armed with two guns

By Chance

Summary: A/B/O!AU. Female!Reader is an Omega. Alphas and Omegas are rare, and Reader’s been able to avoid alphas through sheer force of will and luck in equal parts.

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, 18+, language

Word Count: ~9,190 (… oops?)

A/N: So I started writing this with the intent to post it when I hit 200 followers. Well that milestone came and went and I’m quickly approaching 300 so it’s high time I posted this. I love all of you and hope you enjoy this <3

I’ve been wanting to write an A/B/O fanfic for a while. So, here it finally is.

I may or may not have gotten… completely carried away writing this.


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Bucky’s POV

The first time he smelled her was when he was on a mission. Vanilla and Wildflower. The single-minded focus that had been drilled into him by the Hydra brainwashing and training was severed in an instant and his head whipped around to search for the source. He tore his mask off and dropped it onto the ground unceremoniously, sniffing the air frantically as he tried to pinpoint the scent. His blood sang in his veins.

The scents of the city made it hard to pinpoint her, but he wouldn’t give up. He left the spot he’d been staking out for hours, rifle forgotten on the ledge as he jumped off of the roof, dropping two stories onto the ground and rolled to diffuse the worst of the impact. His knees protested in agony anyway, but he ignored them along with the shocked cries of bystanders as he followed her scent.

He’d smelled other Omegas before. Most of them had been claimed, just a passing flicker of recognition in the back of his mind while he was out on mission. Rarely, he’d catch the scent of an unclaimed Omega, but even then it was only a brief, fleeting distraction, his Hydra programming overriding his biological programming.

Something about this Omega broke the control Hydra had over his mind, cutting through the fog with ease. He realized distantly that he’d started remembering things about himself; the feeling of chasing after an omega was familiar, linking him back to a life that had long been erased from his memory.

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In 1931, a mysterious man of approximately 35-years-old arrived in Fort McPherson, Canada, claiming his name was Albert Johnson. He built a cabin in a remote location near the Rat River and began to make a living as a trapper. Later on in the year, other local trappers began to complain to the authorities that Johnson was sabotaging their traps. The authorities decided they would investigate this report and made their way to the secluded cabin; they weren’t expecting the relentless violence that would follow. 

As the authorities arrived with a search warrant, Johnson shot through the wooden door and an almighty firefight ensued. Johnson kept the authorities at bay and remained inside his cabin for the next nine days, when an RCMP posse arrived to apprehend him on New Year’s Eve. A 15-hour standoff in below-freezing weather then took place. The RCMP used dynamite to blow the cabin up and upon entering to remove what they assumed would be his corpse, they were more than shocked to find Johnson still miraculously alive. He was standing among the wreckage, armed with two guns that he immediately began to fire, before escaping into the woods nearby the cabin. 

On 30 January, 1932, authorities managed to catch up with Johnson, who shot and killed Constable Edgar Millen, before escaping once again. He crossed the Richardson Mountains in the middle of a blizzard and entered Yukon Territory. The news of this extreme manhunt had made it’s way into the media who dubbed him “The Mad Trapper of Rat River.” People were mystified as to how this man could have survived for so long in near 50 below zero weather and two extreme blizzards. It was evident that he wasn’t just your average trapper, that’s for sure. 

On 17 February, the RCMP finally tracked Johnson down at the frozen Eagle River, where he was eventually killed with 9 bullets to the body in a firefight. Bizarrely, following his death it was revealed that Albert Johnson was not his real name. Despite numerous attempts to discover his true identity, he still remains unidentified.

Police Have Shot Dead 385 People In Five Months!!!

U.S. police have shot and killed 385 people during the first five months of this year, a rate of more than two a day, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

The death rate is more than twice that tallied by the federal government over the past decade, a count that officials concede is incomplete, the newspaper said.

The analysis is based on data the Post is compiling on every fatal shooting by police in 2015, as well as of every officer killed by gunfire in the line of duty.

“We are never going to reduce the number of police shootings if we don’t begin to accurately track this information,” said Jim Bueermann, president of the Police Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving law enforcement.

The Post analysis comes as a national debate is raging over the police use of deadly force, especially against minorities.

Federal Bureau of Investigation records over the past decade show about 400 fatal police shootings a year, or an average of 1.1 deaths a day. Reporting of shootings by police agencies is voluntary.

But the Post’s analysis indicates the daily death toll for 2015 is close to 2.6 as of Friday. At that pace, police will have shot and killed nearly 1,000 people by the end of the year, the paper said.

The Post’s analysis showed that about half the victims were white, half minority. Among unarmed victims, two-thirds were black or Hispanic.

Based on census numbers for the areas where the killings took place, blacks were killed at three times the rate of whites or other minorities.

The victims ranged in age from 16 to 83. More than 80 percent were armed with potentially lethal objects, mostly guns. Ninety-two victims were identified as mentally ill.

Even a blind man can see what’s going on..

