Happy Birthday Your Majesty. 

Elizabeth II born 21 April 1926 - 90 today.

Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton, 2 June 1953. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

In this glittering portrait, the Queen wears the imperial state crown, a replica of that made for Queen Victoria’s Coronation. The Queen holds the sceptre with the cross in her right hand, balanced by the orb in her left. On her right hand she wears the coronation ring, a symbol that the sovereign is ‘wedded’ to the state. On both wrists are the armills, golden bracelets signifying sincerity and wisdom.

Crown Jewels

So a while ago I did a series of posts featuring crown jewels and crowns from different countries. As I did the final crown in the series just now, I figured it was a good time to put a post together with links to all the others, for newer followers who may be interested. If anyone can think of a crown I may have overlooked, (and I’m sure there are a few, but these were the ones I could find information on as I planned) then please let me know and I can cover that one! Anyway, here’s the current list: 

Rest of the World 

English Crown Jewels