armed with two guns


      And when ye screamed, I went to you, armed wi’ nothing but an empty gun and my two hands. Jamie was speaking a little more calmly now, but his eyes were still wild with pain and rage. I was silent. Unsettled by the horror of my encounter with Randall, I had not at all appreciated the desperate courage it had taken for him to come into the fort after me.


Frontier High School Shooting 
Barry Loukaitis 

“This sure beats the hell out of algebra, doesn’t it?”, was what 14 year old Barry Loukaitis said when he kept a class hostage at gunpoint. On February the 2nd 1996, Loukaitis entered Frontier Middle School. in Washington, armed with multiple guns and opened fire, two students and a teacher were killed.

In September 1997, Barry Loukaitis was charged as an adult and sentenced to life in prison.

Barry Loukaitis claimed that he only intended to kill one student and the rest were accidental, but prosecutors believed it was a well planned attack. It’s believed that Barry was influenced by Pearl Jam’s song Jeremy, a music video which displays a troubled teenager shoots up a school. Barry was also inspired by Natural Born Killers, Basketball Diaries and Stephan King’s book Rage, also depicts a school shooter who killed teachers and holds an algebra class hostage

Years before the shooting, Barry Loukaitis’s family became dysfunction. After his parents got divorced his mother would frequently talk about suicide, even saying that Barry would also need to kill himself, but the young man talked his mum out of it. Loukaitis was also suffering from hyperactivity and clinical depression, taking ritalin. 

  • Akashi: Ah, a voice message from Kotarou? I wonder what this one is about.
  • [beep]
  • Hayama: Akashi, are you there?! Please pick up the phone! We’re in deep shit right now–
  • Mibuchi: Explain it to him first! Because we REALLY didn’t have to take a RANDOM KID AS A HOSTAGE!
  • Nebuya: He’s not a hostage! He was being bullied by those brats for aspiring to be a fashion designer and he wanted to run away from his oppressive mafia family! How the hell could I say no to those eyes?! Just keep driving, Hayama!
  • Mayuzumi: You said we were going to watch the new Love Live movie.
  • Hayama: Shut up, man! Okay, look, Akashi, we were just cruising around town, but then we stumbled onto this little kid turf war and before we knew it we’re running away from two angry mafia families armed with real guns! They’re chasing us right now and we’re headed to your place, so please, for the love of God, be there and save–
  • Mibuchi: Kotarou, eyes on the road!
  • Mayuzumi: Truck.
  • [beep]
  • Akashi: …It’s like I never left Teikou at all.

Italian “heavy” tank Carro Armato P 40, weighting 26 tonnes it was actually a medium tank, but considered as such by the Italians since her role was to support the smaller tanks in service.

Armed with a 75mm gun and two 8mm machine guns, it was designed in 1940 but only managed to enter service in 1943, by the time borderline obsolete, and considered by both the Italians and Germans as a disappointment. 

Captain Canary Fanfic: Kidnapping Dinah Laurel Lance [Humour, Friendship, rated T]

Summary: “The last refuge” AU, where The Pilgrim has threatened Laurel instead of Quentin, and it’s Leonard and Mick’s job to get her onboard the ship. Because in my happy little bubble, my pretty bird is not dead and will never be. Enjoy!

“Laurel Lance?”

She hears her name being called by someone who has managed to sneak up within five yards of her. Oliver is right, she needs to practice more, she really doesn’t see the enemy coming. This is a deserted alley, which makes an attack easier, but at the same time, having no witnesses makes it easier to fight back. Taking in a deep breath, she turns around slowly to see two men, all cropped hair and muscles, armed with huge guns. She stares at the one closer to her, the one wearing a dark blue parka, and keeps her voice brave and steady. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“We need you to come with us,” he drawls.

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though just a flicker it may be

summary: the zombie apocalypse au nobody asked me for. captain cobra swan abounds.

word count: ~10,700

also on:, ao3

If she had met Killian Jones under any other circumstance, she would most likely be irritated with him for just about every aspect of his existence.

However, she meets him just in the nick of time, as she’s being cornered by two zombies that just won’t quit and her kid is screaming, “Help me! Help! Mom!”

Their dashing savior enters the scene on a motorcycle, armed with a small blade and a gun.

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You slowed down your car when you saw a black ‘67 Chevy Impala parked in front of a building, a nest of werewolves, that you’ve been planning to take out for a while. You were full of silver ammo for your guns and armed with two silver knives hooked up on your hips, just to make sure no werewolf would hurt any civilians anymore.

You hopped out of your car, steadied the guns in their holsters, and cautiously made your way towards the entrance of the building. The heavy metal door was ajar and you pushed it open a little more, swiftly getting inside. The light was dim, but you could perfectly see and what you saw made you beyond angry.

“You again!” You yelled frustrated.

The two men and the angel turned around to look at you, quite surprised. Castiel shared a quick glance with both Sam and Dean, not really remembering you, but you looked familiar to him.

Sam exhaled arching his brows, then said your name. “Tell me we didn’t blow up your case… Again…”

You looked around the big hall, werewolves lying around. You couldn’t speak from the shock, your words came out rushed, not comprehensively. “Damn you! This was my case! D’you’ve any idea how long it took me to prepare for this?! How much money I spent for the ammo? Aaaargh!!!”

Dean felt sorry because it wasn’t the first time that they ruined your hunt. “Hey Princess, how about I treat you with your favorite, free dinner?” He smirked hopingly, then looked at his brother and at the angel for some help.

Castiel shrugged, speaking to you. “You could alway eat as many times as we,” he made some quotation marks with his fingers, “blew up your cases.” Now that made Dean upset, but in the end he just nodded.

“Fine.” You said pouting, but hey, that meant free food for quite a while.

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The ZSU-57-2 (Ob'yekt 500) is a Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG), armed with two 57 mm autocannons. ‘ZSU’ stands for Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (Russian: Зенитная Самоходная Установка), meaning “anti-aircraft self-propelled mount”, '57’ stands for the bore of the armament in millimetres and '2’ stands for the number of gun barrels. It was the first Soviet mass-produced tracked SPAAG.

Considered heavily ineffective due to its mostly manual and visual fire control, it was quickly pulled out of service as more capable machines were developed. 

Want some candy?

A gunman from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine distributes sweets in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh near Sidon, Lebanon, Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, to celebrate an attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. Two Palestinian cousins armed with meat cleavers and a gun stormed a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers killing four people in the city’s bloodiest attack in years. Police killed the attackers in a shootout. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)


The P-39 Appreciation Post

The P-39 Airacobra was supplied to all major members of the allies, including France. The P-39 was an unusual aircraft; one of the first for having landing gear inside the nose, the engine was moved to the middle of the aircraft and the propeller was operated using a long shaft like seen here:

 Armed with two 50 caliber machine guns, two 30 caliber machine guns and a 37mm cannon, the P-39 was a worthy adversary to just about any air or ground target at the time of it’s introduction. 9,588 aircraft were manufactured between 1940 to 1944. Variants include The P-63 King Cobra, The XFL Airabonita, and the P-400.