armin and annie moment

I keep thinking back to when the 104th were still training, YumiKuri had an impromptu wedding ceremony. I know they’re like 15 or so at the time but I can’t help stop thinking about it. It took place right before graduation, at night when no instructors could interrupt them. Like Marco was the minister who wasn’t ordained but who cares, Eren made the cake, Mikasa and Annie were the guards protecting the momentous occasion, Armin was in charge of planning and everybody else was just helping. Krista and Ymir got married in their uniforms but Krista had a white blanket over her head and a bouquet of wild flowers in her hands. Reiner had to guide down the makeshift aisle while glaring daggers at Ymir. Ymir only gave Reiner him the smugest eat-shit face known to mankind. A few of the recruits were crying but Sasha was bawling, trying her best not to squeal because of how goddamn beautiful this all is. When Ymir threw the bouquet, Jean was the one who caught it (he practically jumped and pushed everybody out of the way). He then gave the bouquet to Mikasa, who said maybe if they managed to make it to thirty. 

This is just a scenario that plays out in my head. I’m only up to volume 14 but I know none of my ships are gonna make it. 

don’t discount them yet

So Eren, Armin, Ymir, Reiner, and Annie (and Zeke) all have limited time. At the moment.

But I wouldn’t automatically assume they’re all doomed. We have a lot left to learn about the titan power mechanism. We have Hange Freaking Zoe, who just might be able to science her way into freeing them from the titan power. 

It’s awful and, to be honest, I could see this as a fitting ending, but we still have a lot of story and hope to uncover.