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I Hate Your Ideas

“I hate your ideas. I hate them almost as much as I love you, which is so much.”

“You’re insane!”

Fandom: Riverdale

Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller

Ship: Jughead x Andrews!Reader; implied Archie x Betty

Warnings: making out; some swearing

A/N: I had a weird idea. It’s not very romantic, just a bit funny. Don’t ask XD

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“You’re insane!” your boyfriend of one year, Jughead Jones, exclaimed at your proposal. “I hate your ideas. I hate them almost as much as I love you, which is so much.” Veronica was doubled over laughing, and Archie was facepalming. 

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This is for what-muses. I definitely switched up your request a little bit, and I hope you like the way I wrote it instead. This story has been in the making for at least five months, as I rewrote and tried to find the better angle to go at it. But I think I quite like how it turned out now. It’s 13 pages on Word so it’s a bit long. Please enjoy!

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           She walked into our headquarters with her head held high. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun and she was in all black. There was a tiny red circle underneath her right eye. The no-nonsense demeanor intrigued me and I leaned slightly forward from my place at the armchair. She must have passed the initiation test to even get here. No female has ever done that before.

           We don’t go by names here. At least not when you first start but the moment Daehyun walked in, he said it. There was a blanching in his face. He knew he had erred. Himchan glanced sharply at him. “We call her Widow.”

           More like Widow-maker, from what we do. I rolled my neck and wondered how it was Daehyun knew her name. The meeting was merely formalities, with each of us briefly telling the newcomer what we each specialized in and our code names. When the meeting was dismissed, I strolled forward. It was time to do a little introduction.

           “Hello, little Miss.”

           I had to give it to her; she barely blinked. “Please, call me Widow.”

           “Why?” I leaned into her. “Because you like them like that or because it happens to be what you’re good at?”

           “Snakebite, please,” it was Himchan again. He sometimes really got on my nerves. “No questions.” I gave her one more look before walking away to my part of the den. She was hot, but not enough for me to mess things up. Besides, it was more interesting to see what her connection to Daehyun was.

           The biggest mission was handed down a week after Widow’s training. We were all gathered at headquarters. After the counterfeit heist was finished, things had been kind of slow and I was itching to see some blood. Widow did not stay with us. I suppose working with men were okay, but living with them may have been too much for her innocence. When she came in, she brought a blast of cold and I glanced at Yongguk.

           “Hey bud, some of those flames of yours would be really helpful right now.”

           “Snakebite.” It was Himchan again. I swear, there was no room for any humor in this place. I gave him a cold look, knowing full well he was displeased with me. Ever since my slightly erratic behavior on our last mission, he has been keeping a close eye on me. But I was the odd one out. He could never think of completely controlling me.

           “Yes, Hyungnim.” I smirked at his code name. Of course he would have the most obvious one. Pompous ass.

           “There’s a storage house not far from here. Apparently there is major human trafficking going through it. Our job is to reroute the trail down to Ilsan. Seoul already has another gang running this field.”

           Himchan handed out each of the people we were to track down. At the end of the meeting, he looked at Widow. “Do you want to be paired up with any of us?”

           “No thank you.”

           “Can we volunteer?” I had walked up to them, making it clear that I had heard. She gave me a distasteful look and I let my upper lip furl into a smile. “If you’re not careful, sweetheart, you just might be lured into their ring. You know what they do to girls who look the way you do.”

           I said the last part loud enough for him to take the bait. Daehyun stepped forward. “That’s enough. If she’s going with anyone, she’s going with me.”

           He was so easy. How did someone as emotional as he was even make it in? Sure he’s the one best at making connections, and the people he’s hauled in were impressive. But the man had a heart. People in our line were supposed to be heartless.

           The other three had already retreated. There was no one around but me to witness the stare down between Daehyun and Himchan. Widow turned to me. “What are you doing here?”

           I raised my hands in mock surrender. “Apologies, my sweet. I was merely vying for a job as bodyguard. But it looks like you already have a designated one.” My eyes never left the two men as I walked away. From my space, I saw Daehyun’s punishment. So he had violated a rule.

           This gang was a joke. Everyone acted close, as if they were friends. As if our kind could be friends. I didn’t dislike any of them, even respected Yongguk. But I would never sacrifice myself for them. This was a man eat man’s world. It’s every man for himself out here.

           I knew I would never get the truth out of Widow so I decided to go through the man himself. Daehyun was at the club, drinking himself silly. He had no tolerance, but an affinity for the drink. “So who is that hottie?”

           “Fuck off.”

