armeniankennedy  asked:

Dear sandwich overlord, Which brand horseradish spread should I obtain, and what is a good cheese to pair with roast beef, besides Munster or Havarti Thank you, The Armenian Kennedy

To be honest, I can’t say I’m well-versed enough in horseradish to recommend a brand, but I can tell you what I’ve used and enjoyed. 

Usually, I get a horseradish mustard, mayo, or cheese. I’ve got Inglehoffer’s Wasabi Horseradish at home right now and I’ve used Inglehoffer’s Thick-n-Creamy Horseradish in the past. I also like Woeber’s Reserve Smokey Horseradish Sauce.

There’s some great stuff out there, but I’m still trying it all out. I’ll let you all know when I settle on a favorite!