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Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 25

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The episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, Ep9, Ep14, Ep16, Ep20, Ep24, Ep26, Ep27, Ep30),  the directors were Masashi Koizuka (Ep2, Ep13, Ep17), Shintaro Itoga (Ep12, Ep20), Tetsurō Araki (Ep1), Daisuke Tokudo (Ep17).

The episode overwrote ch33, ch34 from page 1-10 and page 27-34.

WARNING: There’ll be an ocean of salt for this episode. It diverged from the manga so much that I can’t say anything nice about it. I feel that would automatically be an insult for the original work, and thus an insult for Isayama. This post will of course be very long.

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Detailed SNK Ship Analysis: Aruani (ArminxAnnie)

This is the first part in a series of very detailed SNK ship analysis. In this, I will explore the ArminxAnnie (Aruani) pairing, the canon moments between them, how they feel about each other and present evidence to support all these points I make. Essentially, this will be an in-depth look at various facets to Aruani because, believe it or not, this is a very strong ship with a lot of previous interaction and future potentiality, depending on how upcoming events in the manga play out.

I know it is a common theory that Annie is dead in the crystal, but the fact is, we have no reason to think that is the truth. Ymir survived for eighty years in her Titan without food and air. For all we know, Annie is in a coma that shuts off her needs to breathe and eat. So, the fact she may be dead doesn’t reduce that ship’s potential in my eyes, because we don’t know if she’s dead or not. Now, Aruani is nowhere near “officially” canon and may not have have the greatest outlook for the future, but the potential is definitely there, and it can’t be ignored.

Also, just a note: I am disregarding the second OVA in this analysis. It was entirely filler, and none of it was canon. Annie and Armin had some cute moments, but I can’t consider them for this post.

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I keep thinking back to when the 104th were still training, YumiKuri had an impromptu wedding ceremony. I know they’re like 15 or so at the time but I can’t help stop thinking about it. It took place right before graduation, at night when no instructors could interrupt them. Like Marco was the minister who wasn’t ordained but who cares, Eren made the cake, Mikasa and Annie were the guards protecting the momentous occasion, Armin was in charge of planning and everybody else was just helping. Krista and Ymir got married in their uniforms but Krista had a white blanket over her head and a bouquet of wild flowers in her hands. Reiner had to guide down the makeshift aisle while glaring daggers at Ymir. Ymir only gave Reiner him the smugest eat-shit face known to mankind. A few of the recruits were crying but Sasha was bawling, trying her best not to squeal because of how goddamn beautiful this all is. When Ymir threw the bouquet, Jean was the one who caught it (he practically jumped and pushed everybody out of the way). He then gave the bouquet to Mikasa, who said maybe if they managed to make it to thirty. 

This is just a scenario that plays out in my head. I’m only up to volume 14 but I know none of my ships are gonna make it. 

AruAni Week : Day 5 - Runaways

She set him down in the high grass gently. As Armin hopped off of her palm, he turned towards the horizon.

“Here?” He asked, “Why here?”

Annie knelt down in her titan form, dropping her head to her collar bone. Moments later she climbed out of the nap of the neck, sliding down as the body began to decompose in a mist of steam. She ran her fingers through her hair a few times, walking over to him. 

“You always said you wanted to see the ocean.” she stated, pointing to the grassy dunes before them, “It’s just over that small hill.” Armin swallowed hard, seemingly frozen in his footsteps. “Armin, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah.” He said, nodding feverishly, “It’s… kind of overwhelming. The smell of salt kind of irritates my nose.”

Annie smiled, gently tugging his arm, “C’mon. You can’t hear the waves from here.”

“Waves? Like… the breaks that hit the shore?” he couldn’t hide the smile tugging at the side of his mouth. 

She nodded, “Come…”

As they moved up the dune, the ground began to soften and the distant sound of the rolling ocean breaking upon the sandbar grew louder and louder, just as Armin’s heart did. When they reached the top of the hill, he stood there in awe. It was more beautiful than any drawing he had ever found in his parents’ books. The deep rich blue and the sandy beach seemed to be endless in every direction. As he wiped tears from his eyes, he glanced over at Annie, who just stood there looking at him. “W-what?” 

