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I learn more about life from people who society calls monsters then from people who are considered normal by others.

Eren and Armin as Adam and Eve

Eren and Armin are a very strong literary parallel to Adam and Eve, a set of characters in a heavily studied famous Bible story and a massively utilized symbol in several pieces of literature. The implications in that are very intriguing but this is just a discussion of the parallel, not a set of predictions or ship discourse on the matter. 

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[I love thinking about how history will describe Rom after the end of DS9: “Grand Nagus Rom was responsible for major reforms in Ferengi society, and was also a technological genius who made several contributions to the Alliance efforts in the Dominion War. His mother, Ishka, was a pioneering feminist activist, and his wife Leeta also contributed to Rom’s successes. His son, Nog, was the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. He also had a brother who owned a bar on an old space station.”]

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“we meet at last, manami-kun!”

my sweetest dream come true: a happy, lovey-dovey mix for gay bicycle kawoshins

 listen // cover credit to pixiv id:73092

1. Youtopia - Armin van Buren ft. Adam Young

color the dusk a deep navy blue, and try to be brave, ‘cause i’ll be right beside you

2. Harbor - Vienna Teng

no matter the distance, i’m holding your hand

3. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

now the sky could be blue, i don’t mind; without you it’s a waste of time

4. I’ll Meet You There - Owl City

wander down the street, and i will be the pavement beneath your feet

5. Feel Real - Deptford Goth

now you’ve got to breathe, it’s only where your feet fell–people so cool, somebody wants you

6. Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) - Florence + The Machine

then i heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too–so i stayed in the darkness with you

7. To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens

i’ve never know a man who loved me

8. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Piano Cover) - Skrillex


9. The Real World - Owl City

downy feathers kiss your face, and flutter everywhere

10. Drumming - Florence + The Machine

louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than heaven, and hotter than hell

The Queen of Death and the Pomegranate

RivaMika Week: Day 1 - Fruity

Paring: Levi/Mikasa

Setting: Fantasy/Mythological AU

Rating: T

A/N: Important note; I’m licensing from Greek myth, but I’m deviating greatly and making up my own things because I am aiming to accommodate the deity roles to suit the SnK characters. And for those wondering why I’m using “Rivaille” instead of Levi, and “Isabella” instead of Isabel. It’s because I wanted to romanticize the names as deities. I pretty much know those are the incorrect spellings. I hope it doesn’t bother you guys too much.

A/N: Raven Fay is Ariam-Jan’s OC. Because I needed a character to fill in a role so why not?

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