@eyethefluff requested: “Can I have Peter being defended by dad!Tony when he heard that Peter got bullied?”

This got particularly long but sjdlfjsdlfjl good prompt

Also let me just say am I good at action scenes??? No. did i write one anyway??? Psh heck yeah

also also sorry this took so damn long!!! I got stuck on the last bit for a long time

Usually swinging from building to building and doing flips around the city as Spider-Man cheered Peter up instantly after a long day at school. Usually it was all he could do to wait until 2:45 when the bell rang and he could run out to get his patrol snack. But when the bell rang that day, after perhaps the trillionth time “Penis Parker” had been chanted or passed along in stupid notes as if they weren’t in high school now, Peter walked out of the school feeling dejected and tired.

He didn’t feel like losing his backpack on top of everything, so since he wasn’t in a rush for once, he went back home.

“You’re home early,” May commented when he walked in the door. He shrugged and she followed him down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey, what’s up? What’s wrong?”

“Just a bad day,” he explained. He didn’t want to talk to May, not right then at least. Maybe when he got home after blowing off some steam, he would be more willing to open up. “I’m gonna go out if that’s okay.”

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The Battle of Blair Mountain

 Around the turn of the century in West Virginia, the coal companies controlled everything. They owned the towns, had their own private militias, and even paid local law enforcement officers and politicians.  However, the coal companies control over the state began to wane when the miners started to unionize. One of the last counties to unionize was Logan Country, located in the southwest of the state. In 1920, agents of the Baldwin Felts Detective Agency arrived in the independent town of Matewan to evict several miners families and arrest the local police chief, Sid Hatfield.  Hired by the coal companies, the men were essentially there to strong arm the town, which was staunchly pro-union. Days before, the coal companies had tried to bribe the local mayor into placing 5 machine guns on the roofs of the town buildings "in order to maintain order" among the coal miners.  The agents threw out several families from their homes at gunpoint.  They were met by Chief Hatfield and his deputies, who told them to get out of town.  A gunfight ensued, resulting in the deaths of ten men, 7 of which were Baldwin Felts agents, including two of the brothers of the company’s founder, Albert and Lee Felts. The town mayor, Cabell Testerman, was also killed.

Police Chief Sid Hatfield

Sid Hatfield was cleared of murder charges, which was seen as a great victory against the coal companies.  Bolstered by the victory, Sid Hatfield and a union organizer named Bill Blizzard organized the miners of Logan County into a union, which quickly went on strike.  The coal companies responded by hiring scabs and strike breakers.  On August 1st, 1921 Sid Hatfield was called to McDowell County to stand trial for sabotaging a mine. While walking up the courthouse steps with his friend Ed Chambers and their wives,  a group of Baldwin Felts agents opened fire, killing Hatfield and Chambers.  Chambers, who was only wounded, was executed by one of the agents with a gunshot to the back of the head.

 Enraged, the miners took up arms and organized to forcefully break the power of the coal companies. They were joined by thousands of miners from other counties who were sympathetic to their cause.  Altogether, the miners formed an army consisting of around 10,000 men.  Its is no exaggeration that they were an army, many of the miners were World War I veterans who had seen combat in Europe.  Armed with hunting rifles and shotguns, they organized battalions and regiments, assigned commanders, set up command posts, set up hospitals and mess tents, dug trenches, and did everything that a well organized army would do. Their opposition, a eclectic group of coal company militias, guards, state and local police, and Baldwin Felts agents, only numbered around 3,500, however they were well armed with machine guns and other military weapons.

On August 25th, the two sides met, and a battle raged in the West Virginia mountains for almost a week.  In the ensuing battle, 50-100 miners were killed, around 30 men on the side of the coal companies were killed.  Hundreds more were wounded on both sides.  The battle ended when Federal troops arrived on September 2nd.  985 miners were indicted for treason and murder, but in the end none were charged.  Overall the battle was a victory for the coal companies in the short term, who clamped down even harder on the miners.  In the long term, the battle was a victory for the miners, as the battle rose awareness of the coal miners plight.

Growing Up Batty: Part 6

AN: So I’ve actually finished writing this series. It has two parts left to be posted and then it shall be done. I’m very excited for you guys to read the ending. I think it’ll be very different from what you’re used to.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You and your parents have an understanding, they don’t ask any questions and you don’t put your life in blatant danger. They know it could be worse, that you could have ended up like either of your parents. And honestly there’s a lot worse things than fighting Gotham’s crime at night. Still, you understand their blissful ignorance, and you fully support it.

           You launch yourself from one roof to the next, and take off running. You cherish the burn in your lungs and the ache in your legs. Then you’re falling, in between buildings and into an alleyway.

           It takes nothing to incapacitate the mugger there. You leave him for the cops to find, before scaling the wall back to the roof. Damian is waiting for you, his legs thrown over the side as he stares at the sky line.

           You wait for him to make the first move. He does, just like always. He holds out a small box. Curiously, you take it. Inside is a cupcake. You glance at him, and see the lightest tinge of a blush on his face. He clears his throat and says, “Happy Anniversary.”

