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The only boys I need in my life:

- Michael (Kors)
- Christian (Dior)
- Louis (Vuitton)
- Yves (Saint-Lauren)
- Tommy (Hilfiger)
- Giorgio (Armani)
- Louis-François (Cartier)
- Christian (Louboutin)


Wow I have not done one of these in a while! But here it is! This was a request for some summer outfit ideas for a smaller person but still looking cute! The first outfit is perfect for a hot summer day with a blue crop top but still some what conservative with the blue patterned kimono. The accessories give the outfit a laid back vibe! The next outfit with the pattern maxi skirt is another good summer outfit! The bralett is super cute with the halter neck and the slit in the skirt makes you feel bold and amazing! The green dress is one of my favorites! The color is to die for and the tan accessories play off of it well! Finally the blue patterned romper is a little more scandalous but I know you can rock it! The simple accessories make the romper the star of the show! 

Check here for outfit details! 

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this just in: you cannot enjoy fashion/art made by queer artists/designers if you are homophobic. let’s give have an easy rundown of who it is you are discriminating if you are homophobic:

Giorgio Armani

Gianni Versace

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Louboutin

Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior

Tom Ford


Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce&Gabbana)

Dries Van Noten

Alexander Wang

Marc Jacobs

and that’s only the biggest names of the last 50 years. the list goes on, and the world of fashion, as it turns out, is built on queer artists.

The Crown weighs heavy (Ch. 4)

A/N: Thank you to those who liked the last few chapters!! Again, this is also posted on archive of our own, and This chapter is a bit short, but necessary to advance where I want to go with this story. I try to update quickly, but I didn’t have all the stuff fleshed out so I am updating with at least this. Please comment if you can!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 _________________________________________________

A crack of light looming over your face is what woke you from your slumber, and you blinked your eyes a couple of times to adjust. Your hand came to cover your face briefly as you shifted in bed, throwing the blankets off you. You wiped the sleep from your eyes, and swung your legs over the side of the bed. It had to be early in the morning, for the sun was barely beginning to rise.

“Rise and shine, honey.”

Your head snapped to your left when you heard that smug voice come across the room. In your morning daze you had completely forgotten Negan had been there last night. In fact, you wish you could forget last night happened at all. You didn’t plan on making it habit of sleeping in a strangers arms. You may have exchanged words with him a couple of times, but he was hardly close enough to be near you like that. The only reason you allowed that to happen was because you feared what he might do if you didn’t. He may have proven sexual violence wasn’t his cup of tea, but he wasn’t above smashing a man’s brains in.

“Negan.” Your tone came across a little angrier than you wanted, but he drove you half insane with annoyance whenever he spoke, and you only met him a little over a week ago. His very presence set your nerves on fire, and not in the lovely sense. There he was, sitting on a chair, Lucille between his legs as both his hands rested on the base of her. His trademark smirk plastered on his face.

“Not happy to see me, sweetheart?” When you didn’t answer him, he placed one hand over his heart, in mock hurt. “You wound me.”

Your lip lifted in a slight sneer, turning away from him as you got up to get ready. You pulled some clothes out of the dresser near the bed, mentally thanking Jesus for having filled it up enough for you. It wasn’t exactly Armani, but clothes were in short supply now days. You turned to him, expecting him to turn away, hopefully taking the hint that you wanted privacy in your room, and in true Negan fashion it would seem, he didn’t. He sat there, lifting Lucille slightly off the ground and releasing her just enough to cause a banging noise to radiate throughout the room. You were certain he meant that as a scare tactic, not letting you forget that if you were to step out of line you could meet your end at the hands of Lucille. He was probably losing patience at the constant silence you were providing him right now.

“It’s time to pay your debt, sweetheart.”

When you saw him last night, you already knew what to expect. He was here to finally collect you. Even so, you still weren’t too keen on the idea of leaving with the man. You wanted to find a way to barter with him, perhaps he’d let you stay here and work for him at the same time. You found the people around here more agreeable than the saviors after all. But, you chose not to bring that up, because you already knew that request would be shut down immediately. You nodded your head at him, never letting the frown on your face falter. It wasn’t much, but if you could make him realize you weren’t happy, it was a tiny revenge you gave yourself.