           I grinned and swirled my drink, watching the ice cubes move in a swift circular motion. “Your girlfriend? Daehyun, you’re not two-timing are you?”

           He glanced up sharply. “Watch your words.”

           “Why? Are you afraid little Ara would find out? We’re brothers, man. I will never dare breathe in front of her.”

           “She’s my cousin. Keep it between us.”

           “Of course.” Daehyun, Jung Daehyun. The third biggest mistake you’ve ever made was letting in people you care about. The second biggest mistake you made was letting me know about them, and the biggest was of course, trusting me.

           “Hyung, we should go get the weapons together.”

           Junhong was the maknae, and the clingiest one. “I told you, there is no need for formalities. Outside of this basement, we do not know each other. I am not your hyung, nor am I your friend.”

           He looked taken aback. Of course he would be. The other four let him get away with his manners and his awkward puppy friendliness. “We should still go together,” he insisted.

           I touched the tattoo on my index finger, my trigger finger, and decided maybe a little warning would do the trick. “If you think for a second that I like you, you’re mistaken. And if you ever decide to ignore what I say again, I’d say my handgun is far easier to hide than your sniper. Be careful one day you don’t wake up.” And this time, when I walked away, he stopped protesting. Good. That’s how he survives. He knows a threat when he sees one.

           It was difficult to explain why I stayed with them. For a gang, they were on the tamer side but they had the exciting cases. And coming from prison, it was always good to lay low. They gave me a place to be, and I would be a fool to give it up. But I was also rapidly getting bored.

           A better opportunity presented itself in the form of a woman. It was surprising to hear the giggles next to the hideout. So Widow could be more than just a coldhearted killer. I stepped behind a can and recognized Daehyun immediately. I laughed to myself. Cousins he said they were? Surely cousins didn’t do this at two in the morning.

           “Dae.” The moan, however, did not sound anything like her. Curiosity got the better of me and I took a daring step forward. When I saw the delicate, pale beauty encased in Daehyun’s arms I wanted to laugh out loud this time. He really was stupid; stupid enough to bring someone who couldn’t even defend herself into a lair of wolves. It would have been more forgiving had it been Widow.

           Anyone who was around Daehyun long enough would have heard about his girlfriend, Ara. But up until now, I have yet to lay eyes on the mysterious girl. But I suppose I know now. She would never stay the night, I figured. And seeing how it was this late, I was positive Daehyun would be taking her home. I wonder what our Leader Hyungnim would feel if he knew that his best spy was currently out on a rendezvous with his girlfriend.

As I toyed with knocking on the main door and letting the information slip, I decided against it. Why not hold some things to myself and see what I could do with them? Besides, it was about time someone shook up the gang a little. Himchan was becoming unbearable and I was ready to move on.

           They say that when it was your time, things always went your way. And things were definitely coming my way. What had started as a simple heist was becoming one with a lot of complications. Despite all this, my responsibilities were becoming less and less. The last straw came when I was left out of the preparations for the upcoming mission, only given a role at the end. I knew when I was unwanted, when they no longer trusted me. And that was my signal to leave.

           It was easy to wreak havoc, to cause utter chaos, when you had a target. And I had a target. All it took was a few more days of spying and being there at the right time. Then it was one knock on a door, and the rest was all in my hands.

It was a ruse. Daehyun and Widow were supposed to be staking out at the night club. The other gang’s operations filtered in and out through there, the constant flow of females making it easy to disguise. Nobody knew, or cared, where I was, so I was free to be a casual observer.

           The two of them were sitting at a table and Daehyun looked as if he was hitting on her, just a casual night out at the club. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the targets come from the back and immediately, saw Widow stand up to leave. I turned to dance, knowing if I had flipped my hood it would draw attention. Nobody wore a hood in a club.

           It was by instinct that I knew that Daehyun had gotten up as well. Sure enough when I turned around, the table they were sitting at was empty. I knew Daehyun would be back. This was not the first time they have been tagging this club, and today was the last day, so he would be back to make sure there was nobody they missed. And that was when I made my move.

           It was a risk, making sure that the folder was not picked up by an unintended bystander. That would be disastrous. I blended into the crowd but kept watch, and sure enough Daehyun walked back. He looked momentarily distracted but caught sight of the envelope quick enough. As much as I wanted to see his reaction, I could not risk it. From behind, I saw him shake. The boy could not control his emotions. I saw him lift the photo to his nose. Good. He wasn’t in this operation for nothing. And when he stood up, that was when I left.

