The Basket furniture collection by Alain Gilles Studio

For the British Vincent Sheppard furniture company the Alain Gilles Studio created a modern interpretation of rattan furnitures. The Basket collection is an armchair and a side table. The side table is set together of a basket and a removable tablet. The rattan parts are supported by lacquered steel.


Cotton armchair by Eli Gutierrez for Missana design

The Cotton armchair merges bold colors, round shapes and the traditional arm chair concept to a modern piece of furniture that can fit many interior concepts with its multiple color options, but it also can stand for it self. Eli Gutierrez is the creative mind behind this design and Missana Design the producing company.


Félix armchair by Christian Vivanco

This Félix called armchair is equipped with a character defining metal pergola arch, that helps to divide the outer from the inner space, without scarifying on visibility. The  designer Christian Vivanco got the inspiration for the metal structure from the architectural arch types, that were popular in Mexico in the 50′s. This gives the armchair, that is supposed to be used indoors and out doors its timeless yet modern style.


This is the ALBA chair from TON Czech Republic. Clean lines, lush cushioning, friendly shape and humble proportions; this armchair is perfect for your next public space communal area or home office. With the  combination of both comfort and mid century modern design, your ticket to ergonomics are close at reach.