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Eren's Blessing Part 1
  • Jean: So... Eren, you know that Armin and I have been together for a while now-
  • Eren: Wait, what? This is news to me.
  • Jean: -and I've been thinking, since we're both really happy-
  • Eren: I didn't even know you were gay! I mean, honestly, that explains a LOT about Marco, but-
  • Jean: -I'm going to ask Armin to marry me.
  • Eren: WHAT?!
  • Jean: And I know your opinion means a lot to him, and since I can't ask his parents, I think having your blessing would mean a lot to him.
  • Eren: You... YOU want my blessing? To propose to my best friend?
  • Jean:
  • Jean: Yes.
  • Eren: No.
  • Jean: Why not?
  • Eren: It's just wrong. It's not normal.
  • Jean: Are you fucking kidding me? You're a homophobe, Eren? I don't even know why I'm surprised, you little shit, I guess I just thought that you'd be supportive of Armin, I mean he's your best friend-
  • Eren: NO. No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. I'm not homophobic at all. I'm actually... kind of going on a date with Captain Levi tomorrow-
  • Jean: Wait, what the fuck? And if you're not then what did you mean?
  • Eren: I meant that BESTIALITY is wrong.
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Get it?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Because you're a horse?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: BESTIALITY! You know, humans being with animals. Although, technically Armin isn't human, but still- hey wait, Jean, where are you going?!
  • Eren:
  • Eren:
  • Jean: *from far away* I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT!
  • Part 2:

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How Would mcl Boys propose to Candy?


He would have Candy do a small scavenger hunt through books in a library. He would give her clues to what books to find and what page to look at. Each one she found would be a love letter, a poem or an endearing passage for her to read. In each one she found, she had to find a letter from a line and a word and try to spell out a hidden message. When she finally found them all, smiling from all the lovely passages she read along the way, she put the letters together which spelled out “Will you marry me?” As she finished it , he would be in front of her on one knee, holding out a ring. She would accept of course, trying not scream or be too loud from being overjoyed. They were still in a library after all.


He had bought the ring a while back and kept it hidden, waiting for the right moment. Trying to think of how he should propose. He wasn’t the most romantic person, but he was always willing to go the extra mile for Candy. She deserved to be treated well. But he didn’t want to make such a public ordeal out of it. So one night when she got home, he took her dinner at a fancy restaurant. And when they got back home, he brought out his guitar and serenaded her, singing a song Lysander helped him write, that told their story of how they met and how he grew to love her. Afterwards, she crying tears of joy and he pulled out the ring he bought. But she lept forward and kept saying yes in between kisses before he even got a chance to ask. But he didn’t mind. 


Lysander had known for a long time how he felt about Candy. And now he was ready to take the next step. Asking her to marry him. He invited her out for a romantic evening. They would eat dinner in a lovely restaurant on a rooftop overlooking the city and all it’s twinkling glory with a sky view. Afterwards, he would take her a garden and they would walk and hold hands and reminisce their time together as a few fireflies blinked around them and they came to sit down by a large fountain in the center. Lysander would take both her hands and express how much she meant to him and how she forever changed his life for the better, and asked if she would join him for the rest of his in marriage. She would accept with such happiness.


Being the traditional romantic that he was, Kentin would want this to be perfect. He would spend all day prepping while she was out with her mother, who agreed to distract Candy while he got everything ready. He would lay out rose petals in their apartment that they were living in together, light candles, and cook dinner. It was their anniversary, so he hoped she wouldn’t suspect this to be anything else but a celebration. When she came home, she was stunned and admired everything he laid out, running up to Kentin and kissing him while they wished each other a happy anniversary. After dinner, he would kneel at her side, express how much she means to him and pop the question. To which she would happily accept.


Armin got the idea for his proposal from a video he saw on youtube. He liked the idea so much that he wanted to do the same. One day he took Candy to a movie in a small theater, which turned out to be a private showing for just the two of them, to her surprise. Once the movie began to play, Candy noticed it was a home movie. Moments they spent together that Armin had gotten on camera, then Armin talking with Candy’s father, saying how much he loved her and would always be there for her, her father giving his approval after Armin asked if he could have Candy’s hand in marriage. Candy was crying by now and looked at Armin, who was out of his seat on one knee holding out a ring.

Epic marriage

Armin: Eren, will you marry me?