           She was too scared to say anything. Not that she could. When she saw me walk in, her eyes widened with fear but she could say nothing. The blood was still caked around her mouth. It would be a little too gruesome to show Daehyun just what I had taken so I decided another token would suffice.

           I picked up her left hand and played with her ring finger. She wanted to scream, I knew she did. But she couldn’t. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Oh. The fear turned into hatred. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pink appendage I had cut off from her and waved the bag in front of her. “Sorry. Tongue’s right here.”

           It was easy to grab a knife and slam it down against her finger. Her mouth opened in pain and a piercing screech came out, pathetic and metallic. The light was starting to deem in her eyes. It wasn’t much longer until it was over. I took out my phone and took a photo. Then bandaging the wound so she didn’t lose more blood, I left. She would be alive for another three days.

           Even this four day operation was grating on my nerves. I was wild, reckless, I thrived for chaos. I hated this careful planning, and most of all, I despised the kicked puppy fear that Ara presented herself with whenever she saw me. It had been so easy to switch on the niceties and trick her into coming with me. Yes, Daehyun did send me. No, you don’t need to call him. He doesn’t want to get in trouble. Like her boyfriend, she had been trusting. Too trusting with the wrong person.

           Daehyun was right on time. What an obedient little puppy. Such a shame it was his Hyungnim I had an issue with and he would be the one paying the price. He was too loyal for me to take with me. I had expected more from him when I placed the gun to his head as I delivered the present to his hand. Instead, he immediately raised his arms in surrender. It was with a bit of reluctance that I shoved the envelope at him and left. As I was walking away, I heard his cry of pain. A low chuckle escaped my lips and I went back to the hideout. It was time to put on a show.

           The next night, it didn’t take a genius to know that Daehyun had completed his mission. Our dear Hyungnim was furious. “Someone got our informer.”

           Immediately, I saw Widow flash Daehyun a look and I wondered just how much he told his cousin. That would not do. It was supposed to be a solo mission. What if the girl went sniffing and found out my little secret? No. That would not do. It was time to step it up a notch. As for Widow… I brazenly stared at her and decided, fine. If Daehyun wanted to involve everyone who mattered, two can play at this game.

           The hideout was surprisingly low security for the headquarters of such a prominent gang. It was too easy placing devices around the room, and then planting some in Daehyun’s room. Tonight, they were out again, leaving me to hold fort. I stretched and stared at Widow’s door. They really shouldn’t place someone like me in charge. But I suppose that was their downfall.

           Pushing the door open, I was greeted with a stark room. Knowing her professionalism, I shouldn’t be expecting anything else. Curiosity got ahold of me and I opened a drawer and grinned. So she wasn’t beneath using herself as a trap. I fingered the rows of lace and wondered how it would look on her. The image forming in my head was enough to justify the tiny camera I placed under the desk. Even if I couldn’t see anything between her and Daehyun, just being able to see her was worth it. Once I made sure I was in full control of every little part, I went to my next hiding place.

           She was still and slumped against the pole. If it weren’t for the ragged breathing, I would have thought the game ended a day early. “You have twenty-four hours until your boyfriend gets to see you again.” At the mention of Daehyun, Ara snapped her head up. I grinned savagely. “Ah but I don’t know if you’ll get to see him though. You just need to stay alive long enough for me to let him be my puppet for the most important move.”

           It was by a stroke of pure luck that Daehyun decided to get utterly trashed at the bar. It was perfect, with him completely out of it, slumped against the couch in our headquarters like a dead man. I glanced at the newly printed photo and slipped it gently between his fingers. Good morning, sunshine.

           It was entertaining to watch him deteriorate. When he came running in, with the hangover surely still pounding in his head, I saw the mistrust and the paranoia as he stared at each of us. Oh, how his members must feel, if they knew that he suspected them of hurting him. I kept my expression neutral when his gaze fell on me. From across the room, I saw Widow stare at him in apprehension. She must know something was wrong. It was only a matter of time before she joined the hunt.

           Sure enough, in the luxury of my den, I heard their voices over headphones. How did I know Daehyun would go to her room? Genius. I have the boy all figured out. Chuckling in self-congratulations, I settled in to listen.

           “I need your help.”

           “You look absolutely awful. And how the hell could you have gone and gotten drunk in the middle of a mission? Do you know that if you caused a big enough scene, that would have alerted to the whole underground that we were planning something? You’re lucky nobody recognized me or they would have known that there was something going on.”

           There was a rustle of papers and from my tiny monitor, I saw him hand over the photos. She gave a tiny groan of disgust, but she was no innocent. She probably has just as much blood on her hands as I do. “Is this Ara?”

