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So reading theory is great and all but hey yknow what we should all do I’ll tell ya

Learning technical/manual skills to be used in service to practical revolutionary causes.

Whether it be learning skills in negotiating, educating, public speaking, community organizing, engineering, architecture, technology, intelligence gathering, carpentry, strategy+tactics planning, legal rights learning, fundraising, environmental science, medical stuff–the world is your oyster.

A modern revolution shouldnt just be focused on armed struggle. Therefore, modern revolutionists shouldnt spend all of their time studying to just be militant commanders. We need to make use of the technology we’re given, expand their uses, and empower the people (using a vast variety of means and skills in collaboration and harmony) so they can help forge our collective liberation.

In a simple phrase, turn yourselves into a swiss army knife, not just an ak-47 or a molotov.

Excerpt from one of the several Check, Please! fics I am working on.

This one’s an AU, one of the “Jack went into the NHL at 18 and Bitty has some unrelated career” variety, of which there are many.

Shitty Knight (that was going to take some getting used to) was waiting outside the locker room when Jack emerged. With him was a shorter man, slender and blond, wearing a blue t-shirt and the shortest red shorts Jack had ever seen on an adult. He had sunglasses perched on his head and was deep in conversation with Knight. Must be an intern.

As Jack drew nearer, they both turned toward him. Jack almost stopped walking. The blond man was armed; he had a hip holster clipped to the waistband of his miniscule red shorts.

“Um – hello,” Jack said. He was trying not to stare at this tiny, armed – okay, the word his brain kept suggesting was ‘twink,’ but that seemed uncharitable so he resisted it. This tiny armed person. He focused on Knight, who would surely explain.

“Jack. Good skate?”


“Yeah, I coulda predicted that. Jack, this is Eric Bittle. He’ll be heading up your security detail.”

Jack could not keep the look of incredulity off his face. Bittle seemed totally unsurprised by his gobsmacked expression. “Go ahead, get it out of your system,” he said, his voice a smooth, Southern-accented tenor.

“I’m sorry, but – really?”

Knight also looked like he’d had this conversation more than once before. “To paraphrase Shakespeare, though he be but little, he is fierce.”

“Midsummer Nights’ Dream,” Jack said.

“Mr. Bittle is my best agent, Jack. He may not look like a bodyguard, but he is quick and he’s a crack shot.”

“If you say so, Knight, but…” He scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Okay, I’m not usually this much of an asshole, but this is my life we’re talking about, and you – I’m sure you’re good at your job, but you look like I could tip you over with two fingers.”

Bittle calmly took the sunglasses off his head and handed them to Knight. “Try it.”

Jack spluttered a little. “Look, I’m not going to…”

“Bless your heart, this isn’t my first time at the bake-off, Mr. Zimmermann. I know how this goes. Nobody buys it until I show them, so go ahead. Try it. And don’t hold back.”

Silken Arrows {Daryl X Reader}

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Fandom: The Walking Dead

Characters: Daryl Dixon

Word Count: 1001

Perspective: Straight Female

Warnings: Gore,cursing

The light flickers overhead,the leaves off the forest create a beautiful display of shade.It wasn’t such a bad place to be,even with the Walkers about.Besides,your bow is a perfect weapon for a quiet area like this,especially when it is so open and outdoor-sy.The only real problem was the fact that you were quite lonely,with you being a dancer before the turn you were used to the applause and appreciation of other people.

You pick up your trusty weapon and the bag filled with limited supplies,ready to make some progress towards somewhere with a higher survival chance for you.The map says you’ve got another couple of miles left until you exit this forest.Time to keep to the trees.You scale up one in no time at all,your lithe frame being perfect for this occasion.Now you progress forward.

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