           You cock your head to the side, “Which one did I forget?” He raises an eyebrow in question, and you continue, “Which anniversary? Friendship? Study date? First time I came to your house?”

           He sighs, “You’re infuriating.”

           You shrug, “I’m told it’s in my DNA.”

           He rolls his eyes, “You’ve officially been Nightingale for three years now.”  

           Your brow furrows, “I get an anniversary cupcake for that?”


           “You and the guys don’t get cupcakes. Neither does Bruce.”

           “You’re special.”

           “How am I special?”

           There’s several moments of silence before he reaches for the cupcake, and says, “Never mind, you’re ordinary and you don’t deserve a cupcake.”

           You hold it out of his reach, “I always deserve a cupcake. You’re adorable when you’re ornery.”

           He pouts while you eat it. Occasionally, you let him swipe some icing, before you get back to it. You run the rooftops together, leaning on each other. You work as a team, a fearsome duo.

           By the time the sun rises you’ve taken out ten muggers, stopped two robberies, and stopped an armed gun fight. It’s three am, you’re exhausted, and ready for bed. Of course, bed isn’t always an option. Especially when the big guy calls you in.

           Two years ago, Bruce had split the team into sections. You worked on a rotating schedule, and more often than not, you and Damian were paired together near the docks. Bruce only called everyone in for big stuff. A bit reluctantly, you follow Damian back to the cave.

           Everyone is there and waiting, and that’s when you get the news; Harley Quinn had broken the Joker out of Arkham.

           You don’t feel embarrassed, or sad, you’re mad. Your mother had been laying low for years. While there were occasional sightings of her she hadn’t done anything particularly bad in the years since you’d become Nightingale. And Joker, he had somehow stayed under lock and key the whole time.

           You weren’t exactly excited about the idea of a family reunion, and when Bruce tells you to go home, you’re not surprised. Even if everyone else is. You’re part of the team, they argue, it’s not fair. But you’re more than willing to sit this one out. So, you hang up your suit, and head home.

           You’re five blocks from home when the first plant starts to sprout. You slow the motorcycle to a stop, and carefully dismount after cutting the engine. You walk to the curb and take a seat. She shows up moments later.

           She sits down next to you, crossing her legs, “Hello, Arlecchino.”

           You blink at her, “Pamela.”

           She smiles at the formality, “How’s the superhero life treating you?”

           You frown, but you’re not surprised, if she had been able to read your DNA all those years ago, it doesn’t surprise you that she knows your alter ego as well. “Peachy. What do you want?”

           “Your mother is in trouble.”

           “My mother is five blocks down the road already asleep. You are referring to my carrier.”

           “Is that resentment I hear?”

           “Only for her actions.”

           She nods, “Fair enough. Doesn’t change the fact that she needs your help.”

           You hesitate before asking, “What happened?”

           Pamela stares at you, “Your father found out about you.”

           Your eyes go wide, “Who told him?”

           “She did.”


           Pamela sighs, “After we met all those years ago, I confronted her about you. She demanded information about you. Then started talking about taking you back. That couldn’t happen. I know that, and you know that, but Harley…”

           “Is crazy.”

           “Only because of the Joker. I told her no, that it would ruin your life, and that seemed to knock sense into her, right up until she saw you on TV. She went ballistic, left the greenhouse before I could stop her, went to get Joker’s help in getting you back. Wants the three of you to be a family. The seeds I planted on her, the ones that measure her vitals, tell me she’s in bad shape.”

           You wipe your hands over your face, “Why can’t you get her?”

           “Because she won’t listen to me. Won’t believe her delusion won’t come true until she sees it.”

           You scowl, “You mean until she sees him almost kill me.”

           “To put it in blunt terms, yes.”

           You shake your head and stand up, “I know better. One sidekick already died at his hands, I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to come back. She’s made her bed and now she has to lie in it.” Without another word, you walk away, mount your bike, and go.

late night kiss pt. 3

A/N: Wow, a third part! This is crazy! Thank you for everyone who is enjoying and continuing on with this story, as well as everyone who sent in a request for a part three! Let me know if you want another part.

Summary: You decide to seriously attempt to learn who Spider-Man really is.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

01 | 02 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 

You shifted in bed, wondering why it was so hot. Something stirred behind you and you furrowed your brows as you felt something move on your stomach. You blearily blinked your eyes open, looking down and seeing an arm draped across you. A little wiggling revealed that a warm body was pressed against you and your cheeks flushed when you felt something hard.

“Y/N!” a deep voice yelled from outside. Your eyes snapped wide open and you turned quickly, smacking your hand on Peter’s face by accident. He grunted and opened his eyes slowly, giving you an odd look.

“What—” he started, but you slammed your palm across his mouth, sitting up on your elbow, putting you slightly over him. He tried to say something, but his voice was muffled.

“Shh!” you whispered, your heart beating hard.