           Daehyun’s pain was a lot more palpable. He let out a guttural moan and there was a sigh from Widow as she held him. I tapped my foot, itching for the touching scene to be over.    

           “Who do you think is doing this?”

           “It’s one of them. I know it. I got one of the pictures while I was resting on our couch.”

           “There is no way that anyone could have gotten through security? There really should be cameras set up within headquarters too.”

           “Help me,” Daehyun pled again. I thought about the barely breathing girl tied up in the basement of the storage house and grinned. At least she could die rest assured that she was loved.

           “Think back. Why do you think you’re the target? Have you offended anyone? Do you think there’s a bigger picture?”

           “I remember Yongguk-Hyung burning papers. And the chemical he used to burn the informants’ papers was phenopthalein. The chemical is not difficult to obtain. But of everyone in the group, he is the only one with access to the storage.”

           “But why would he want to do this?”

           “That’s the problem. I don’t know. He’s always kept to himself and is hard to read. But I know for a fact that he would never want to do anything like this.”

           “Aren’t you a little too trusting?”

           I clutched at my chest. A woman after my own heart. Shame that she was related to Daehyun or I would take her with me.

           “It’s not trust. It’s being able to read people.” I snorted. Words of a fool.

           “Alright, who else?”

           “I wonder if Youngjae and Junhong saw me that day after the counterfeit heist. Youngjae had taken some of the extra money for himself. It was fake money anyway, so what was he doing? Did he want to start his own operation? If he was up to something that was no good, then there may be a chance that he wouldn’t want me to speak.”

           “But why this method? This, this is sick. He could just talk to you, or threaten you with something else.” Oh, sick was it? How about you try bored?

           “Junhong was there too. Even he wanted some of that dirty money.” Oh the bitterness in his voice really made me want to laugh. How could someone in our line of work be so naïve?

           “I doubt Junhong would be the one to do anything. He doesn’t seem quite that jaded.”

           “The last suspect would be Jongup. Ever since that last time, he seems a little unstable.” Let’s try and go for a lot unstable, shall we? “He pulled a dagger on Himchan-Hyung. He’s also the one we know the least. I don’t know how much we can trust him.” At this last statement, I smiled. He may be having his doubts now but he had accepted me with open arms before. Now, it was certainly too late to regret.

           “And what about Himchan?”

           “He’s the leader. He would never. Besides, he’s the one who saved me those years back.” Aww, how very touching. “If it’s any of the other four, I just don’t understand what they want to achieve from this.”

           “Isn’t it more important to try and save her first? How about I look for her? Whoever the sick bastard is, he would never suspect that I would be in on this too. He wouldn’t know to be wary of me. Give me all the evidence you can. I’ll find a way to use handwriting analysis or fingerprinting.”

           “Do you think I haven’t tried that? I’m trying to identify where she is. It looks like a basement of sorts. I’m just worried it would be too late.”

           “Daehyun, trust me. We will find her no matter what. If you want, I can start by tracking Jongup and Youngjae. Those two have the highest likelihood. You can keep an eye out on Yongguk and Junhong.”

           “Tomorrow is our last day to plan the next operation. I’m hoping this would keep them occupied. Thank you.”

           “I’ll work with Jongup tomorrow. We’ll be receiving our assignments. I’ll ask him to be my partner. Go to sleep. You look like hell. Good night.”

           There was another rustle as Daehyun got up to leave. I stared at the screen. If he thought tomorrow would be a sense of security, then he was wrong. His girlfriend has a death sentence hung across her neck ever since I got to her, and it looks like it will have to all end tomorrow. Dealing with Widow should be interesting. It meant I had to be more careful, and that I had better get my plans done tonight.

           The next day, we were all gathered in the main room. Hyungnim came in and handed out envelopes. I kept my eyes on the one he gave Daehyun. The tiny mark I made was still untouched, so he must not have discovered that I had tampered with it last night. Knowing that the final part of my mission was safely delivered, I leisurely opened my envelope.

           “Hyungnim, may I work with Snakebite?”

           Himchan looked surprised. “You want to work together? What about Jaybird?” His chin indicated Daehyun.

           Widow smiled prettily. “If I were to pretend to be one of those girls, then it wouldn’t do if I were constantly seen with the same man, right? We should switch things up. Besides, we need Jaybird to deal with their traitor. He’s the only one that the person will talk to. And I think Snakebite and I will be able to handle their security in case the need arises.”

           He turned to me. I gave a nonchalant shrug. “The pretty lady was adamantly against working with me before. I wonder what could cause the change in heart?”

