached her in his stead. To this, she would wonder whether Armin and Mikasa’s claims had any truth to them; if Eren liked her at all. 

Her blue eyes drift to the young man laughing beside her. 

To her musings, she thought in the negative. If she barely knew this huge name in campus, what more he about her; a quiet loner from the Faculty of Psychology. 

Without warning, Eren’s glittering green orbs meet hers. And if even possible, his grin widens, so much so that Annie’s lips slowly get infected. A warmth fills her chest. And she decides - to hell with it. 

If not his affection, even if for just this moment, even if for just now, she was more than content with his smile. 

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Volume 1 Analysis, Part 3

It’s the titan invasion all over again. The newbie soldiers are running around in a panic. We get a little glimpse of the resident mushy couple, Franz and Hanna, as they deal with this. Franz reassures Hanna he’ll protect her. Mikasa witnesses this and seeks out Eren, wanting to say the same.

…Only she gets cut off by Eren, who is diverting all his attention to a trembling Armin, asking if he’s alright. Before Armin’s panic can worsen, Eren is quickly able to calm and reassure him.

Yep. I’m sure there’s no significant meaning there whatsoever. 

This is doubly fun when you consider that just last chapter, Eren was scolding the couple over their relationship blinding them from the harsh realities of the world. Seriously, what was the point of showing Eren randomly hanging out with them and implementing that scene?

It’s not unusual for Eren to be annoyed over people acting complacent regarding the titans, but he’s particularly agitated over their relationship being a major factor in that sentiment. He’s sees it as a dangerous distraction when there’s a bigger picture to be concerned about. 

He isn’t totally wrong about that. 

Eren is able to calm Armin’s nerves again when they’re prepping to go into battle for the first time. His way of doing so isn’t to claim he’ll protect Armin, because he knows Armin wants to prove he’s capable of fighting and protecting himself. 

That’s why this panel is shown right before Eren reassures Armin in his own way – by talking about how this battle is an opportunity for a quick promotion. A way to prove themselves. It’s another way of showcasing how well they understand each other. 

Naturally, things go very bad, very fast. A comrade is quickly killed by a titan, but that’s not the sight that causes Armin to be paralyzed in place. It’s only when Eren sets chase and gets his leg chomped off that causes him to collapse to his knees in disbelief. 

He’s unable to move even though another titan is heading straight towards him, prompting everyone else to flee. 

Eren is incapacitated as his fellow comrades get devoured…until a titan swallows Armin. It’s only then that Eren stirs, making an attempt to do something. Come to think of it, the anime didn’t show Eren’s first struggling attempt to move upon hearing Armin’s screams. 

What ultimately gives Eren the strength he needs to rescue his best friend?

It’s the memory of Armin introducing him to the outside world, to the very idea of them both seeing it all together.

One other thing I noticed:

Talking about the outside world is taboo, and Eren outright reminds Armin it’s dangerous to talk about that kind thing. The Military Police would be on his case if word got out. But Armin doesn’t remotely care about that at the moment. All that matters is talking to his one and only friend about something he’s passionate about.

…You know, Eren is usually credited as the one who is prone to being rebellious and a troublemaker, but you’ve got Mr. Fuck-The-Police over here unabashedly carrying around an illegal book and not caring one bit about getting caught. 

One thing is for certain: when Eren is determined to do something, he gives it everything he has. Keep in mind he just got his leg bitten off and slammed into a rooftop at full speed. But here he is, able to jump into the mouth of a titan, grab Armin with only one of his arms while the other keeps the mouth open, and then throws Armin out of there. Never gets old.

But Eren isn’t ready to die yet. In his apparent final moments, he reaches out to Armin, asserting his desire to see the outside world. The very thing Armin has been dreaming of doing since he was little. 

It’s the last thing Eren says before the titan clamps its mouth down, apparently killing Eren right before Armin’s eyes. He’s even still reaching out, as if Eren was still there.

Chapter 4 was one wild ride, and serves well as a thrilling conclusion to volume 1. 

anonymous asked:

So what you're saying is, in a shounen context, that hug makes Eremin canon? I saw a post where it explained that hugs signify a something more intimate in japanese culture.

Um… Can I say that? I want to say that.

Instead of saying that. I’m going to throw up some thoughts here.

I constantly have conflicts with the manga (internally of course) because the works are written by a Japanese man but the characters (for the most part) don’t share/are not influenced by Japanese culture at all. So, while I want to say that to the Japanese hugging is significant and is intimate, commonly considered PDA - this may not apply to the characters because the characters themselves are NOT Japanese.

They are presumably in an area of Europe, most likely Germany. So that’s more influential to their character, more so, if Isayama does not interject his own culture into the story. I tend to argue with myself about how much is from European traditions/culture and how much is Isayama pushing the envelope.