“Y/N?” your dad’s voice called again, sounding unsure. “Are you already awake?” You saw your door knob start to turn and you didn’t know what to do, looking at Peter’s wide brown eyes staring back at you in just as much panic.

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      And when ye screamed, I went to you, armed wi’ nothing but an empty gun and my two hands. Jamie was speaking a little more calmly now, but his eyes were still wild with pain and rage. I was silent. Unsettled by the horror of my encounter with Randall, I had not at all appreciated the desperate courage it had taken for him to come into the fort after me.

Colombian Air Force, modernized Bell UH-1H Huey II “Owl” armed observation helicopter, which is equipped with two .50 GAU-19 Gatling guns on each door. 

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana, helicóptero de observación armado y modernizado Bell UH-1H Huey II “Buho”, el cual está equipado con dos ametralladoras rotativas de 12.7mm tipo Gatling GAU-19 en cada puerta.

The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p1

summary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind.

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: angst, violence, car crash, injections, swearing,

thoughts are in italics

A/N: i really appreciate all of the great feedback i got from the original Daughter of Hades, but personally i wasn’t happy with some of the content and decided to rewrite the (unfinished) series with a new plot :) i hope everyone enjoys this adaptation as much as the first <3

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1945, Brooklyn

Naturally, you weren’t much of a drinker, you’d have a couple of beers and stop there. People would call you the sober one, even though you drank more than any normal girl. They’d say you weren’t fun; but you felt responsible for your friends and wanted to make sure they got home safe. But with Bucky leaving for war soon, why not have more than usual? You’d been out with a few friends tonight, two of your closest friends Bucky and Steve who you’ve known since high school, and Clara who had just dealt with a break up. She was completely heart broken and ended up having two beers, a whisky and three glasses of wine. You had just been to the bathroom and returned to see Steve and Bucky at the bar, with Clara in a corner booth with her head on the table next to an uncomfortably close man.

“Steve! Bucky!” You shouted over the chatter so you could scowl at them for not looking after your friend. “Why is Clara half asleep on the table?” You said in your mun voice with your hands on your hips.

“She went to sit with some girls that new her.” Bucky said without turning to look at her, but he was never good at looking confident when you were in your mum stance.

Annoyed at their ignorance and carelessness, you grabbed both of them by the ear and turned them to Clara’s table. “I’m pretty sure he is not a girl and that Clara does not know him.” You pushed through the middle of them to make your way to Clara, but not without smacking both of them on the back of the head.

“Clara, honey I think it’s time we get you home.” You shook her gently to stir her awake, to which she sat up a little to quickly.

She moaned and held her head, “Okay, but I’m driving,”

You chuckled lightly and helped her out of the booth; you started walking to Bucky and Steve, when someone grabbed your arm. “Hey, you can’t take her away she’s with me.” The man that was next to Clara slurred his words together, his breath reeked of alcohol.

“I don’t think so.” You tried pulling your arm free but he tightened his grip.

“C’mon she’s safe with me.” He leant in further to you.

“Look sweetie, nobody would be safe with you. We’re leaving.”

“Alright you can stay if you want,” He started raising his voice which caught the attention of Steve and Bucky. You finally got your arm free and turned away again, “but you’re not going anywhere, sweetcheeks.” He landed a hard smack on your ass and grinned proudly. You froze in your tracks and slowly turned to face him.

Bucky wanted to punch that guy in the face so hard for what he just did to you; his crush on you meant he was always overprotective but this time it was necessary. But before he was within three feet of the man, you punched him square in the nose. There was a loud crack as his head flew back and he lost his balance, you kicked him in the groin for good measure making him curl up on the floor. 

When you turned around, Steve was holding up Clara, Bucky was gawking at you and the whole bar was quiet. Even the music had stopped. You smoothed out the creases in your dress and smiled like you just walked into the room. Your heels echoed throughout the room as you moved to Clara.

The music quickly returned and so did the chatter, probably about the kind faced woman giving a drunken giant a broken nose. You thanked Steve for helping Clara and turned to Bucky who still stared at you in awe.

“You catching flies there Buck?” When you didn’t get a reply you pushed up his jaw and gave him a lingered kiss on the cheek. “I’m taking Clara home, I’ll see you tomorrow. Dancing right?” He nodded slowly. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek as well. “Bye Steve.”

“Wait Y/N, are you going to get home okay?” It was cute how concerned he looked while still having the shock in his eyes from the current events. It did annoy you slightly though.

“Sweetie, I’m not that far away from here I’ll be fine.” You winked and then left.

Bucky, still quite shocked at the fight you put up, sat down in his stool bar and sighed. “What am I going to do punk?”

Steve retook his seat next to Bucky and ordered drinks for the two. “What do you mean?” Bucky was never unsure of anything, especially when it came to girls.

“I think I’m in love.” He replied with a smile.

“You’ve got to tell her Buck. What happened to the confident, ladies man I grew up with? Y’know, say something before its too late.” Steve rested a hand on Bucky’s back.