           She gave me the most breathtaking smile. “That was only because I didn’t want to waste your time. But I think this time I might need your expertise.”

           I had nothing to fear. And if by letting her tail me for a day that would mean I get away with murder, why not? I tilted her chin up towards me. Behind me, both Daehyun and Himchan gave an uncomfortable cough. “If the lady insists.”

           The look she gave me could kill. “She does.”

           She certainly was charming enough. As we entered the club, she spun around to loop her arms around my neck. “So, sweetheart, what brings you into this line of work?”

           My arms circled her waist. “How unprofessional. What if someone hears?”

           She giggled but I saw the anger simmering in those dark orbs. “Really, babe? You won’t even tell me how you ended up in the bank? Fine. Then at least explain how you get away with the ink? Do they mean anything?” She was staring at the tattoos on my neck.

           Oh, she was a sharp cookie. I leaned in close to her so to distract her vision. “Curiosity does eventually kill the cat, you know that right?” I couldn’t resist giving her a few hints. After all, I just had to make sure Daehyun completed his task tonight and the rest is history.

           “Into killing people, aren’t you?”

           This comment made me laugh out loud. Several people turned our way and I slid her further among the crowd. “I think I should ask you the same question, Widow.

           “So what do you like to do in your spare time?” She asked a little while later. We were heading back. We had obtained sufficient information and the final blueprint would be drafted up later by Junhong.

           My hands tapped the steering wheel. I was too antsy to truly pay attention. If everything went according to plan, all hell was about to break loose. “Look, this isn’t some dating show. If you wanted to fuck, all you have to do is ask.”

           “Watch your mouth.”

           She was starting to annoy me. “Please. Don’t pretend like you’ve never spread your legs for anyone before. I’m pretty sure you get your victims through less than savory ways.” All I wanted to do was to see if Daehyun had succeeded. At this point, his cousin would also have to go. She was asking too many questions. Fortunately, my comment shut her up.

           The moment I walked into the den, I saw Himchan sitting there. Daehyun was nowhere to be found. On the table in front of him were two guns and that was how I knew he failed. Irate anger bubbled in me. Without caring that the two most dangerous people were standing right there, I threw my dagger onto the floor and roared. It took a full minute to calm down. But when I did, I plastered a smile. “Sorry, was just trying to get hyped for tomorrow.”

           It took every ounce of my energy to walk into my room and calm down. My hands itched. I wanted blood. Clearly I couldn’t get Himchan’s blood. I might as well finish my mission. However, if I acted now it would be much too obvious. I had to hold on a little longer. Just twelve more hours. Twelve more hours and all of this would end.

           I woke up feeling vengeance burning in my soul. It was deep satisfaction that I heard through the headset Daehyun’s voice. “I failed last night. He wanted me to kill Himchan. I didn’t do it. In fact, it was like Himchan-Hyung knew. After the mission tonight, I’m going to tail one of them. If he’s going to make a move, he’s going to make a move after.”

           “You don’t think it might be Himchan setting this up to test your loyalty?”

           “That’s sick.”

           “Last night Jongup acted strange.”

           “So did Youngjae. He was nervous about something and during his dart game, he missed every time. He never misses. There is something agitating him.”

           I had to thank my dear Viper for whatever slip of hand that is giving me some room to hide behind. Maybe I can use him in the future. But he was like another of those weirdly loyal people, despite his personal greed. Maybe not.

           “So Youngjae and Jongup. Do you think they’ll have time to do anything before the final mission?”

           “I won’t have time to tail either of them before the ambush. Hyungnim is sending me out to pretend like we’re negotiating. I’m supposed to show up to the warehouse late. You’ll have to stay here and hold the fort. Please take care of yourself tomorrow night.”

           I could hear Widow chuckle. “Always acting like the older brother. You take care of yourself first. I promise we will find Ara.”

           There was a moment of silence and I could just picture a touching scene of hugging and love, and all that jazz that they were into and smirked. Guess, this will mean that I have to get things done tonight. I waited until I heard Daehyun go back to his room and for the entire hideout to get quiet.

           She was already barely breathing by the time I got there. Her mouth was caked with blood and her eyes had no spirit when I tilted her chin to look at me. “Ara, Ara, tomorrow you get to see your boyfriend.”

           Even the mention of Daehyun brought no reaction. Well, that wasn’t fun. I grabbed the knife that I’ve been using on her and yanked her back by the hair. All it took was a shallow slit down her throat and that was it. It was a little more work dragging her out to the alley, but I also knew that this particular street had no people walking and the weather was cool enough to keep her from decomposing too quickly. She can last another eighteen hours.

