Citiguard Armed Security Guard Requirements

Citiguard Security Guards is one of the largest security guard service companies in the Los Angeles, United States, according to the company’s home page. While Citiguard offers a number of security jobs, many of them require personnel to carry weapons on duty. Candidates must meet a number of requirements to fill these positions, however.

All Citiguard armed security guards who work at least 21, which is the legal age to buy and its possession of a gun. Moreover, an armed guard must have a carry permit for the weapon. The gun must be registered in the country of origin of the guard if registration is required for handguns.

An armed guard candidate must qualify at a shooting range with his weapon. The qualifying exam takes several hours. A range master oversees testing. The candidate should shoot her gun, which is of a type and caliber that Citiguard Security Guards will allow, such as a 45-caliber 9mm or should be. The candidate must have a certain number of points determined by where the rounds impact the silhouette target score. The score is determined by the range master, who will succeed or fail by the applicant.

Applicants for a Citiguard Security Guards. Armed security guard position has both a physical test and a drug test. The drug test is done first, by means of a urine sample. Once the drug test is completed, the applicant must be a DOT physical examination to check for physical problems that would prevent them to complete all parts of the security.

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CITIGUARD is now hiring for a guard gated communities. In the Santa Monica Area. Security officers must have atleast 3 years of experience working as a security officer or law enforcement, military background.