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can we please talk about the shitty fact that the promise, a movie about the armenian genocide, cast only ONE armenian actress as a side character and has only one armenian person working on the movie, and for the most part, cast all white actors (w the exception of some latinxs and iranians, which still doesn't mean it's not erasure)? i fucking hate this. it's so disrespectful. i hate hollywood

Literally how the FUCK are you going to make a movie about the Armenian genocide and white wash Armenians…….. like…………….. ?????? You’re white washing victims of an entire genocide in a movie ABOUT their genocide????????? So disrespectful on top of racist


Cover of Iranian magazine “Roshanfekr” (Meaning, “Intellectual”) featuring Irene Zazians. 1950′s

Irene Zazians (August 20, 1927 — July 28, 2012) was an Iranian-Armenian actress. She was a superstar of the Iranian cinema before the 1979 revolution. 

Although her movies like most movies made in Iran before the revolution are banned, She remains extremely popular and is considered an icon of Iranian cinema.