           My entire body was tingling with anticipation. There was nothing I loved more than when a plan was wrapping up. It had been amusing watching Daehyun and Widow run around, piecing together theories, but now it was time to end it all. I knew everyone would be out and Widow would be the only one in the headquarters. Knowing her, she wouldn’t be above sneaking into my room. Might as well have some last minute fun.

           I kept an ear piece in to know of anything that may happen between her and Daehyun before Daehyun joined us in the warehouse and pretended to act naturally. Lucky for me, we would not move out until the last minute.

“Jaybird has released the prey,” our dear Hyungnim announced. Everything was going according to plan. I kept my eye on my watch. In a few more minutes, the automated text message would send, and Daehyun would find Ara. And when he does, that would be truly game over. “Let’s go.” And with that command, we all got up.

           Widow was staring at me and Youngjae. I walked up to her and smiled. “Wait for me to come back, will you, sweetheart?”

           She gave me a deadpan look and I shrugged. “Tough crowd.”

           We got to the warehouse and immediately, there was something wrong. It was too quiet. There was no movement. A quick glance at my watch showed me that Daehyun had already found Ara. Any moment, he was going to come in, and that was when my headset came alive. It was Widow and she was having an aneurysm.

           “Daehyun, please pick up. I know who has Ara. It’s Jongup. I went into his room and I found the pictures he took. He also has the bottle of phenopthalein under his bed. Oh god. He also set a trap for all of you. Please Daehyun. Pick up. You can’t go there. You need to tell Himchan to call the operation off.”

           I glanced at the four others with me, their guns drawn, but so unknowing, like sitting ducks. “It’s a little too late, baby.”

           At that very moment, the world exploded into noise. From behind the crates came an armed SWAT team. There was a beat of silence as the shock overcame. That was when Daehyun showed up. His face was filled with grief, confusion. Then Youngjae reacted first, and the first dart was thrown, shots fired.

           It was exhilarating. I couldn’t bother looking at everyone else, but focused on my opponents. There was a heady sensation of pleasure as my gun fired round after round of bullets at the enemy. In my head Widow’s voice was pleading, crying, screaming. “Please, Daehyun, you have to come back. The pictures he has. He must have known I would look. Please pick up.” I didn’t know even someone as calm and collected as her could have such a moment.

           Suddenly a bullet came at me and I collapsed under the impact. Youngjae was behind me and screamed my name. “Jongup!” I allowed myself a light smile. Even at the end, they were all about friendship. My eyes closed and I heard the scream of agony and then the second bullet so near, the droplets of blood as it sprinkled onto me. His hold on my slackened and it was one down, four more to go.

           It took all of five minutes for the bullets to stop. Utter silence descended and the smell of fresh blood permeated the warehouse. I tossed Youngjae’s arm off me, disposing of the dead weight. There was a gurgle, and a cough. I turned to see Daehyun still staring at me. Himchan was lying next to him, his face a bloodied mess.

           I kicked Daehyun’s leg out from underneath him and crouched down. His eyes filled with pain, knowledge and anger. There was betrayal and a questioning gaze, disbelief. He reached for his gun and feebly pointed it at me. I wanted to laugh out loud. Did he really think I would let him pull the trigger?

           His hand stilled. Was he hesitating? Too bad I couldn’t stand cowards. I grabbed his wrist and pivoted the barrel to point at his neck. The emotions in his eyes were overflowing. It made me sick. The gun sounded and he spurt out more blood.


           I stood up. Widow was standing there, staring at me, the photos clutched in her fists. “Welcome, my dear. You’re a little late to the show.” And with that, I aimed the gun straight at her heart. She went down like a fallen flower, grace even in death.

           There was a shallow gasp and I stepped to her. Her eyes flashed at me. There was a glimmer of fear, but there was also fury and defiance. Just like her cousin’s eyes when he gave me his final dying look. The only thing missing was betrayal. “You sick bastard.” She managed to hiss between the forced breaths that were rapidly becoming shallow. This was practically a compliment compared to what I’ve heard over the years.

I twirled the gun in my hands. How easy it was to just pull the trigger. But she was too pretty and had the most captivating eyes. And seeing the gaping hole left on her left chest, not much longer to live. I shrugged and stood up. My mission here was done. My goal complete.

           I flashed back to the very beginning. I had just passed the trials and they had invited me into their gang, family, as they so foolishly saw it. It was a game of poker, and I knew when I saw my hand, that I was going all in. They had thought I was crazy. But I won. At the end of the day, I still came out the winner.