Now, the optics, from outside the story, to us the readers, especially those of Asian, typically Japanese decent, is extremely forward. Eren was feeling emotional so he hugged Armin. Armin didn’t rebuke the hug or freak out. He quietly blushed and hugged Eren back. So I want to say that for a shounen, this is very bold move but at the same time, given Eren and Armin’s relationship and their culture, hugging in public, etc is not as frowned upon as it is compared to other cultures.

But I also feel that there has been a consistent build up between these two that makes this moment so special. They share a dream. Holding hands when they were younger. Eren rubbing Armin’s back when he’s out of breath. Armin threading his fingers through Eren’s, and Eren unconsciously squeezing back. Armin holding Eren in his lap and coddling him. Eren being quick to respond to Armin in danger. THEN there’s IT. The hug. And it’s like a slamdunk, like a touchdown, like a goal? Like the confirmation that they love each other and the truth that they can’t live without each other.

I would say you would really just need a few words out of either Eren or Armin’s mouth… Or the always solid word of Isayama… And we’re officially canon.

For now, I’ll settle comfortably on the fence for semi-canon.

Armin's Last Night Working in the E.R.

This request, and script, comes from @itsthechickwiththehair. Seriously amazing job with the script, I barely had to edit anything.

Also, this is the first time I’ve really gone into detail with sound effects, so let me know what you think!

Itsthechickwiththehair submitted: Hey Shawn, So I wrote up a little something after you issued out your challenge. I hope you like it. :)


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Day 1 – College

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Rating: T

Words: 3681

Inspired by: Shut up and Dance (Walk the Moon), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), We Are Young (Fun)

Notes: HAPPY EREMIKA AU WEEK. I’ve been waiting for months now to share some of these fics with you guys! I had a complete blast working on them and this set will continue up to 30 chapters as part of the 30 day AU challenge but the first 14 are for the au week. I worked really hard to make these much longer than my usual fics with a 5k word goal for all of them. As you can see not all of them make it (and some make it double) but the muse goes where it wants to go. Also I added a new aspect to my fics where I picked three songs for every fic that either fit the theme or the feel of the fic. If music helps you like it helps me you’re more than welcome to take a listen before or after you read, if not that’s fine it was just a little aesthetic I wanted to add in ^^

The one to kick it off came from a conversation I had with eremikadefensesquad  where we talked about Armin being the unwilling wingman who is so sick of his oblivious best friends. I love my brot3 so much and I think Armin loves the both of them so much, so much that he is tired of them not giving each other the love he knows they have for each other. The title is from “Alcohol” by Brad Paisley.


Now College That Was a Ball

Armin didn’t know why he agreed to go to parties with his best friends. Sure he liked seeing people and yeah, sometimes they were fun cause they were some college rite or ritual or something but even as he walked up to the house blasting the loud music with Eren and Mikasa walking in front of him Armin already knew what kinda danger zone he was walking into. He saw it a thousand times before.

It was the same story every single time they came to whatever weekend party they were invited to. Armin would trail along just to watch the familiar scene play out in front of him. Mikasa would try desperately to get Eren’s attention, to get some kinda response from him that he was as in love with her as she was in love with him. When that didn’t happen, and it never did because Eren’s forte wasn’t exactly understanding that the girl he knew since he was nine years old had been in love with him for years even when everyone else around them knew, she’d get upset and hurt and leave. She’d go and find someone who did want to talk to her, and there was normally a line because Mikasa was gorgeous. Of course, since Eren was actually in love with Mikasa as much as she was smitten with him he’d get jealous she was hanging out with other guys and sulk the entire night. When it was time to go Mikasa would always go home with Armin and Eren, because as much as she tried, Armin was sure there was no one else she’d ever go home with but Eren. Repeat again next Friday night.

It was more than a little annoying.  

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Volume 1 Analysis, Part 1

Here, we first see Eren and Armin interacting. First impressions are everything, especially for the readers. Right before we actually see Armin, we witness Eren running off after a squabble with his mom over his desire to join the Survey Corps. Eren, being upset with Mikasa for tattling on him, also leaves her behind. So it’s interesting to note that the first thing he does after all that is to seek out Armin, his best friend.

We first see Armin getting beaten up by some local bullies, shortly followed by Eren (and Mikasa) interfering. It’s clear this is a common occurrence, and highlights the nature of their dynamic. Eren tries to play the role of the hero who protects the weak, but he isn’t successful on his own. Armin is constantly targeted for his behavior, but doesn’t fight back to physically defend himself. 

Armin clearly dislikes his position here, viewing himself as the designated “weakling” of the group who always needs protection. But what’s worth noting is that Armin purposely does not fight back, claiming he won’t stoop to level the bullies do. 