“Good, now hurry and get fucking dressed. We don’t have all fucking day.” He said, as he stood from his current position. He reached for his gloves that were sitting on the table, putting them on as he watched you intently. You could tell he was getting ready to make more vexing remarks towards you, but you weren’t about to give him that chance. Setting aside your pride for a second, you decided to tear your own clothes off, angrily throwing your shirt to the ground as you reached for the new set of clothes. It was childish, yes. But, it wasn’t a secret that he was attracted to you, so you used that to your advantage. Anything to get him to shut up and it worked wonders.

Your eyes never left his face as you peeled your shorts off, standing there in just a bra and panties. You threw the shorts to the ground roughly, letting the resentment flow out of you as you changed in front of him. You watched as his eyes traveled over you, his hands frozen in their action of putting his gloves on. Every inch of your skin that his brown eyes mapped over made them turn darker, lust pooling inside of them. You felt a chill run up your spine, and you weren’t quite sure why. But, for the moment you elected to ignore it in favor of your anger. You pulled your new white shirt on, pairing it with basic black jeans as you turned to grab your boots. You pulled your hair up into a messy bun, and when you turned around to face him again he was suddenly in front of you. You jumped back in a bit of surprise, not expecting him to be so close to you. If you reached out, your hand would’ve collided with his chest easily. For a man who loved to hear himself talk, he was rather proficient at being silent when he wanted to. You corrected your posture, standing straight not wanting to show any fear. Even though deep down you could feel it building up. His hand reached up, and he gently grabbed a strand of your hair twirling it in his finger.

“Fuck…” Was all he growled back to you. You let out a shaky breath as you brought your eyes slowly up to meet his own. That same dark shade of attraction was still there, and you could tell that his breathing had quickened just a bit. You stiffened when you saw him leaning down, his eyes now fixed on your lips. Alarm set in and you took a slight step back, your hair falling from his fingers.

Negan only scoffed in amusement as he leaned back up to his full height. You turned your head to the side, trying to ignore what just happened as you bit delicately at your lip. You knew your little show would get a rise out of him, but you weren’t quite expecting it to end in that way.

“That’s alright, sweetheart. Because fuck, if I don’t enjoy the chase.” He said it with such determination, making you feel a little uneasy. It was like a promise of things to come, as if he knew exactly where your future lay. And at this moment, it was unfortunately in his leather clad hands.

Negan walked away from you, heading back towards the table until he fished out an all too familiar item from behind the chair. You gasped when you saw your bag hanging from his hand, and you found yourself moving quickly forward to retrieve it. He surprisingly let you grab it from his tight grasp, and you tossed it onto the bed as you started going through it. You pulled back, and it looked at it oddly not quite believing that the object you sought was no longer in it. You fished through every pocket; fingers gliding to every corner to make sure it wasn’t there. You turned back to Negan.

“There was a-“ You stop mid sentence, noticing the phone Negan was currently holding up in his hand. He turned it in his palms, eyeing it curiously until he turned back to you with a grin.

“Looking for this, sweetheart? Now why the fuck would you need a goddamn phone in this day and age?”

You ran over to him, and tried grabbing it out of his hands, but his height allowed him to keep it easily away from you.

“Negan, please…” Your voice was full of desperation, and you couldn’t care less at how weak you sounded right now, because you couldn’t lose your phone. It was far too precious to you. He shot you a look of interest, and while Negan normally made it a habit of knowing everything around him, he decided to let this one go which you were extremely thankful for. He shoved the phone into your chest, and you brought your hands up to clutch it tightly. His gloved hand lingered for a bit, and he kept staring you down.

“Consider this a gesture of good faith, for that fucking good show earlier.”

You knew he was referring to you changing, and you felt your cheeks heat up at his words. He finally removed his hand from yours, and walked to the door.

“Now hurry the fuck up and get your shit together. We’re leaving this fucking downer of a place today.”