The bartender returned with their drinks and Bucky took a sip; he’d be shipping to England soon and he may never see you again. But for once in his life he didn’t know what to say to a girl. You weren’t like the other girls he’s dated; you were cocky, you preferred hanging out with the boys, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself; you just beat up a guy in front of a bar full of people and when the two of you first met you were the first to resist his charm. 

He raised his glass to Steve in cheers. “Tomorrow. When we go dancing.” He said smiling.

“I’ll make sure of that.”

“I know you would. If I don’t you’ll be on my ass ‘till I leave.” They both laughed loudly, and did for the rest of the night.

The drive home was thankfully peaceful, Clara had fallen asleep, rain was tapping on the roof and windshield of the car, and there was no traffic. Unusual. The street lamps created a warm, orange hue that reflected off the wet roads and created the illusion of driving on a river that was ablaze with an auburn fire. Either that or you had started hallucinating due to the amount of alcohol you drank. But you were a good driver none the less, and a safe one at that.

 But it surprised you when your headache got painfully stronger and the pounding in your head got louder Your vision had also started to blur, which is probably why you didn’t notice the tow large military Jeeps in front and behind you, suddenly appear. The problem was the one in front of you was facing you, you just didn’t know.

The Jeep behind you suddenly sped up and pulled up beside the driver’s door, it then rammed into the car forcefully and bent your car door inwards, trapping your arm. You managed to keep control of the car but didn’t hit the brakes, adrenaline had clouded your thinking skills. The Jeep next to you slowed and your gaze followed it as it dropped behind you.

When you returned your gaze to the road ahead, you were met with full beam headlights directly in your path by around 20 meters. You tried to swerve out f the way but the passenger side grazed the Jeep and the back flew out. The car spun twice before clipping the kerb and rolling down the main street in a battered wreck.

The car was now on it’s side in the middle of the road. You looked to your right to see Clara’s body lazily slumped against the car door as your seatbelt held you above her. Drops of blood were dripping from your head and landing on her beautiful face, then slowly running across the valley of her features. There was a large pool of blood next to her, when you followed the drips of blood you traced it to your left arm which hung loosely across your chest. It was broken. You groggily muttered Clara’s name to ask her for her injuries, but soon realized that her chest lay still and that another pool of blood bordered her head.

A light shines across your face for a brief second; you look up to see two dark figures walking towards you, flashlight in hand. They were talking amongst themselves in a foreign language with thick accents as they approached. If you weren’t hanging limply in your car with a broken arm you would’ve tried to get out and see who they were, but you were slowly losing consciousness.

For a moment you thought you were hallucinating, but in fact the car was being turned to sit haphazardly on all four wheels. The quick and unsettling movement caused pain to grow all over your body, especially due to your head and arm injuries.

Your car door was ripped from its secure spot, exposing the two mangled bodies inside. One of the figures shone the light directly into your eyes, to which you squinted and slowly turned away. The other figure was looking through the passenger window at Clara. They began conversing in the same language as before; the figure next to Clara walked off while the one next to you rested a hand on your shoulder.

"You need to come with us it’s not safe here, we can help you.” The figure, now speaking in English, still had their thick accent. You turned to look at them and saw a small man in a great suit with round glasses. “I’m going to get more help, wait here.”

When he walked out of sight, you noticed he had left a briefcase on the ground. You one-handedly unclipped the seatbelt and stumbled quietly out of the vehicle. The briefcase was surprisingly unlocked, so you rummaged through the contents for something; anything that could give you answers to who these people are.

Underneath multiple forms and confidential files, a handgun lay at the bottom of the case. After making sure it had a few rounds in it, you walked round the passenger side of the car wreckage. The crash hadn’t damaged your legs too much but they did hurt with all of your weight on them. You aimed the gun at the small man, who was talking to a significantly larger one, and lent on the car for support; also for a steady aim.

When the gun clicked after you had armed it, the two men turned to face you; both shocked at how you got the gun, and how you had such strength and determination after such a big accident. “Who are you?” You choked out.

“Darling, I’m a doctor.” He started as he walked to you slowly, as if not to spook an animal. “You shouldn’t be walking, you’ve suffered a lot of injuries. Let me take you to the hospital.”

You weren’t sure if the alcohol still had an affect on you or if you actually believed this man, but you lowered the gun and rested yourself on the floor against the car. Just then he lent down and whispered in your ear. “Everything that follows is all for a great cause.”

Before you and ask him what he meant, the larger man pinned you down and stabbed a needle into your neck. Very quickly, you stated loosing all feeling in your body and was going limp, every object in front of you seemed to merge into one, and then everything went black.

