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Armin’s Phone Contacts

User: Armindblowing

Close Friends A-less-me: Alexy
                      Kent out! - Kentin
                      CandyCrush - Candy

Guys:            UpAllNateToGetLucky - Nathaniel
                     SassyCassy - Castiel
                     Lysanderp - Lysander
                     JadeEmpire - Jade
                     DaYass - Dajan                    

Girls:            Pri-ya’ll - Priya
                    (k)Impossible - Kim
                    Irish - Iris
                    Melodon’t - Melody
                    Violet (no nickname bc too precious for this world, too pure)
                    Latte - Cappucine

        Amburr, Sir - Amber


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


As everyone is investigating the basement Armin is trying to figure out this whole titan shifter jazz

Eren: I think Captain Levi-

Armin: Oh my wall Eren, can you shut up about Levi?

Eren: Wha-what do you mean?

Armin: Ugh. Ooh Levi`s so cute, Armin, Armin! You`ll never guess what Levi did today! Armin did you know Levi`s favorite tea was black tea? Levi, Levi, Levi~! I`m sick of it!


Eren: Okay, but like I was saying, Levi wa-

Armin: *Looks at the camera like in The Office*

MCL: Things we know about Armin

1. He’s a Gemini. His birthday is June 7.

2. He has a twin brother named Alexy.

3. He’s a gamer.

4. He and Alexy were adopted.

5. He likes the color black and girls who wear black or dark clothes.

6. He carries a game console, a PSP with him everywhere and plays it while at school.

7. He likes crows.

8. He has a pet ferret named Rocket.

9. His brother always used to dress him/buy his clothes until recently. Otherwise Armin shopping for clothes.

10. He likes X-men comics.

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I tend to be a stickler for continuity in a series, especially when I want to write meta or brainstorm theories. Things get really confusing when little plot elements suddenly change from what was stated earlier. Right now, I’m confused over the role and fate of Armin’s parents and grandfather as they differ from the manga and anime. 

In the manga (chapter 15), Armin’s parents were sent on the sham reclamation mission for Wall Maria. This was during the time when Armin, Eren, and Mikasa were in a settlement. There’s no mention of his grandfather having ventured on the same mission. 

Armin does mention a grandfather early in the series, though. In chapter 4, during a flashback with Armin first introducing Eren to his book about the outside world. He says the book belonged to his grandfather. 

During this flashback in the anime, Armin also mentions his parents. There, he commented that they were planning on going outside soon. In episode 2, Armin warns Eren about wanting to go into titan territory because he might die, just like his own parents. 

The anime also expands on his grandfather, who is shown on the boat with Armin when departing from Shiganshina in the second episode. He’s the one who leaves on the reclamation mission instead of Armin’s mom and dad. 

Fast forward to chapter 65 of the manga, and suddenly Armin’s grandfather is addressed by Eren as one of the many lives lost since the fall of Wall Maria. 

Eren was blaming himself for all the pain and loss that had happened since his dad took the Progenitor Titan’s power from the royal family, passing it on to him. At the time, Eren believed Frieda Reiss could have fixed everything when the wall was attacked, meaning a recovery mission never would have happened. Based on what the manga alone has shown, that would mean Armin’s parents would still be alive. Those are the people who would have come to mind for Eren, but instead he says Armin’s grandfather

So if Isayama decided to revise the backstory of Armin’s family to fit with the anime’s portrayal, I’m curious. Curious, because it would mean Armin’s parents somehow managed to escape from the walls into titan territory. They had planned on exploring the world beyond the walls, and I’m sure that wasn’t accomplished by joining the Survey Corps or by any legal means. 

That immediately brings to mind this panel from chapter 55:

It’s been speculated multiple times that this couple is none other than Armin’s mother and father, because it fits nicely with his previous remarks about them wanting to go outside the wall. A hot air balloon would surely do the trick. The other reason this theory is popular is because of the book about the outside world itself. Learning about the wonders of the world beyond the wall was enough to fuel Armin’s desire to see all that, so it’s not much of a stretch to say his parents felt the same way upon reading the book. 

The fact that Armin’s family even owned that book in the first place is peculiar. Eren pointed out that possessing a book like that would warrant the involvement of the Military Police. Any knowledge hinting to the truth of the world was suppressed and dealt with by them. How did such a book fall into the hands of a family living in Shiganshina? 

It may wind up being completely unimportant to the plot, so the changes wouldn’t be really relevant. Alternatively, the fate of Armin’s parents actually does have some future use for the plot, and Isayama either planned that to begin with or needed to adjust it for whatever reason. If there is some deeper meaning behind the origins of that book, it has yet to be brought up. That isn’t to say it’s impossible for either of these points to be addressed later, but there are plenty of other mysteries that need to be covered with the projected time left in the series. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep all the implications of these possibilities in mind as the story goes on.

I think one of my favorite things about this whole beach scene was how perfectly in-character every single character was.

Eren’s mind was focused on his ideology rather than the present moment, Mikasa had this moment of blissful surprise that you never see her get, Connie and Sasha immediately started splashing and roughhousing in the water like best friends, Jean fucking tried to drink it, Hanji began gathering rocks and shells from it, Levi was like “I’m not going anywhere near that dirty-ass body of god knows what”, Armin was in this state of exuberance I’ve never seen from him before.

I never thought we’d get the ocean scene this perfectly, and it was so rewarding to see all these kids finally have a moment  of happiness after all the shit they’ve been through.