Countries qualified for the ESC 2017 final

Armenia: 6 armed woman

Australia: kid looking much older, 80% eyebrow

Austria: dreamworks kid, feel old yet?

Azerbaijan: woman singing to a man on a ladder with a horse head

Belarus: cute adventurous people on a boat, making everyone dance

Belgium: awesome studio performance, looking a lil uncomfortable live

Bulgaria: this kiddo is going places

Croatia: personality disorder

Cyprus: probably getting bullied by his background dancers

Denmark: woman in red dress, lots of fireworks

France: gotta make sure everyone knows we’re from france

Germany: titanium

Greece: yaoi shipping

Hungary: man bun but a cool jacket

Israel: wink one more time please

Italy: man who can light up an entire continent with his smile, dancing gorilla

Moldova: a legend has returned

Netherlands: the girl squad

Norway: i think my television broke

Poland: what’s up with all the wedding dresses?

Portugal: precious beautiful baby. Protect at all costs

Romania: pop/rap/yodeling, graphic background design is my passion

Spain: surfer dudes invading eurovision

Sweden: looking hella fine and knows it

UK: lowkey rickrolling all of europe

Ukraine: giant head… ya why not?

Armenian Genocide

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian genocide. An atrocity committed by the Ottoman Empire. In 1915 the ottoman empire killed and deported almost 2 million Armenians in hopes of getting rid of minorities. They spared no one, not children, not women, not elderly people. To this day the Turkish government strictly denies the crimes against humanity that their ancestors have committed and only 30 countries officially recognizes the Armenian genocide. Please take time to educate yourself about that atrocity that’s often called the first genocide of the twentieth century and spread awareness because the Armenian people around the world deserve justice.


Found a bunch of new posters with Soviet republics emblems and patterns. And a bonus double-sided poster with the Russian alphabet. I don’t think I can find second copies of these, so first come first serve! Published in 1988.
(Sorry for the bad photos, we get aweful daylight these days with all the rains)

See all posters on Etsy:

The distribution of Armenians (in red) and Greeks (in purple), in 1900 CE and in 2000 CE. The mass movement of populations were the result of the Greek Genocide and Armenian Genocide; both began during World War I under the Ottoman Empire, and continued into the early 1920s under the new state of Turkey.

Interesting note: in 1900, Greek and Armenian populations bordered each other in two places, in eastern Turkey and around Constantinople