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Sorry my bad English (I hope not to much >.<),and hi from Hungary!I love so much your writing! <3 You is my favourite! :3 I have a question for you,can you please write,how the MCL boys react if Candy scared by a horror movie?Of course if you want :)!

Thank you so much! Hello from the states! Let’s begin.

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Nathaniel: They would be curled up on the couch together, his arms around her. He would jump or react more from Candy’s reaction while watching the movie, and they would both laugh every time Candy had a jump scare. And when Nathaniel did too.

Castiel: Would laugh a little whenever she jumped during the movie, tease Candy a bit for being so easily spooked and put his arm around her while reminding her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

Lysander: Would try not to laugh whenever she reacted, finding her reaction more entertaining than the movie. But when she was startled he would hold her against him and remind her it was only a movie with people in make up.

Kentin: Would pull her in close so she felt safe, and if a gory or really creepy scene came up he let her bury her face into his neck so she wouldn’t see and he would run his fingers through her hair.

Armin: Would excuse himself to get more popcorn for them, then sneak up behind her during a suspenseful moment and startle her. She would scream, he would laugh, she would pout, he would apologize then offer her more popcorn.

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The Boys reaction if a new boy just appeard at the school and started to flirt with Candy

Pretty sure they would act similar to the way they did when Dake was flirting with Candy when she obviously wasn’t interested. Let’s assume they’re relationship is public knowledge though for this one.

Nathaniel: Would come come and introduce himself, then turn to Candy and take her hand while smiling at her and saying how they should head to class soon. Then would walk her away.

Castiel: Would ‘kindly’ tell the guy to ease up on the flirting and back off. Option two was not as pleasant as the first one. Fair warning, no? Then he would put his arm around her waist.

Lysander: Would be calm, but firm when confronting the individual who was flirting with Candy and ask them to leave her be. They were making her uncomfortable.

Kentin: Would come up to Candy, put his arm around her and kiss her, then give the guy a glaring look.

Armin: Would call them names in reference to movies or video games in a joking yet not joking tone while putting his arm around Candy’s shoulder and telling the guy he was just messing with him. Not really though.

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Hi! ^^ I really love your posts ♥ And If I can have a question.. What would be the the guy's reaction if Candy could sing really well? Thanks If you answer, bye >u< xo

And hello to you, and thank you!

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Nathaniel: Astonished but in a good way. He had no idea. He would feel honored for being able to hear her sing in person and hoped he could hear her sing more in the future.

Castiel: For once, speechless. She had far better skills than Deborah. He would wonder why Candy never pursued a singing career, but for now he would just enjoy the show.

Lysander: Would be stunned but pleasantly surprised as her singing brought such a smile to his face, and he would watch her preform with such admiration. Maybe they could preform a duet.

Kentin: Actually already knew this about her, and would just smile triumphantly and revel in this knowledge of her talent. He loved hearing her sing, she did it rarely.

Armin: Would be taken aback, but after hearing her sing would clap the loudest and try to sing along and say how she should sing in competitions. She would own karaoke bars.

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How boys will act in school, when Candy tell them, that they can be an official couple now? Cas for sure will say someting like: "Good, cause I can't stop myself anymore" and he'll kiss her deeply on eyes of all school. Love ya~! Best in writing~!

Haha, I can see Castiel doing something like that. He’s definitely tired of hiding their relationship. However, he’s more open to the idea of keeping it hidden ever since Amber gossiped and added drama to Capuccine and her boyfriend’s relationship. But enough about that, on to the answers.

Nathaniel: Would be relieved that he could openly be affectionate towards Candy and not have to restrain himself while around her. He could finally give her a kiss or two in the halls without worrying about people seeing and holding her hand in public.

Castiel: It was about damn time. Now they didn’t have to sneak around so much or bother with being concerned about others finding out. He could kiss her public now, whether someone was around or not and she didn’t have to push him anymore for fear of being seen.

Lysander: Would be genuinely pleased and happy that he could escort her around the school and not have to worry about others seeing them. They could act more freely around one another now and the stress of them both trying to hide their relationship was gone.

Kentin: He was ready for this. He had waited so long for Candy to return his feelings and now the whole school would know they were a couple. He could show her off and act more natural around her without constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure no one was around.

Armin: This was going to be awesome. Now Candy could relax and he didn’t have to try so hard to keep his distance around her when others were present. He could act like a boyfriend…whatever that entailed. He’d figure it out. But the kissing and hand holding was a good start.