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      « ☀️ » : he looked upon the other with a bottom lip jutted out, hands on hips. this man was in all black! “hey! why are you wearing such negative clothing? you look as if you are embodying an evil spirit! you should be wearing much brighter clothes! come, i will take you to find something more suited for the spirit of this city!” he grabbed the stranger’s wrist, taking a few steps before stopping in his spot. he glanced over his shoulder and canted his head, “um, do you know where we can find garments?” he’s brand new here, what is he doing.

Final Fantasy XV and it`s connection to history and culture

We know that Final Fantay XV`s slogan is “fantasy based on reality” and as we look at the game, that certainly is the case. We can spot buildings and locations that are influenced by thing found in real life. What I think is even more fascinating, is that FFXV has also seemed to gain a lot of inspiration from history and culture, especially from Medieval ages and knight-culture. It also seems connects to other things, myths legends and etc.. This is not super new, but the amount of little things they have integrated into FFXV is really fascinating, especially since FFXV world resembles an modern one.  In this post I am going to look at some the historical, mythical and cultural things that have possibly inspired FFXV.

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