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From 1 to 10 how attractive they think they are? Who says "i'm prety" looking itself to a mirror? Who is insecure about they look? What's the physical treat they dislike of themselves?

Just to be clear, this is 1 to 10 of how they see themselves.  

Eren: 7/10. Eren doesn’t really think about physical attractiveness unless he’s totally into someone (and at that point he sees them as an 11 anyway.) He doesn’t really think about himself unless he’s into someone as well, and then only sees himself as averagely attractive, but he does know that his eyes are above average in beauty. Don’t worry, he at least knows that. His least favorite physical trait is probably his muscles; he struggles to get muscles that show. While they are there, he tends to still look really thin and not-muscly, which bothers him.

Mikasa: 9/10. While she does know that she’s beautiful, she’s also the kind of girl who tends to downplay her own appearance and knows that there are other girls out there who are more beautiful. She’d never give herself a 10/10, (certain black tie and formal events notwithstanding, cause then she’s aiming for 10/10,) she’s just too modest for that. She’s the most insecure about her hair, mostly because that’s the one thing Eren seemed to notice the most (cause Eren was her first crush, and something about that just sticks with ya.) But she does really like her hair, it’s just the thing she gets worried about the easiest.

Armin: 5/10. This kid honestly doesn’t get how adorable he is. He thinks he’s just average looking, and prefers to rely on his intellectual and emotional capacities over physical traits. He really likes his hair, though. His least favorite physical trait has always been his height, and even when he does grow, he’ll still get salty because he’s still shortest of his friends.

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Have you ever thought about drawing Armin? I really love how you draw and I wondered how you would draw him^^

I always drew Armin on wasted paper whenever I got bored (he’s the easiest character to draw), too bad I lost those papers ; A ; Here are some Armin doodles I could find

Arumika <3

Haha omg look what I’ve found in my sketches folder!

October 8th – Soul Mate

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Current arc; After they save Eren (God help me if they ever do)

Rating: K

Words: 2309

Notes: I do love writing from Armin’s perspective; I always feel like he’d see anything and everything that others, including Eren and Mikasa, are blind to and I always see him as such a driving force pushing those two together that of course he’d see them as soul mates. I wrote a lot from his mind so I hope it comes across okay because I don’t exactly think like him myself but I really enjoyed writing this one because I have so much love for Armin Arlert. 


Armin couldn’t remember the last time he had actually sat down to read a book; not that he had the luxury of bringing books along as they fought. He was beyond thrilled when he found a room in the house they were staying in that had one book still sitting on the table. Once he finished the cleaning the room and Levi let them do what they wanted while he and Hanji congregated in another room, Armin went back to grab the book and sit down in the lone armchair in the room. He cracked open the old book, dust flying around him, and start to read over the first page.

It was some kind of fiction book from what Armin could tell; he generally preferred nonfiction where he’d learn something but this was better than nothing. It was a romance it looked, as Armin flipped through the opening chapter, a girl looking for her soul mate whom she knew without a doubt had to be out there waiting for her.

Armin chuckled as he read. He could imagine why this book would be appealing to someone; everyone had a desire that there was someone out there made just for them, it was a common human emotion. Granted, he figured it might be a little less common these days when people were too busy focused on surviving than finding their true love; even more so to the people in the military who were tasked with the job of saving humanity any way they could.

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