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  • other ppl 3am thoughts: *thinks of their crush and them saying cute shits together* *thinks of their crush and them staring into each other's eyes* *thinks of their crush and them kissing* ahh i'm so in love
  • my 3am thoughts: *thinks of my otp saying cute shits together* *thinks of my otp staring into each other's eyes* *thinks of my otp kissing* *thinks of my otp making babies* *thinks of my otp becoming a canon* ahh yes my otp is so fucking perfect *heavy breathing* *cries*

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More importantly, Mikasa’s birthday is coming up on February 10th and she totally deserves to have a week to celebrate it! Especially during this hard time for Mikasa fans who are caught up on the manga. So let’s cut straight to the chase! 

Mikasa Week 2017 will run from Feb. 10 - Feb. 16 with an optional Bonus Day. The prompts will be the following:

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Older AU Headcanon if you would like. How would Reiner, Bertl, Armin and Connie, handle dropping their child off on the first day of Kindergarten?

-acts like it’s no big deal
-carries them in on his shoulders
-just talks about how fun school is going to be
-lots of giggles and excitement
-he hugs them before he goes
-oH No
-the kid runs off and he’s just thinking about how grown up they are
-goes to his car and cries all the way home
-it’s ok buddy

-trying to prep them for any situation
-“Do you have pencils? What about hand sanitizer? Y-you brought tissues, right?”
-he has to bend down to hold their hand but holds it all the way to the classroom
-says goodbye and he watches them having fun and smiling with their new friends
-he knows theyll be alright

-explains everything about school
-their kid is very excited to learn
-“There’s tons of books, just like at home! Doesn’t that sound nice?”
-the kid a little nervous though
-Armin gives lots of reassuring smiles
-“what if the others don’t like me?”
-just smiles
-“Don’t worry, you’re amazing. Of course they’ll love you!”
-they give Armin one more squeeze and run off
-he can’t wait to come pick them up

-going nuts
-just keeps saying how fun it’s going to be
-“And they have TONS of toys and you can play with other kids and you have to learn but you can just ignore that and they have snack time and-”
-so their kid is very excited
-Connie ushers them into the door
-overprotective dad mode
-starts telling kids if they mess with his child their gunna have a “big problem”
-“dad please!”
-gets teary and starts hugging them
-“One more kiss!”
-very embarrassing dad
-he just wants to protect them
-goes home and just collapses on the floor
-they’ll be home soon Connie


Please friends…think of Arumika….

Mikasa and Armin brushing each other’s hair
The adorableness of their brains/brawn duo
Mikasa protecting Armin
Armin protecting Mikasa
Mikasa helping Armin calm down when he’s scared
Armin helping Mikasa control her anger
Mikasa helping Armin get stronger and train
Armin and Mikasa holding hands after training
Eren shipping them so fucking hard
Armin and Mikasa dancing together
Mikasa and Armin being parents
Mikasa and Armin helping each other clean their wounds
Squad leader Mikasa and Commander Armin
Armin Arlert-Ackerman and Mikasa Arlert-Ackerman

Just think of how pure and beautiful their love is….
Join the Arumika ship because it is beautiful and wondrous

I am the captain of it and I welcome you


Inspired by the return of Mikasas’s sudden headaches in chapter 83. She seems to get one every time she loses someone important to her…

I thought it was very significant that it returned this chapter.

In the second version of this image I decided to put in some panels and text from the manga for context in case there were people who didn’t pick up on it.

I have some other versions of this image here.

AU where Armin is a small time fisherman, and while out in his dad’s old little fishing boat he sees Merman!Eren trying to free himself from a loose, tangled fishing net while Mermaid!Mikasa desperately tries to help him.

Armin is immediately fascinated and feels sorry for them, so he goes over and manages to cut Eren free, even though Mikasa initially freaks out and tries to attack him because they can’t understand each other.

Upon realizing Armin helped them, they both stare at him for a moment before swimming away.  For the next couple of weeks, Armin often notices them watching him from a respectable distance, and they steadily become more and more bold, getting closer and closer.

Finally, one day, Eren just comes right up to the boat with the most serious fucking expression and just throws this big ass fuckin fish into it before swimming away.

Not only is it rare, Armin has never even seen one of it’s species that’s so big.  He can’t even properly finish being grateful because several minutes later Mikasa throws in another one just like it, which seems to actually be slightly larger than the first.  This not only catches Eren’s attention, but makes him noticeably frustrated, and Armin initially isn’t sure why.

Armin sells the ‘presents’ for a tidy profit and gets a lot of impressed and bewildered looks at the market.  This continues for a couple of weeks, with both Eren and Mikasa often bringing him valuable fish and other gifts (Mikasa’s usually being somewhat better than Eren’s), and doing various favors, like pointing out where better fish are.  Over the course of these couple of weeks, they become more affectionate and spend more time near Armin’s boat, and Armin comes to realize it’s apparently some kind of competition for them, since they both seem to get jealous of each other when Armin is involved.

Armin writes and draws things about them, and shows them pictures and various objects because they can’t really speak to him.  Especially because there’s a lot more he can afford now that they’ve been giving him so many nice gifts.

One day, Mikasa isn’t even there.  Eren is especially affectionate and gets Armin all sorts of things, but Armin knows it isn’t like Mikasa to not show up.

The next day, Mikasa does show up, with something very small, wrapped in kelp.

Eren laughs because it’s so small, but immediately shuts up because when Armin opens it, there are two beautiful, nigh perfect pearls inside, much to Armin’s amazement and Eren’s extreme hurt and jealousy.  By time Armin starts to praise Mikasa, Eren is already angrily swimming away.  Mikasa just sighs and goes after him, leaving Armin to just wonder.

Just when Armin is about to head home, Mikasa comes back, leading Eren by the arm, and starts making noises and gesturing from Eren to Armin, while Eren just looks all pouty and upset. Finally, Eren gives in, and the next thing Armin knows, Eren just kissed him on the cheek  

And before Armin can even properly react, Mikasa swims to the other side and kisses him on his other cheek.

And that’s how Armin finally realized that two mermaids had developed crushes on him.