Eren: Armin… We`re in a titan`s stomach, we`re about to die.

Armin: I know that, that`s why I`m asking, I have to know.

Eren: *shaky breath* Yes.

*hugs Armin*

Armin: I love you Eren.

Eren: I-I love you too, so much.


Levi: They`re here! We found them!

Erwin: We`re so glad you`re both safe, let`s get you out of there!

Eren and Armin: *smile the biggest smiles ever*

Hanji: So!? Did anything interesting happen in there!?

Armin: Well…

Eren: We`re getting married!

Everyone: WHAT!?!

This chapter levi was encouraging armin and FREAKING RUFFLING MIKASA AND ERENS HAIR!! trust levi to be the only one looking at the positive side after all the shit that’s happened in the latest chapters; even after erwin he’s taken on a role to put his feelings aside, he understands they’re just children and is being so put together for them …honestly i respect him so much more for that

Imagine an Eremin headcanon were Eren And Armin get to see the ocean, Eren hold Armin’s hand and bend down on his knees, he take off a little case from his pocket, Armin blushes red and covers his mouth with his other hand…
Eren: I’ve been waiting for this moment till we were 8 and now that we’re finally here I wanted to ask you… Armin… Will you marry me?
Armin: I thought that you will never ask!
*Eren gives the widest smirk and open his arms and Armin cries and hugs Eren.*

And that’s it… That’s the happy ending of the story to me…

Attack on Titan is a TV show AU and this is the behind the scenes

“Hey, Jean’s sick? That’s cool, look I’ll be Jean!”

“Take off that horse mask, you look ridiculous.”

“So I can play Jean then?” 

“Armin? Armin? Guys, has anyone seen Armin, we’re shooting his almost-death scene!”

“Dude, you tell me! I’m looking for Eren, where has that little shit gotten to? It’s his goddamn ‘death’ scene too.”

“Guys, guys look what Annie’s doing, look, look she’s beating Reiner at arm-wrestling, hahah!”

“Where the hell is Sasha?”

“Did you check the buffet table? Because she usually hovers around there with Connie. Or they’re causing mischief on the set. You know what I found mashed inside the camera cap? Yeah, a fucking potato.”

“Someone sit Levi down, for god’s sake, we need to apply his makeup. Every fangirl out there can’t wait to see his dark, mysterious and brooding eyes and if he doesn’t sit down, we’re not gonna have time!”

“Hanji-Hanji wake up! Get up, you’re sleeping on a prop.”


“Oh my god, you were cuddling our Colossal Titan prop, you’re such a weirdo.”

“Erwin? Erwin! Get your ass out of the men’s room!”

“I’m an old man, indulge me.”

“He’s trying to shit and the shit won’t come out.”

“Already in character, eh, Levi?”

“Shut up, you dick.”

“You make such a great Levi.”

“Holy shit, that prop scared the shit out of me!”

“I know right? It looks so legit! I’m scared, man…. Imagine how shitty living in Wall Maria was… gosh.”

“Hey Sasha, here you go! Your best friend!”

“Oh bite me, Jean, take back your stinking potato!”

“Ha ha ha, my name is Jean Kirschtein and this is Jackass.”

“You horsefucker!”

“Oh shit! Eren, Eren, Eren hey, you can’t kill me, not before I get to die on screen, oh god stop- oh thank god, it’s Mikasa. Mikasa protect me!”

“Aww, look how cute Mikasa and Annie are. Poor little girls, they’re pooped.”

“Of course they are, they spent all day jumping and rolling and doing all manners of stunts. Oh my god, look how they’re cuddling, how sweet!”

“Armin, focus! Stop taking selfies! You’re gonna spoil this episode for our viewers!”

“Oh my god, stop making out and posting it on Twitter, Ereri is NOT becoming canon, stop teasing the fangirls, Eren!”

“Marco, you scared the shit out of me! Geez…”

“Sorry, Jean, I thought  you’d think it was funny…”

“Your death scene is not funny…”

“Yo, Petra, check out the right side of my face…”

“Gah, this makeup blood is grossss, it’s sticky and smells weird. At least there’s no blood on you!”

“Hey, speak for yourself, I’m walking around with it in my mouth." 

"Ha, ask Franz how he feels, guys! You got off easy…”

“Or ask Carla!”

“….. TOO FAR." 


Blooper Reel


"If you die, you lose! Duh, Mikasa, you dumb bitch! Wait, wait, is that my line?" 