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A/N: I really hope you enjoyed this re-write, I just felt like we needed some original Bucky love in there to get the plot going. 😊

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I couldn't agree more. I hate that Dylan was precious and missunderstoud and Eric was a fucking maniac shit.

it makes me sad for eric, if i’m being honest. it’s clear that dylan had so much love, and i feel like eric didn’t, in both life and death. of course, what they did was heinous and awful, but if people can find it in themselves to afford empathy for dylan, they should do the same for eric. we can’t learn from this if we decide to say “welp it was just that crazy eric kid, this is his fault” when the situation is so much more than that. it’s easy to look at eric and see a monster, but i think he was hurting just as much as dylan was, maybe even more. no one wants to admit that our youth could do this, so they find a scapegoat in eric and move on. 

there were TWO boys in that school on april 20th, 1999 - TWO boys armed with guns and pipe bombs. TWO boys who took lives. trying to say anything else is willful ignorance. we gain zero insight from what this tells us by blaming eric alone, and then we act shocked when it happens again. and again. and again. it’s frustrating. 

i’m not making excuses for either of them. they did something fucking awful and they’re both responsible for that. but if we want to understand how this happens, we need to acknowledge that they were BOTH humans, not just dylan. they were both young boys who turned into mass murderers. 

January 15, 1917 - British Admiralty Announces Losses to German Surface Raiders

Pictured - SMS Seeadler, a German raider and one of the last sailing ships ever used in wartime. Painting by Christopher Rave.

The British Admiralty declared its losses to German surface raiders, noting ten British and 2 French ships had been sunk in the last weeks of 1916. Although most German attacks came from the U-boats, in 1917 Germany still had a number of surface raiders prowling the seas, especially in the Indian and Pacific, where Allied naval supremacy could be more easily avoided. The most remarkable of these vessels was SMS Seeadler,

German for “sea eagle”, Seeadler was a three-mast sailing ship, a windjammer used for merchant shipping. Originally, she was an American ship, but after being captured by a U-boat (and then captured by the British, and then recaptured by another U-boat, with the help of the American crew), she became the property of the German Imperial Navy. So began a strange career as a naval surface raider.

In December 1916, Seeadler set sail disguised as a Norwegian merchantman, but carried hidden 105mm guns, two heavy machine guns, and a well-armed complement of sailors. For almost a year, she led the French and Royal Navies on a chase around the world, capturing some 15 Allied vessels in the Atlantic and Pacific along the way, before finally being shipwrecked in French Polynesia in September 1917.

Concept for Armored Soul Configuration

DSI-LRDRN PHRS-X ‘Pharis Bounty Hunter’


The counterpart to the Pharis Hunter. Both of the machines were made to enhance the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of each other. The pilots, both talented mercenaries turned bounty hunter, share a powerful bond. If one of them is encountered in the battlefield, expect the other to be lying in ambush.

While the Hunter model is geared for long-range sniping or close-quarters combat, the Bounty Hunter model excels at medium to short-range combat at higher speeds. The machine is armed with two P99x9m ‘Avelyn’ submachine guns and a Linear Cannon installed on the back. The Linear Cannon makes use of adaptive ammunition, and can switch between Slug Shots or Buck Shots. The Slug Shot is fired by readying the cannon over the shoulder, while the Buck Shot is fired under-arm.

Since their early years as hired guns, the Sisters of Pharis have been inseparable, and have made their names known throughout every mercenary network. Those with a price on their head will know soon enough; The Hunters of the Darkroot forests will see their bounty claimed.

  • Akashi: Ah, a voice message from Kotarou? I wonder what this one is about.
  • [beep]
  • Hayama: Akashi, are you there?! Please pick up the phone! We’re in deep shit right now–
  • Mibuchi: Explain it to him first! Because we REALLY didn’t have to take a RANDOM KID AS A HOSTAGE!
  • Nebuya: He’s not a hostage! He was being bullied by those brats for aspiring to be a fashion designer and he wanted to run away from his oppressive mafia family! How the hell could I say no to those eyes?! Just keep driving, Hayama!
  • Mayuzumi: You said we were going to watch the new Love Live movie.
  • Hayama: Shut up, man! Okay, look, Akashi, we were just cruising around town, but then we stumbled onto this little kid turf war and before we knew it we’re running away from two angry mafia families armed with real guns! They’re chasing us right now and we’re headed to your place, so please, for the love of God, be there and save–
  • Mibuchi: Kotarou, eyes on the road!
  • Mayuzumi: Truck.
  • [beep]
  • Akashi: …It’s like I never left Teikou at all.
though just a flicker it may be

summary: the zombie apocalypse au nobody asked me for. captain cobra swan abounds.

word count: ~10,700

also on:, ao3

If she had met Killian Jones under any other circumstance, she would most likely be irritated with him for just about every aspect of his existence.

However, she meets him just in the nick of time, as she’s being cornered by two zombies that just won’t quit and her kid is screaming, “Help me! Help! Mom!”

Their dashing savior enters the scene on a motorcycle, armed with a small blade and a gun.