With that he walked out of your room, and you stood there for a minute, closing your eyes in relief as you held onto your phone. You looked down at it, smiling softly. You couldn’t imagine losing it; it was one of the last few things that still made you feel joy. Pushing those sentiments aside you quickly started packing your bag, throwing your clothes that Jesus gave you inside, and stuffing whatever essentials you could into it. Once you were satisfied you rushed out of the room, not wanting to make Negan wait any longer for you. As you walked out into the open, you spotted Negan talking to Gregory over in a corner, more than likely discussing when he’d be back to collect on his half. You stood silently on the porch of the large home, not really ready to leave.

“So, I guess this is goodbye?”

Jesus walked over to you, smiling as your eyes met. You couldn’t help but smile back; you were hoping you’d get a chance to see him before you left Hilltop.

“I guess it is.” You said a little disappointed. While you didn’t exactly return his romantic feelings towards you, he had become a good friend over the time you spent here. You actually came to almost trust the man, which was in high demand now days.

“It’s a shame.”

You laughed, mouthing a quick ‘yeah’ as you agreed with him. “It certainly is. But, thank you. For everything, Jesus. Really, I can’t thank you enough.”

He raised a hand, waving your gratitude off. “Don’t even worry about it, it was my pleasure.”

You both stood there trying to decide the best way to say goodbye. Eventually, you leaned forward and wrapped your arms around him taking him a bit by surprise. After the initial shock wore off, Jesus brought his arms around you.

“Can’t even leave you alone for a second can I, sweetheart?”

You two pulled away from each other, turning to see Negan standing by the porch, frown on his bearded face as he swung Lucille up to his shoulder. You looked over to Jesus, who wore the exact same frown on his own face. You gave him a quick smile, before throwing your bag over your shoulder and walking away, stopping next to Negan’s side. After last night you had come to learn the tall man had a bit of a jealous side, and he didn’t even care for you. You could only imagine how angry he would be if he actually did. Internal monologue aside, you looked up at him.

“I’m ready.” You said, hoping it’d be enough for him to leave Jesus alone. He only glared down at you and motioned for you to get into the RV at the front of the field. You glanced back at Jesus, giving him an apologetic smile before walking towards the vehicle. Once you were out of earshot, Negan sauntered over to the younger man, smiling down at him as he spoke.

“I want you to remember something.” His voice though accompanied by a smile, was low and threatening. “I am everywhere. Now let that fundamental fact sink in, Jesus. Because, when I came to this shithole, I gave you all options. You give me half your shit, not the other way around. And that-“ He pointed Lucille towards you. “Belongs to me. Get the fucking picture?”

Step out of line, take anything that he so confidently stated was his, and he’d know one way or another, Jesus got the gist of it. While he didn’t appreciate the threat, he knew damn well that it was true. When it came to Negan, the man held power over people. And knowing who to trust now days was hard enough. He never broke his stare though, and he only glared at the taller man, while he nodded his head.

“Got it.”

Negan moved away, smirking down at Jesus before turning his back to him and walking off towards the vehicles. “I’ll personally be back in a week to collect.” He threw over his shoulder, wanting to really make sure his threat settled in. Once Negan reached the RV, he climbed in making sure you were inside before telling the driver to get going. You watched as he moved to the small table in the RV, placing Lucille next to him, as he kicked his boots up. You had taken a seat on the bed at the end of the vehicle, grabbing onto the window ledge as the RV came to life, jerking forward a bit roughly. You could feel Negan’s gaze burning into you, but you chose to brush it off not really wanting to deal with any Jesus jokes he probably wanted to make. Once you were out of the Hilltop colony, you decided to make some conversation with him.

“Where are my weapons?”

If you never questioned your intelligence before, you certainly were now. Because, the look he gave you spoke volumes, as if you lacked the basic common sense to realize why you weren’t in possession of them anymore.

“You really fucking think I’d give you back that shit?”

You rolled your eyes, looking back down at your hands as he continued.

“Besides the fact that they’re now mine to do with as I fucking please, I don’t know if I could trust you with them, considering what type of weapons you were fucking packing.”

