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Real talk: which fashion brands would Petey Bae wear? I feel like this is a very important matter

Roberto Cavalli , Alexandr Mcqueen, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana, like if he cant flash the brand name like the nouveau riche mf*cker he is, then he don’t want it. Those Gucci slide on loafers with the fur? He has them. He’s tastefully un-tasteful, like look at this silk pyjama style Dolce & Gabbana blazer covered in peacocks AND lemons like he would buy this fresh off the runway, Petey B would accost the model backstage for this look

do you think liam likes eating lava cakes and then a little bit of chocolate drops on his chin and he tries to catch it with his tongue but somehow ends up dropping more of the lava cake on his armani blazer and smiles that precious smile like oops but he is not even remotely sorry cause I do

war zone | yoongi [angst;smut]

I’ve been thinking, and I really haven’t played with different concepts for smut in the sense that there’s usually apparent love and affection in what I write, so I’m changing it up a little with something… well, devoid of love and affection. I got the inspiration for this after listening to The Weeknd - “Enemy.” Although there really isn’t much correlation between the song and this scenario (or is there? Dun, dun, DUN). It was originally supposed to be an “enemies with benefits” type of thing, but it ended up being sort of different… but I hope you enjoy~
- Devi *^^*

Synopsis: “I thought my life was monotonous… but much to my confusion, you seem to make things easier for me… yet so painfully difficult at the same time.” 

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[Warning: Explicit content, prostitution, reference to abuse, swearing]

word count: 1772

I greet him warmly as I carefully step through the grand French doors, “Fuck you,” and I spit at his feet, not caring if I ruin his “genuine” leather loafers. Not my money, not my problem… or is it?

He doesn’t seem to care, for my action goes ignored. His chuckle is low, deep. To any other woman -or any other person, really, it depends- it would seem seductive and charming. To me, it’s disgusting. It’s like he’s mocking me.

But he’s the one who called.

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Sean O’Pry by Jack Waterlot

(1) Giorgio Armani, fur parka KTZ, embroidered jacket Balmain, belt Lanvin
(2) Salvatore Ferragamo, pants Balmain, armor Una Burke
(3) twill blazer Giorgio Armani, peacoat Christopher Kane, blended coat Kenzo
(4) waistcoat Greg Lauren, frock coat Alexander McQueen, fur vest Marni, pant Giorgio Armani


In honor of Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming appearance at Wizard World Philly here are all Tom’s previous Comic Con appearances. 

  1. San Diego Comic Con-  July 24, 2010. wearing an Armani shawl collar blazer, Dondup coated jeans, and Ariat Boots. 
  2. Kapow Comic Con-  April 9, 2011. wearing an Armani blazer with a green shirt I never identified but Tom wore it frequently in 2010-2011. 
  3. New York Comic Con- October 15, 2011. wearing an Armani velvet blazer, Dondup jeans and Ariat boots.  
  4. San Diego Comic Con ( Marvel panel) - July 20, 2013. wearing his Loki costume. 
  5. San Diego Comic Con (autograph signing) - July 21, 2013. wearing an Armani suit. 
  6. San Diego Comic Con (Nerd HQ) - July 21, 2013. wearing Armani 
  7.  San Diego Comic Con - July 11, 2015. wearing a Richard James jacket, Reiss shirt, and Reiss trousers
Spilled Coffee (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Requested by anon: “i’ve been awake for three days and i spent my last bit of loose change on this coffee that i just spilled all over the floor/my pants and now i’m crying and you’re trying not to openly stare” with pietro x female reader.
Warnings: swearing
A/N: ships and requests are open! (whoever sent this in: you’re a gem i loved writing this so much!)

      To say you’re having a horrible day would be the understatement of the century. It’s almost college midterms and your grades are already steadily dropping, and the stress of trying to cram so much extra info into your unwilling brain is too much. To make matters worse, you haven’t slept in the past three days, and in your sleepy delirious haze you forgot to pay your credit card bill- so all the money you have at the moment is a $5 bill and some coins. 

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Sarah Hyland and Boyfriend Dominic Sherwood Cozy Up Inside the Emporio Armani Sounds Pre-Grammys Bash
Stars like Sarah Hyland and Mark Ronson were just some of the A-listers in attendance.

While he sang “Mr. Brightside,” former Glee star Darren Criss (below, left) and Teen Wolf star Holland Roden hit the dance floor, bobbing their heads and dancing. Criss also posed with friend Austin Butler (below, right).

Meanwhile, Criss, who sported a striped Armani blazer, told us, “It’s so cool to be at a party where it’s like a high school party but there are two huge rock stars.”