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Flakturm VIII G-Tower in Arenbergpark, Vienna

 Common wisdom tells us that modern artillery and military aviation made use of stone fortifications obsolete. However, the German Flaktürme are a remnant of WWII that looks more like something from the time of the Crusades then age of the Blitzkrieg. 

These monumental concrete fortresses served as platforms for batteries of anti-aircraft guns. In order to boost the air defense of German cities, Hitler ordered the building of a series of immense towers throughout the country. Three of these towers were built in Berlin, an additional two in Hamburg and six more in Vienna. 

 The towers were heavily armed, usually housing eight (four twin) 128 mm guns and thirty-two (eight quad) 20 mm guns. With these guns the towers were capable of rates of fire up to 8000 rounds per minute, with a range of up to 14 km in a full 360-degree field of fire. Each tower complex consisted of two separate towers, one G or gun towers and an L-tower which served as command center. In addition, the towers served as air raid shelters for up to 10,000 people. 

 The tower walls were 3.5m (!) of reinforced concrete, enough to survive an attack by conventional bombs carried by Allied bombers of the age. Soviet 203mm howitzers merely chipped away the concrete and could never actually penetrate the walls. It was only when supplies and ammo ran out that these towers were surrendered.

The majority of flakturms still stand today. They are too big to effectively dismantle or demolish, plus the space they occupy is worth less than the cost of demolition.

A Whole New World - Chapter 1

A not so normal day - Part 2

Bucky X Reader Werewolf AU

Summary: In a world of werewolves you are the scapegoat of your pack – the Hydra pack. When another pack attacks, you become a captive in the famous Avengers-pack. Is it a jump from the frying pan into the fire? Or will you find somebody to love?

Warnings: fighting, domestically pack abuse, swearing, violence, mention of a nasty trap

He was James Buchanan Barnes. The Alpha of the Avengers pack. One of the most powerful men in the world.

You gulped. There had always been rumours about him circulating among the pack. After all, he had been the protégé of Nick Fury, the pack’s former Alpha. So your pack had of cause been interested what happened to him, even after leaving the pack. Over the past years, his pack had had a massive gain of power. Today, they were the mightiest pack in North America. James Barnes was almost a legend. You never thought to ever meet him face to face. Not only because the Avengers lived near Miami and Hydra in the Rocky Mountains.

“Do you know where your Alpha tarries at the moment?”, Barnes asked. You jolted out of your thoughts. “Not without fail. But I know where he was before I came here.”, you answered cautious. Despite the kindness he had shown you, you didn’t quite trust him. “I want to make sure this battle ends as fast as possible. The easiest way is to capture your Alpha and make him surrender. If it works, nobody else will be hurt or killed.”, he explained.

You took time to weigh your possibilities. Helping them would mean to betray your pack. A crime that wasn’t taken lightly. But it might save lives. To refuse helping Barnes might get you killed and continue the fighting. With the very same result. Your pack would be defeated sooner or later. The only thing you could have an effect on in your current position was how many of your pack comrades would be hurt or killed.

You sighed. “I will help you. But you must promise me not to kill anybody.”, was your firm answer. One of the women huffed, but you ignored her. Barnes was in charge. If he gave you his word, everyone else was bound to it as well. The Alpha mustered you intensely, but you refused to show any weakness. Not now. This was important.

“I can’t promise not to kill anybody in case we are detected. But we will do our best to avoid it.”, the huge Werewolf finally said. You nodded. There would be no better offer than this. “If our Alpha is still where he was when I saw him last, we have to cross almost the whole cave. It won’t be easy, but I know some hidden paths that will make this way easier.”, you informed them. Two or three of the Avenger Werewolves cursed.

You turned on your heels to lead the squad through the tunnel. It made you really tense to have potential enemies in your back, but you had to trust them for now. And you had to be the first since none of them knew where the traps were. And you also only on paper as there had never been a reason to enter it. After all, it had been abandoned. For years.

After the last twist of the tunnel, one of the warriors overtook you. Hastily, you grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back. He whirled around and bared his teeth. “Drop it, Pietro. I’m sure she had a very good reason for this.”, Barnes ordered. The young man with silvery-blonde hair immediately did as ordered, but still glared daggers.

You took a woodblock you had left there and tapped on the stone floor. Exactly where the young man would have set his foot at the next step. A huge steel trap snapped shut with a sickening loud, metallic clank. The woodblock was joint disguising neat. It was large and strong enough to detach somebody’s knees. Every single Avenger gasped in shock. “You don’t want to run into this.”, you said.

Pietro – who now looked rather pale and like a boy around your age than like an actual warrior – just nodded. Seeing such a nasty trap and knowing that it had almost killed him had scared the living daylights out of him. “Very effective.”, Loki said dryly when the steel trap re-activated itself and disappeared in the stone. Barnes growled. “First your legs and then your head. If you aren’t lucky enough to die from the blood loss.”, he stated.

