armin style


I just noticed something.

Can you see it?


It’s a pattern.

They’re all best friends and/or have black/dark brown and blonde hair.

It seems to be a returning trope for me.

I’m not really sure why that happens though.

But at least it’s never happened in South Par-

At least it’s never happened in a regular TV sho-

When you ship a ship that’s hated on a lot and swore never to get in a ship fight, but the the haters keep coming, and the picked they last straw.

psylogic638  asked:

Dont tell me paul mccartney from the beatles wasnt your inspiration while designing Armin. Same cute hair style, same down eyes and that cute nose. Plus everyone thinks Armin is english Btw I loove snk <3

I wasn’t aware that McCartney was considered cute…?!

fixed up that sketch and improved it like a million percent… so have some sloppily-colored eremins


Hey LeviHan ship, I know we’re all cringing over Petra’s Wings of the Counterattack Valentine’s class pictures. But I found these tweets regarding the actual gameplay story that I’ve tried to translate and I think it may interest you all:


1 - Captain made handmade chocolate for Hanji!!!

(The text on the game image is much more difficult to translate but the 2nd part seems to be about ‘…fretting about wanting something sweet’)

2 - Petra teaching Armin her style of making chocolate

Captain thought of making chocolate too 、

With skillful hand movements the Captain makes his chocolates、

He made it because Shitty Glasses was whining、

And she liked what I made before!

3 - Petra’s chocolate recipe put in the kitchen→

Captain already made chocolate→

Shitty Glasses fault(fretting because she wanted something sweet)→

Captain made specially…→

Apparently she liked what we made before

(that was handed out to all the troops)→

It will be a small price to pay to keep Shitty Glasses quiet

In summary: Apparently Petra was teaching Armin how to make chocolate & Levi remembered that Shitty Glasses was whining about wanting something sweet & that she liked the chocolate they had made before(& handed out to all the troops) so Levi made some especially for her.

Twitter source