armin will always be a girl for him

MCL: Things we know about Armin

1. He’s a Gemini. His birthday is June 7.

2. He has a twin brother named Alexy.

3. He’s a gamer.

4. He and Alexy were adopted.

5. He likes the color black and girls who wear black or dark clothes.

6. He carries a game console, a PSP with him everywhere and plays it while at school.

7. He likes crows.

8. He has a pet ferret named Rocket.

9. His brother always used to dress him/buy his clothes until recently. Otherwise Armin shopping for clothes.

10. He likes X-men comics.

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SNK 90 on Eren/Armin

I think the thing I loved most about SNK 90 was the fact that Eren is so unwavering about his feelings concerning saving Armin. Even when he’s called out on the feelings being ‘selfish’ and Armin goes on to agree it shouldn’t have been him that was saved, I love how quickly Eren questions him on it; how does he know? How does he know he wasn’t the right choice? Eren has always trusted and believed that Armin is capable of amazing things, so to him it’s just as plausible that Armin could be the one to change things for the better. He opened his eyes up and caused him to dream, after all.

I just really love the continued emphasis on Eren and Armin’s relationship and how it feels like such an important part of both their characters. At the same time, their relationship isn’t isn’t plagued with the usual shounen tropes you might come to expect. There isn’t some conflict going on, some jealousy, some competition between the two of them. They are just in constant support of one another.

Eren: Me and Armin are as close as best friends can be. No one has a stronger bond than us.

Mika: Yuu-chan and I are more than just best friends. We’re family.

Eren: We’ve always been together ever since we were kids.

Mika: We don’t need to be at the same place all the time. We’re connected by our hearts.

Eren: Armin would never hurt me. Especially not stab me with a sword.

Mika: Yuu-chan would never stand still and watch when his friends are being attacked.

Eren: Armin is not the one who’s dumb enough not to realize that people are using him as an experiment!

Mika: Yuu-chan isn’t the one who looks and acts like a girl!

Eren: You can’t find someone who’s smarter and more caring than Armin! He does what’s best for everyone and is always right!

Mika: Yuu-chan is the bravest person in the world! He’s so brave and strong-willed that not even a demon could beat him!

Eren: Try putting him in front of a 50 meter tall titan that eats humans, then let’s see how tough he is!

Eren and Mika: *Hiss at each other*

Armin and Yuu: … *Sigh*

remember when Isayama was asked who’s Mikasa’s best friend among the girls and he answered that it’s Armin?
honestly, Isayama’s trolling aside, I’m pretty sure what he meant was that no girl is close to her like Armin is, meaning Armin is her best friend. 

Mikasa rarely opens herself to people and yet she’s always opened herself to Armin and was always transparent in front of him.  
a pure pure relationship <3 

AS' students' college majors

Alexy: Fashion design. He loves fashion and would love to learn more and do his owns outfits.

Amber: Fashion studies, not the same as Alexy’s. She wouldn’t do the dirty work, just learn about the industry and how to run a famous brand.

Armin: Game design. Quite obvious, he loves games and would love to know how to make his own and get a job in the industry.

Candy: Psychology. Candy is always listening and helping her friends, making her natural talent a living is the natural choice.

Capuccine, Li and Charlotte: Fashion studies. Same as Amber because tbh they would get into whataver Amber went for.

Castiel: Music. His parents insited way too much for him to get college, so he chose something that could help with his band.

Iris: Software engineering. Even not showing, she seems to be a girl who likes math over all other subjects, thus would end up majoring in something related to computers.

Kentin: Physical education. His father would insist to him to get into military carreer, but he wants to have a diploma.

Kim: Fitness and Nutrition. She seems the kind of gal who worries about getting shape and I guess she could make this her living.

Lysander: Literature. Lysander loves reading and writing, so is only natural that he chooses a major that is about that.

Melody: Social studies. Always ready to help and to learn more about people around her, this major suits her interests.

Nathaniel: Law. Nathaniel always have a lot of talents, he would chose a major that has a safe guarantee of job and requires a lot of work and reading.

Peggy: Journalism. Quite obivous why.

Pryia: Travel and tourism. Again, quite obvious why.

Rosalya: Fashion Design. So she could help Leigh with his store. And would do anything to get into the same college/classes as Alexy.

Violette: Fine arts. So she can pursue her dreams of becoming a reknow artist.

Under the red scarf- Closed

“wait for her at the cafe witha  blue rose..” 

-Eren read the text of his friend Armin. He had been doing this a lot lately tryng to set him on blind dates with friends of him. Mostly due to Eren being a  loner at home both studyng or training-

-He sighed and stared at the blue rose he got from a shop nearby and smirked- “well.. as long it doesn´t end up like taht girl Ymir.. who hit on the waitress the whole time.. I guess.. it should be fine..”

-He opned a pocket book of his and started to write down a few details, he always kept note of his daily life just in case, and tried to work on a few stories on what he saw arround to share later on the net maybe-

“her name is Mikasa?” -he stared at the screena fter the phone kept vibrating-


theseattleboy:  Please help me find an eremika fan fic, a kind of fan fic where Eren is jealous that guys are flirting with Mikasa and eventually Eren asks Mikasa out.

I’m always happy to help a  friend’s creative juices flowing and how could I resist jealous Eren ;3. I made it modern day since I think of dating as a luxury our canon babes don’t really have. I hope it helps! And I hope you guys enjoy it too ^^

The game barely started and Eren was already miserable. It’s not that he didn’t like sports; they were fine and it gave him an excuse to leave the house and hang out with his friends. He also came because Armin had a crush on one of the girls on the soccer team so of course he was gonna come so Armin didn’t feel weird going alone to see her play. It was a nice day out too, warm breeze, sun was shining but Eren just found himself feeling miserable.

“What’s taking Mikasa so long,” he grunted to Armin who had his eyes on the field.

“Probably a long line,” Armin said. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

Normally Eren would’ve agreed, if anyone Mikasa could handle one crowded school stadium but the asshole sitting behind them had not stopped bothering her all day. Couldn’t he see she was clearly here with her friends and didn’t want to be harassed by someone who thought he had a chance with her? Asking her who she was rooting for, what her favorite team is, what she does for fun. Clearly, he had only one thing on his mind and it made Eren’s skin crawl.

At least when he finally snapped at the moron to sit in his seat and mind his own damn business the guy seemed to catch a hint. Mikasa went to go get food shortly after and hadn’t come back yet.

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