"Oh crap, what was my line again?" 


“Don’t drop that durka durk- hey Jean if you throw one more shoe I’m gonna beat you, just freaking beat you." 

"Armin… marry me! What are you talking about, that’s totally the line!”

“Sorry Mikasa, I only kill freestyle!" 

"On that day, humanity received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of these- Bertholdt, stop twerking up there or I’ll come up and push you off. Mr. Colossal Titan- oops, spoiler." 


"The difference in judgement between you and me originates from different rules derived from past experience. I’m basically saying you’re a little bitch.”

“All we can hope is that we made the right ones…. you done fucked up, Eren.”

“Hey Erwin. You enjoying writing your signature? You should really savor that, you know. Also eating without looking like a total retard or spaz…”

“They see me rolling! They hating!" 

"You spin me right round, baby, right rouuuund like a record baby, right round…" 


"The world is a cruel place but it’s also…also… a line. I have a line here, I just know it!”

“Ah, shit! I just killed a Titan, yo, I’d like to see our so-called-protagonist Eren do the same! Any time now, Jaeger!”

“Dah dah dah dah dah dah duh duh dah dah duh duh duh JAEGER!”

“Eren! Eren! Eren! Is that enough? No, damn all my lines consist of Eren! Eren! Eren! Mikasa!" 

"Yo horse boy, just how much of you is a horse exactly?" 


"Ereeeeeeeen. I know your sister turns everyone on!" 

"Marcooooooooo. You half to come back to me before my heart splits in half, oh god, I’m such a monster." 

"Your hair is beautiful. I’m so horny. I’m so sorry, Mikasa.”

Connie: What did you wipe on my back? 

“……. my faith in huma- HAHAHAHA omg, I can’t say this, I’m tweeting this, gimme your phone…" 

"Marco… I can’t even tell… which bones are your- Marco, stop it! Director, tell him to stop making goofy faces at me from over there! This is serious, damnit!" 


"I don’t think anyone is good for everyone. Except me. I’m good for everyone. I’m also available, ladies." 

"Don’t watch it. Nothing good can come from anything with the word ‘Boku in it.' 


”People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything. So Eren, you can throw away that tooth Levi  knocked out of  your face, because honestly that’s creepy!“ 

"I’m cute as heck, why the hell would you wanna eat me?”

“Poor Eren, thanks so much, I didn’t feel like getting eaten by Santa Claus today, byeeee, see ya later." 

"Right as Eren falls into the Titan’s mouth, I snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook "lol dying, later world!” and I’m posting it on his timeline, give me a sec…“

"Yo horsey, come here, this is for Instagram, we’re gonna play some gay chicken!" 


"I’m sorry, that was a strange thing to say…. Wanna get even stranger?" 


"You are all my bitches now!”

“Welcome to candy land!" 

"You’re all gonna die, but it’s cool because you offer up your hearts!" 

"I can guarentee that if you’re an extra, you will die, so main characters only can join the Survey Corps!”


“Oh my god, Titans, man. They turn me on." 

"Jizz in my pants… wait, can girls say that?" 

"That’s what she… he… it said. That’s what it said! Wait, Titans can’t talk…" 

"titans don’t defecate… geez, Levi, why so obsessed with poop? I bet you liked 'Two girls, one cup!’”

“Levi’s a little nympho, I called it!”

“Levi, selfie time! Erwin get your ass over here! Smile! Or Levi’s approximation of one." 

"Omg, marry me Sawney!" 


"I don’t know what’s going on…. does anyone know? Does anyone know? Seriously, get me one person who knows what the hell is going on, ever!" 

"I’m gonna spank you lat- bwahaha, can’t say that line with a straight face.”

“Armin, I’ll be your Mario, leap into my arms, Peach!" 


"Are you asking me why people eat potatoes? Oh snap, Sasha out!" 


Attack on Titan AU (Eremin)

AU where Armin and Eren have been dating for years. Eren has been coming home very late a few nights in a row, and looks very tired. Armin is a little worried at first that Eren is cheating on him, but knows he wouldn’t do that. The feeling, however, grows a lot because Armin overthinks everything, and when he finally confronts him about it, Eren gets down on one knee, saying “It took all week going to your dad’s house, trying to convince him to let me have your hand in marriage. I finally got it. Armin, will you Marry me?”