A Vow

Rue vowed eery silence & solitude
for the world was too cruel.
In Ma’s armchair, she sat.
Wars passed, lovers rejected, family dead
but Rue sat.
Surrounding trees suffocated the house.
Multiplying plants selfish for the Sun.
The trees cackled and moaned
“Leave while you can, girl.”
Persistent girl she was.
“Suit yourself.”
The trees grabbed and yanked
pulling off windows and doors
slithering inside…
broken furniture throttled
by greedy branches.
blank walls turned green
with leafy vines.
stained carpets blanketed
with slimy moss.
The trees found Rue
in Ma’s armchair.
greedy branches tightened
around her throat & stomach…
leafy vines violating
her mouth, hair, & eyes…
slimy moss encasing
her feet, legs, & arms…
Rue vowed eery silence & solitude
for the world & life was too cruel.

Scribble-Doodle: One Day Soon

A parabatai story. Future fic, as in 40+ years in the future. 

When Jace died, he took it all and left Alec with nothing but a gaping hole in his soul. So selfish…

Jonathan Shadowhunter and David, his parabatai… 

Alec runs his fingers gently over the picture, painted in vibrant colors inside the pages of the ancient Codex. Opposite, the words of the parabatai oath glitter, written in gold. 

… Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried…

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bright lights and chilly nights - lh au

a/n: i saw an au post and i decided to mix a few of them and this is also in light of the newest luke in sweatpants/beanie pictures okay enjoy 

word count: 2,365

summary: luke’s not really sure why there’s a beautiful girl in short sleeves sitting alone on the bus bench way after the hours that buses do their routes but she’s visibly shivering and he’s wearing a sweatshirt that he doesn’t exactly need to keep warm or student!luke au where he gives this stranger his hoodie and beanie for no other reason than she looked two seconds away from hypothermia but it doesn’t really matter because he sees her next week in the on campus book store that he works at 

Even in the suffocating heat of the summer, night’s in the city could chill even the most seasoned businessman to the bone. The midnight hours were the worst, when no cars filtered through the busy streets and spaces in between darkened buildings allowed for a gentle breeze to skim over the waters of the cutting canal. Virtually the only way to beat the heat of the day yet shelter from the freeze of the night was to dress in layers. 

Luke did just that; hoodie slipped across his calloused fingertips and grey knit beanie with that little pom pom on the end yanked across his ears. His black cut off rubbed at his skin underneath his sweatshirt and the light wind bit at the exposed skin provided by the holes in his black skinny jeans. 

Yet, he was still insanely warmer than the figure curled under the shelter of the bus stop.

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You Lost Me | pt.2

Warning: Feelings, just lots and lots of feelings 

Requested: nopee

Word count: 3,417

Part One // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven 

Originally posted by irweicake

sitting beside Luke, pretending everything was alright and that you knew nothing about his secret life was beginning to make your skin crawl. just waiting around for him to finally confess, before you blurted it all out yourself. but, he didn’t breathe a word.. he gave no clear sign of any of it. 

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The View

Admiring the view, hands clasped around the warm mug of cocoa. The cold wind bashing against the window causing the bare branches to scrape against the cottage walls. She had no idea where she was. “Trust me,” he had said without giving her much choice on the matter before her feet touched the ground.

He was running, she knew that. Otherwise they wouldn’t be up on a hill in a cottage. They’d be down at the base, having lavish dinners like he had so openly admitted he had regularly.

“Here,” Draco said proudly. Handing her a bunch of lilies and a teddy bear, his wand lighting the fire behind her quickly as the flames erupted and cast light over the room.

Her raised eyebrow at him as he removed his coat. “Um thanks?”

“I realised that in the midst of life. And our ‘holiday’ I forgot Valentines, this is what people in love do… right?”

“Did you walk for these?” She asked alarmed, the thick snow outside worrying her.

“Do not be ridiculous love,” he said removing his coat and scarf. “I drove.”

“You drove?”

His smirk was so obnoxious it made her insides uncurl, “do not be so surprised that I can and do. Admire the beauty outside, go on.”

Curiosity got the better of her as she peered and saw the black brand new BMW and her eyes rolled further. Only he would have to go above and beyond to have the best.

“Did you confund the instructor?”

“Well aren’t you full of cheer,” he smirked as he slumped into the nearby armchair. “No dear, I passed on my own merit.”


“I had to do something over the Summer after the war, hardly a lot for me to do when my Mother is insistent on not damaging my soul,” he smirked. “What are you miserable about now?”