“The last time I saw you look like this was when I woke up.” She replied, “If you hadn’t got me out–”

Before she could continue, he grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “I know I can’t go back. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help in my own way… as long as we are together…”

Somehow, she knew she had to make amends and get him back in the graces of his family and the Scout Legion, but now was not the time for planning. It was a time for celebration. Annie did not know the fate of her comrades, nor did she know how long until Titans would appear in the area, much less the Ape Titan.  The joy on his face made all of the horror somehow seem worth it in that moment.

“Let’s go, Annie!” Armin cheered, lightly tugging her arm as he began down the hill, “Let’s go walk along the beach as the sun sets!”

Annie smiled, a sincere and joyful smile for the first time in a long while, “Yes… I’d like that.”

Tomorrow, they’d have to figure out what to do next, but for now they were a loving pair of runaways.

Okay Anonym! ^o^

So here can you see the female titan is Annie, just look at her face

I don’t know about you guys, but it looks like she is sad..?

The same sad face in episode 16?

It looks like she’s thinking about something.. Maybe..


Annie: Is that ..

Annie : A-Armin? i think she was surprised when she saw Armin. She thought it was another person.

Annie : No, i can’t! “

So just a question.. That’s mean she likes Armin?

because she could kill him or run away. 

But she did something instead…


If you look in her eyes, can see that she’s really happy to see him. Like she want to say anything to him. ” Hey Armin, it’s me Annie “ 

You may think “wtf” but I really think it was a romantic moment between Annie and Armin. Thank youu! 

anonymous asked:

I have a question about Aruani. You keep saying that there's a whole lot of canon moments between Armin and Annie which might imply that they're in love, but I never really noticed even one. Can you give examples of scenes from the manga/anime where you can really see that Armin has feelings for her?

Sorry it took a while to get to this. For this, I enlisted the help of my friend Amy, url Aruannie, to help explain this far better than I ever could. Aruani is a ship with strong implications and she’s as religiously into aruani as I am with eremika. I’ll just let her reblog this ask and explain it to you, because there’s more to it than you might think.

So to recount

the animators ship

  • Eremika
  • AruAnnie
  • Ereri

Yeah, those are the most obvious and don’t even fight me  on them you know it’s true.

Evidence being 

  • Armin was removed from several scenes so that Mikasa could be at Eren’s side at moment of crisis (I’m still pd’d about the bed scene, and the pulling-Eren-from-a-smoking-titan-scene)
  • Armin and Annie have some very obvious moments in the chibi shorts and since the shorts are exclusively the animators’ and not Isayama’s…
  • And I believe one of the animators blatantly tweeted that Eren and Levi have a close relationship. 

you may ship whatever you want, but if you mess with canon and change major things like spontaneously turning Christa straight, I swear to god, you’re as dead as the potato Sasha bit into the first episode she was in. 

Shipping Deconstruction: Rivamika & Aruani

Two ships for the price of one! Levi/Mikasa, and Armin/Annie.  Where to begin? Let’s start with Levi and Mikasa.

First off, Mikasa isn’t even half Levi’s age, the relationship is a blatant violation of military code, not to mention, there’s that pesky incestual element. But what really bugs me is…why? Why pair Levi and Mikasa? When have they ever shown each other any kind of romantic attention?

They don’t exactly trust one another (thought honestly, this is mostly on Mikasa’s side, due to immaturity and her infamous protective streak), and seldom show anything remotely close to their admittedly stunted versions of affection towards each other. Besides, that’s exactly my point: Mikasa IS immature, and Levi’s more or less committed to his duties as Captain of the Scouting Regiment/Legion, much as Hange is married to her job, or Erwin to his. They’re adults - they don’t have time to screw around, no pun intended.  

But I can think of a couple scenes that exemplify the dynamic between them. The one from chapter 30, when Mikasa and Levi are chasing the Female Titan, and the talk they have in the wagon on the way to rescue Eren from Capt. Ackerman and Rod Reiss.

Let’s take a look at the first scene I mentioned: in the Forest of Giant Trees. Read it over once, then read it again, and pay extra attention to Mikasa’s face, her words and her reactions. Then do the same for Levi. 

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