She was awarded a Purple Heart but had to prove to the Army that she deserved it.

Even back home in Ohio, she doesn’t feel much like a soldier.

“What did you do over there?” some gray-haired male veterans in Akron at the Department of Veterans Affairs asked as they sized up her petite frame. “Did you sell Girl Scout cookies?” one asked.

When Sandor’s husband goes to the VA, he gets handshakes and “Thank you for your service” accolades in the waiting room.

Not her.

Female veterans face insensitive treatment and an uphill battle upon returning home 

(Photos by Caitlin Cruz)

Great picture of Sniper Corporal Pat McKinney, 31, from 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, discovers that his sniper suit is somewhat irresistible to the Regimental Mascot, Shetland Pony, Cruachan 4th. Pat and Cruachan were in Glasgow’s George Square as part of Scotland’s biggest recruitment event for the Army Reserve.


Oscar aka “Unsinkable Sam” was a black and white cat who served as a mouse-hunter on three war ships during World War Two. He earned his name due to his incredible luck- All three of the ships were blown to pieces and sunk, killing everyone on board. Except Unsinkable Sam. The lovable moggie survived every ship wreck, floating to safety on planks of wood.