“I, I didn’t get you anything,” she said as he took the flowers from her hand and placed them on the table.

“You hardly had much chance at going to get anything, you also have no idea where we are. You can make it up to me later,” he smirked as she shook her head. “Or, you can marry me.

“Excuse me?”

“Marry me,” he said again with a smile.

She looked at him with confusion, “you must be kidding. Right? Cause we can’t marry, you know I’m the mistress you’re in love with —”

“— no, you’re the woman I marry, the woman that I love.”

Her heart wished for nothing more than to fly out from her chest as she danced in circles of joy. But she couldn’t. This wasn’t right? This… was not how her life is meant to be.

“Have you lost your damn mind? I know you haven’t got cabin fever cause you’ve been out and.. What are you smirking at? This isn’t funny Draco! My life is not meant to be like this, I’m meant to lose. I’m meant to watch you have a life with someone else and wait until your heir turns eighteen.. I’m - I’m not meant for this —”

“— why?” He said as if there was any doubt. “I near bloody lost you, I told you, that you are the only woman I have ever said it to… that I love you. I have a death sentence on my head, ok? And I want the last few days or weeks of my life to be with you. If I survive the grilling from the Ministry and we both live till we’re old I’ll know I have never wasted one single second not being with you. Goodness sake woman, I have messed around with you for over a year.. And, you’re all I think about.”

“It doesn’t mean you have to marry me —”

“— fine. You don’t wanna marry me, fine —” he said standing.

“— that’s not what I said —”

“— do you want to fucking marry me or not?” He snapped.

“Yes..” She said softly, his eyes widening. “Of - of course I do. But we’re in the middle of no where, you’re planning your wedding, I’m meant to be starting a new job, how do we, how do we even do this —”

“— the muggle way,” he said as he cupped her cheeks. “Tomorrow, no time like the present.”

“That’s a muggle phrase?”

“Guess you’re rubbing off on me,” he said with a wink, his lips pressing away any more doubts. Her anxious thoughts of dresses and cakes fading from her mind with each sensation caused by his lips or touch. “I like roasts… if you wish to make it up to me.”

His hands still on her cheeks, her eyebrow raising as she met his eyes, “people roasts… or chicken?”

“Malfoy’s stopped roasting people in the 1800s, a bit of history for you on your new family,” her eyes widened in shock. “I am kidding, I can do humour too.”

“No,” she said with a laugh. “You really can’t… it’s terrifying on you.”

‘Get up Rod you fucking shit!’ Ran shouted angrily, kicking his brother off one of his armchairs where he passed out. Ran had been enjoying a quiet evening at home of drugs and debauchery, pleasing himself with no less than two hookers while his wife went upstairs when Rod had burst in through the fireplace, rabbiting about Bella coming before he’d injected himself and passed out like a dying swan on his furniture.

Rab was in no state himself and planned on something but in no time at all the door was blown off and there she was, his little sister in law, taunting him through the dark. His ladies scattered before he could grab them but his wife had come down to see what the commotion was. He grabbed her by her shirt and pushed her in front of him, like a human shield, that was the sort of man he was

'Leave it alone dear sister’ he said back in a mocking cruel voice as he approached, want pointing over his shivering wife’s shoulder who whimpered as she saw Bella, of there was anyone else she was scared of more than her husband it was the little scary witch who came into their lives from time to time.

'He’s a grown man, just let it be hmm? Just let it be and go home to your adorable bastard kids’. He hissed, shooting a curse at her and hitting the wall by the side, causing a hole and laughed manically, he still off his head. He could hear the women behind screaming and a glance back showed them pulling Rod away, as if to safety.

A Boat on the Sea

Anonymous said: omega Will is home alone and begins to feel a little on-edge without Hannibal? 

Will sank down in his favorite armchair and sighed softly in comfort, tucking one bare foot under his thigh. He opened a dog-eared book he’d just gotten from the bin at the library. It was a crime thriller about an exceptionally brave, sensitive male omega reluctantly working as a FBI special agent, who was of course pursuing a serial killer alpha. 

The controversial plot twist was that the pure-hearted, kind omega would eventually fall in love with the monstrous alpha. Scandalously, it turned out that they were just alike

Will looked forward to finishing the book so that he could start the next in the series, which told the famously romantic story of how they fled their former lives together, to live out their days in each others’ beloved company. 

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series 4 is gunna be like

sherlock in an armchair reading a newspaper: pass the tea would you darling

john in an armchair reading a newspaper next to him: *passes the tea*