I decided to share a personal video-journal entry explaining my return to YouTube … in so many words. I feel like it sets the tone of the direction I want to take my channel. Enjoy!

armani (via armaniwillis)

Wow , we've been getting a lot of asks lately ! We are trying our best to keep up with them =]

Here we gooooo !

No clue … sorry ! Maybe he’s visiting his pops !

I think it may have to do with the fact that he fell off the face of the earth … so instead of people talking about what he is doing … we get a lot of speculating since we are in the dark =\ hopefully he re-emerges soon !

That could be a possibility … but word on the street is that we are going to get some new stuff from him soon ! But if he chose to step away from music I’m sure we would all support him … right !?

I 100% agree with you love ! I mean we all need to realize that bands stay together , but sometimes they move on to other projects and we just need to support them in whatever path they choose to make because in the end its all about the music man !

No worries about your english … it’s not bad at all ! Unfortunately , I’m not too sure what song you are referring to =\ And ( i don’t know if i should admit this or not ) but I don’t really listen to George that often so I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask about his voice changing … sorry I’m not of too much help for you =[

Don’t think you are being obsessive ! We appreciate your help … it’s sometimes hard/tiring to keep up with everything , so we really appreciate the help ! Here is the link everyone !

It’s 57 vids y'all !

Oh my gosh … a Kina Grannis - Justin Nozuka collab will be awesome ! Hopefully we get one !! Woot Woot !

That does seem to be the case , but their new stuff is pretty bomb ! I wish all of the boys , Justin included , all the best in whatever path they choose to take ! They are all so talented and will definitely make a difference in this world !

Well then it seems we are doing our job ! We are hoping the same and rest assured as soon as we know something we will let everyone know !

Thanks for the heads up !!!

Dude I would be stoked too if he was that close to me ! Be sure to take pictures and videos for us if you go !!!!

He is playing the role of Ernie ! I’ve never seen the original so I don’t know how large of a role it is … but it’s credited so that means something , yea !?

Anon … you still out there ??? This anon needs some advice !

For my opinion - fear is a good thing because it makes you think , but if it keeps you from doing things you want it can be a bad thing =\ I used to be sooo scared to push out of my comfort zone , but since I’ve decided to push those fears aside I have experienced some of the coolest things of my life and met some of the most awesome people . So my advice to you is start small and do something you don’t think you can and hopefully it will help you build the confidence you need to move ! Good Luck !

Well , the boys ( Alex , Mark , and Anthony ) are in a new band called Magic! so that is why they are posting a bunch of pics together . We don’t want to jump to conclusions because we don’t know if JNB has completely parted ways or not , so until Justin or one of them give us some insight on what’s going on we need to stay positive !

Let’s DO IT ! USC TUMBLR MEET UP ! if someone is going to the show for sure , let us know and we will help you organize it !

To tell the truth , I really do not understand the comparison of Justin Bieber and Justin Nozuka . It makes no sense to me . The only thing they have in common is that they share a first name , are from Canada , and do music . But the similarities end there . They are each their own person and make their own type of music that can’t be compared to each other . So , yea that’s my long winded version of an agreement with you lol !


it’s been awhile and i have changed quite a bit, so i felt the need to reintroduce myself… this video was inspired by willdarbyshire.