“And that’s as good as admitting defeat!”

Armin isn’t just a woobie who is picked on for no reason – he’s open about his worldview and expresses his opinion freely, even if it means being called a heretic. He could easily keep his head down and go with the flow to be more socially acceptable, but he doesn’t. Talking back to the very people who are beating you up? That takes some guts.

No wonder Eren took an interest in him.

Eren and Armin are truly outcasts in their own little world. Having an interest in the outside world is taboo, but that’s the primary interest for the both of them. 

Eren tells Armin about his parents handling the news of him wanting to join the Survey Corps. Armin admits he understands where they’re coming from, but clarifies to an agitated Eren that he’s not telling him to give up. Although he acknowledges that his desire is dangerous, Armin is the first person to tell Eren he understands his feelings on the matter.

It’s such a simple thing to do, but goes a long way. Even from the first chapter alone, there are glimpses of Eren and Armin’s solid relationship. 

hiroyume  asked:

I think a lot of people forget that it's really hard to show anything that could be processed as more romantic than platonic between Eren and Armin because it's a shonen manga. Isayama obviously has to make the manga for the general shonen crowd. If you ask me, Isayama has basically done everything he can to show the intimacy between Eren and Armin without trespassing the "dangerous" territory of romance that normal shonen audiences would raise eyebrows about. (I’d love to see it go there tho!)

You are totally right, my dear.

We also have to remember that Kodanasha HAS given Isayama LOTS of leeway, especially compared to other Japanese publishing companies. They have allowed this loving, pretty physical relationship between two young men be released to typically homophobic Japanese audiences. The J-Pop Hell Arc would not been able to be published in many other public forums because of its implications.

Additionally, Isayama has already stated that he is not one to do tired cliches. Eren, the main character, is not in a rivalry with Armin, like many other shounen manga male characters tend to engage in. Yes, Armin does often feel inadequate to Eren and their colleagues but Eren does not pressure Armin to “be better” or “get stronger.” Rather, he supports Armin and offers him words of encouragement when he lacks confidence. They are NOT “frienimies” or “rivals.” They are truly BEST FRIENDS. They have a sweet relationship and no one should be demonized for interpreting that the bond as such - or its potential to be romantic - because many great romances start as amazing friendships.

anonymous asked:

can we just let it sink in that eren killed for mikasa, but he DIED for armin...

I just saw this buried in my ask so I’m very sorry for the lateness anon.

Eren’s sacrificing himself for Armin is still one of my favorite moment, anon. But it’s not so much the fact that he died for Armin that I focus on with these two. Honestly, Armin and Mikasa are both important to Eren and I’m sure he would sacrifice himself to save them both.

It’s the way Isayama made the whole thing play out and established not only Armin and  Eren’s importance to each other but also the importance of the dream they shared, for Eren especially. I mean the way everything happened and Eren and Armin’s reactions to something happening with the other the whole time through?

How we saw Eren worrying over Armin and paying attention to his state of mind. How he tried to be reassuring in his own way. How Armin was panicking but was able to calm down some thanks to Eren words and actions.

How Armin became so paralyzed after he saw Eren lose a leg and fall that he could no longer stand up and fell to his knees. How he couldn’t move from that position and saw the massacre and the titan closing in on him.

How Eren was legit bleeding and seemed unconscious yet focused after he heard Armin’s scream. There’s just something about the way he tried to get up the moment he heard that scream, whereas we never saw anything for his other teammates. It’s almost like he regained consciousness for Armin.

How in his “last moments”, while he’s fighting to keep the titan mouth opened, Eren reminded Armin again that he was the reason he wanted to see the world outside. How he told Armin he wouldn’t die because he had to see it.

How even while in the titan stomach Eren thinks about the titans are taking everything from him. How at that moment we see Armin still in danger. How he thinks about his life and dream and we see his mom get eaten, his house destroyed again and Armin animatedly talking about the dream.
How Armin completely blacks out after Eren is swallowed, to the point where he completely misses the fact that Eren becomes a titan right in front of him and saves him a second time.

Let me stop here before this becomes another extra long post. See the above is what I can’t get over with when it comes to Eren “dying” for Armin. Eren’s sacrifice was major and important. But more than that for me, it was the emphasis put on what Armin and Eren means to each other from that moment on. Back then we saw through no uncertain terms that Armin meant the world to Eren, literally. Same for Armin towards Eren.

And it doesn’t help that when we finally revisit Eren’s sacrifice for Armin in recent chapters, Eren basically tells Armin that he saved him because he’s important to him. Because looking in his dreaming eyes made him realize what freedom is. That thinking about that always fills him with a certain strength.

That’s literally a big part of what makes me so weak with Eren and Armin in Trost, anon. Every single time.