He had somewhat of a point, you thought. Most of what you carried wasn’t exactly traditional for the times. You opted for more quiet weapons in combat, your bow among your favorites as you had taken archery back in college. Not to toot your own horn, but you were more than good at using it. On top of that, you had taken it upon yourself to raid a nearby store that sold movie replicas of weapons when the dead started walking the earth. Most people went to the gun shops, and took whatever ammo they could find, but swords and knives were a bit more your style. That, and you never liked guns. Your hatred and fear only grew for them when you had no choice but to use it once, and that one time was enough for you.

“Whatever happened to packing heat?”

His words brought you out of your thoughts, and you looked over at him. “I don’t like guns.”

He raised his eyebrows at your admission, and he seemed somewhat intrigued by it. “Why the fuck not, doll? Aside from my girl Lucille, I’d take a gun anyday.”

You looked down, and you weren’t sure why you said it or even admitted such an intimate fact to him, but you did. Perhaps you just wanted him to drop the subject all together.

“The first walker I killed was my mother.”

You didn’t need to say anymore for him to understand why you never used a gun again, and he only stared at you with a blank look on his face. Whether he was bored of the subject, or he understood it was a touchy one for you, he didn’t pursue it. And you were grateful for that. It was enough that you even said such a thing to him. You decided to open the blinds in the window, needing something to distract you from the silence that was starting to fill the RV. You didn’t know if it was you who made things awkward by blurting out something so personal, or if he just got bored with you. You glanced in his direction, and quickly realized he was asleep, or perhaps just resting his eyes. He was leaning against the wall, legs up on the edge of the small kitchen counter as he sank into the bench he was sitting on. Oddly enough, the man could be rather appealing when he wasn’t talking. You smiled to yourself, your own thought amusing you. You turned back to look out the window, finger drawing lazy circles in the condensation that formed on the glass from the chilly air outside. You watched the world go by; dirt roads turning into trees, turning into small rivers it was all beautiful really. Even after the world ended, nature still thrived if anything it took its life back from humanity. Speaking of taking life back, you had a question pop back into your head.

“What do you plan on doing with me?”

You heard a sigh come from him, signaling that he was in fact awake this whole time. He cracked an eye open and stared in your direction, running a hand through his black hair before answering. “You’ve got options, sweetheart. Some of which I guarantee are more appealing than others.” He said that last part with a smirk on his face, and you figured you knew what he meant. But, before assuming completely you figured asking would be better.

“And what exactly are my options?”

“We can discuss those once we’re at the sanctuary.”

You were a bit disappointed that he wasn’t forthcoming with them, but you didn’t push the subject. You went back to drawing on the window, trying hard not to focus on the burning gaze that was currently fixed on you. Just as the silence and his stare were becoming too unsettling you felt the RV come to a halt, and you looked forward to see the driver turning off the vehicle, and exiting. You watched the man through the windshield, noticing how he stopped to speak to someone that must’ve been above the gates that were currently in the way of the RV. You suddenly rose from your seat, making your way through the aisle not even caring that you practically shoved Negan’s legs out of the way in your haste to get to the front. Annoyed at first, Negan’s gaze followed your form, a grin replacing that scowl as he noticed your widened stare. He pushed himself up from the bench and made his way over to you, your back was towards him as you stood between the driver and passenger seat. He placed his gloved hands on the backs of both chairs keeping you there whether you liked it or not, but you were too busy staring in disbelief at the sight in front of you. You thought Hilltop was big…Jesus was right; your world just got a whole lot bigger. You watched as the gates were fully opened now, and you didn’t even care that Negan had leaned down and was whispering in your ear. No doubt admiring his own work.

“Welcome to the Sanctuary, sweetheart.”

Signs as Name Brands
  • Aries: Fendi
  • Taurus: Hermés
  • Gemini: Prada
  • Cancer: Ralph Lauren
  • Leo: Dior
  • Virgo: Burberry
  • Libra: Versace
  • Scorpio: Gucci
  • Sagittarius: Oscar de la Renta
  • Capricorn: Giorgio Armani
  • Aquarius: Dolce & Gobbana
  • Pisces: Chanel