“The design is from Rumlow himself. It’s still in the library.”, you told him. “Zhat’s insane.”, Pietro said, still out of breath. He had a heavy, East European accent. Your ears picked up when you heard footsteps come closer. “Hide behind the corner.”, you hissed. This time, they followed your order without questioning it. Only seconds after the last tail had disappeared, two Hydra Soldiers appeared at the entrance. Armed with guns and very fraught.

“What are you doing here?”, one of them snapped when he spotted you. You did your best to look as frightened and small as possible. “I…I wanted…to check…the old tunnel. The trap…it almost killed me.”, you stammered. One of the men snorted derogatory. “Silly girl. Move your poor ass to the others. We evacuate”, he said. “I…I need a minute.”, you answered, still playing the frightened young woman who had been almost killed mere seconds ago.

The Warriors exchanged a glance. “We can’t stay and wait. If you need time to recover, you’re on your own.”, the second Warrior said. You simply nodded. They were playing into your hands, just as hoped. After about half a minute you called for the Avenger squad to join you again. “What was that?”, asked Barnes. He was visibly angry. “I’m not the most popular person in the pack.”, you answered casually.

“The purpose of Warriors is to protect the pack. That includes every single member. No matter their popularity.”, the Alpha growled. “That’s how your pack might handle it. But Hydra is not the Avengers.”, you reminded him and got over the trap to show them how to do it. One after the other, the Avenger Warriors managed to join you without activating the trap again and getting themselves killed.

“As soon as we enter the cave system itself, nobody talks or the warriors might detect us. The echo can go pretty far in there and those who live here are used to it so they can say very accurate where a sound comes from. None of you will be able to do that. So you have to keep a close eye to what I do and copy it exactly. Other ways, the Warriors will find us.”, you instructed the squad.

“Is it a good idea to do this, James? I trust your judgement, but this is dangerous. For all of us.”, the dark-skinned man raised his voice. He had to be a high-ranking pack member to call his Alpha by his actual name. “It seems like we don’t really have a choice than trusting her, Sam. And she showed her trustworthiness by saving Pietro from that trap. Who don’t want to risk it leave now and join the others on the outside. Leaving through that tunnel should be harmless.”, the Alpha said.

Each and every one of them shook their heads, even Sam. “No way we leave you alone in here.”, the Warrior said. The loyalty of these men and women warmed your heart. “Let’s get started.”, Barnes ordered. A nod in your direction was the sign to lead them wherever you thought Rumlow was.

Sneaking through the cave set your nerves on edge permanently. You had done it countless times in the past, but this was different. Now you were responsible for the lives of six other people. More than half of the way you neither heard nor smelled Hydra Warriors anywhere near. Until you had to cross one of the main tunnels.

You heard them. A rather large contingent of Warriors. They came from a tunnel that was parallel to yours and flew into the main tunnel as well. It took you a moment to pinpoint exactly where the Warriors were. Then you pressed yourself firmly against the wall. Barnes and his Warriors followed your lead. You were closest to the Warriors. If they noticed the presence of somebody, you had a chance to distract them from the Avengers.

Already after a few seconds you could hear how they bended around another corner so nobody would pass your hideout. But you stayed pressed against the wall so everyone else did as well. With the Hydra Warriors on alert even the quiet rustle of clothes might be enough to backstab your presence. You didn’t want to risk it.

Not until two full minutes had passed you allowed yourself to relax slightly. “Vhy did you wait so long?”, Pietro hissed. He was of the impatient kind, this much you knew. “As I already said, these tunnels echo. You don’t want a dozen Warriors on edge come looking who is in here.”, you answered hushed. “Silence now. We’re too far to let this go wrong now.”, Barnes ended the conversation.

During the second half of the way there were more Warriors you had to avoid. It became difficult to get forward and took lots of time. But finally you reached a little tunnel that was very close to the library. Along the way it had even been confirmed that Rumlow, Zemo and von Strucker still were in the library.

“The best way to keep you out of trouble is to pretend we took you captive, Little One. Sooner or later the Warriors might tell your Alpha that you have been in the old tunnel and he’ll find out that it’s been the way we came in here.”, Barnes said. It was a kind of last debriefing before the actual attack. You had never thought to be part of it. “You’re right. Especially since I told him that you would take that way.”, you answered thoughtful.

“Seems like we have a smart captive.”, Sam interjected. You felt yourself blush. Being praised was nothing you were used to. “Everybody get ready. It took us long enough to get here.”, Barnes ordered. The Warriors drew their weapons. The Alpha produced a combat knife, everyone else guns. He took a position directly behind you so you could feel the heat radiating off of him. His knife was placed at your throat. It still made your heart beat fast and hard, but somehow you trusted the man enough to not lose your mind.

With the Warriors at both your sides, you entered the library. The vanguard had their backs to the doors. “Get out of here!”, Rumlow hissed without even bothering to turn around. “Actually, we are here to talk about your surrender.”, Barnes said casually. The three Hydra leaders whipped around when they heard the unfamiliar voice. “Of cause you managed to get captured. Worthless little Omega.”, Rumlow snarled.

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