armed turtle

Street Rat (TMNT, Leo X Reader)

Usually they were addicts, old or has beens. The homeless, that is. You, however, were few of the odd exceptions. Sober, young and never got a chance to be anything. It was a long, complicated sob story about how it was exactly you’d ended up on the streets but that didn’t matter.

What did matter was survival. A hard task in the cold, uncaring streets of New York City. Even scraping together enough money for a cup of tea and a sandwich was a relentless task for you. It was not an easy life, and not one you’d wish upon anymore. Nor one, you were sure, many would want anyway.

But by far the worst part of it all, was nighttime. For the homeless, the dark of the moon was terrorising. No shelter to hide them from the full frontal assault of crime. It was heart hammering frightening. Luckily, you’d been fortunate enough to avoid most of that kind of trouble.

Until now.

Here you stood, held at gunpoint by Purple Dragons. Really, had they no one better to rob? Surely, if they moved barely a few blocks, to some of the richer neighbourhoods, they’d make more of a profit. But then again, what did you know, maybe that’s why your weren’t a crime lord. Then again, maybe they only robbed you because they could, cause no one ever cared about the homeless.

“ I’m not too sure how many times I can tell you boys, I’m broke, ” You explained, your voice cheerful. Hey, it was true, they could empty your pockets. All you had was your clothes and a pack of mints. Maybe it an essential for the homeless but you’d be surprised how much nicer people were to those with nice breath, and brushing your teeth was hardly an option.

“ Well, I’m sure there are other things you can do for us, ” The seeming leader of the gang said, a twisted grin spreading across his face, as he grabbed you by your dusty polo shirt. Oh no, you did not like that sound of that, even before they began to force you out of your clothes.

Screaming bloody murder as you kicked and struggled, your nails at one point colliding with one of their faces and drawing blood you were in such a frightened frenzy. That could very well have been the worst night of your life, or even the last. However, most fortunately for you, it didn’t end up being either of those nights.

Given how focussed you were, adrenaline fuelling your continued lashing out, you didn’t notice the shadow looming above on the rooftops. You didn’t notice the figure appearing in the alley, or even when the first man vanished. Gone from tearing at your tatty garments and gone with a clatter, his body falling into a dumpster. However, the other men did, the noise catching their ears, had someone come to interfere?

“ Who’s there? ” The one with the gun called out, his firearm turned away from you as your scrambled to hold your torn shirt against your chest, stubborn to protect your dignity.

Now that you were in overdrive, with not a million hands grabbing for you, you were able to notice almost everything but were shocked into silence. Not even a gasp escaped your lips, as a large green silhouette dropped down in front of you. You stood there, mouth open wide, staring into the shell of the biggest turtle you’d ever see and certainly, the first you’d ever seen wielding katanas!

As fighting broke out, the bang of a gun going off multiple times, you squeaked and made a dive for the dumpster, cowering behind it. You were brave, yes, but not brave enough for armed thugs fighting swordsman turtles larger than most grown men.

Only after the conflict seemed to end did you dare to peek out, very carefully popping your head out from cover. Only to once again come face to face with the turtle, sheathing those katanas, standing over a few meters away. Staring right at you.

“ Come on, I know you saw me. I’m not going to hurt you. You can stop hiding, ” He invited and you whimpered, vanishing back into your hiding spot timidly.

“ L-Leave me alone! ” You responded, nearly sobbing.

“ Okay, okay, please don’t cry, ” His voice sounded genuinely concerned and… Something else. That particular brand of hurt that could only ever be formulated in the voice of a teenage boy who’d never experienced the guilt of making a pretty girl cry before.

“ I’m not crying! ” Why you arguing with a giant reptile you… Uh, aren’t certain but here you were.

“ You’re not hurt, are you? ” He asked, possibly even more timid than you. Funny, given you were the one who’d been attacked.

“ No, ” You sniffled.

“ You shouldn’t be out this late, you should be home, ” He scolded you, almost like you were a small child. Usually, he’d be a little more worried someone had seen him… But it was just one shaken up woman, and even if she reported it to the police alongside her recount of the assault… Well, it’d go no further.

You took a moment. You could have just left it there. Walked away. But that was not what you did. Instead, you called back, “ I’d love to, but I’m homeless genius. ”

There was a long silence, until;

“ Fine… I can’t let you stay here like this, come with me. ”

“ You what? ” You asked, instantly popping back out of your hiding spot.

“ You heard me. I’d ruin my honour if I left you here after what you’ve been through knowing you’ve no where to go… My name’s Leo, you? ”

“ … Y/N. ”