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Assyrian church in Hesice, Kurdistan/Assyria

Saint Vartan Church - Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon

Bourj Hammoud is a mostly Armenian town on the edge of Beirut, it was founded by survivors of the Armenian genocide.

Saint Giragos Armenian Church - Amed, Kurdistan

Northern Altar at the Forty Martyrs Armenian Cathedral - Aleppo, Syria


Armenian Church of the Holy Mother of God - Aleppo, Syria

Thoughts about the fight in Bethlehem

First of all, I believe that this is one of the most sad events.

A priest that I personally know (and unfortunatelly was hit by an Armenian) was there, and he told that the Patriarchate of Jerusalem strongly complains for the attitude of Armenians, because they started the fight. Three Greek Orthodox were injured, especially hieromonk Matthew that his fingers were broken.

Even in case that Armenians started, why Greeks continued? I am not defending Greeks this time, though they may have right.

Of course, it’s been worse than that. In 1853, the row was between the Catholics and the Orthodox about who had the key to the main door and the hanging of a star over the manger and several Orthodox monks murdered.

My personal opinion is this: As far as the recent events are concerned, I don’t care too much about who started the fight. I care about the fact that this event give the right to others (especially to non-believers) to insult Greek Orthodoxy.

Also, again, I don’t care that much about who started the fight, but the fact that the fight happened in a such Holy place.

It is a shameful event for all sides… And it’s not the first time it is happening… Greek Orthodox, Armenians and Catholics, everyone that have done such things during history (not only now) are responsible…

I understand that clergy are human like all of us, with passions. But I can’t defend anyone, because this is shameful.

You can’t imagine how sad I am :(

(photo sourse: dailymail)