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Hi! So sorry to bother, don't know if you already wrote something abour this, but did any of the founding fathers own dogs? My puppy is turning one year old today, so I decided to celebrate by doing some research:) Thank you so much!!

Benjamin Franklin’s son William apparently owned a Newfoundland dog, but name unknown. There are two references in Franklin’s papers to William’s dog. Someone writing to Franklin commented that “nothing shall tempt me to forget your Newfoundland Dog.” The second reference comes three years later in a letter written in French. It indicates that Madame De Boulainvilliers returned the dog to Franklin. Both letters are from his time in Paris. [x]

George Washington owned a LOT of dogs–it is almost unbelievable how many he did. As a foxhunter, Washington kept a pack of hounds. Others were American Stag Hounds, French Hounds, Black and Tan Coon Hounds, Greyhounds, Coach Dogs, Newfoundlands, Briards, and various types of Spaniels, Terriers, and Toys. Mrs. Washington’s youngest granddaughter Eleanor “Nelly” Custis kept a small pet spaniel named Frisk. His dogs all had ridiculous names like “Sweetlips”,  “Madame Moose” or “Gurmer”. [x] [x]

John Adams’s family appears to of owned several mixed-breeds dogs–two of which were named Juno (Abigail’s dog) and Satan. In a letter to her granddaughter, Caroline Smith, Abigail wrote: “If you love me… you must love my dog.” and “You will be glad to learn that Juno yet lives, although like her mistress she is gray with age.” The dog “appears to enjoy life and be grateful for the attention paid her. She wags her tail and announces a visitor whenever one appears.” [x]

Thomas Jefferson owned many dogs. Three French dogs he took back from France with him, the day before leaving he recorded in his memorandum book the payment of thirty-six livres for “a chienne bergere big with pup.“ Bergère as she was called traveled with two puppies. Sheepdogs, he had a dog named Damon and another named Grizzle. Isaac Granger, a slave on Jefferson’s plantation remembered Jefferson "had dogs named Ceres, Bull, Armandy, and Claremont; most of ‘em French dogs; he brought ‘em over with him from France. Bull and Ceres were bulldogs. He brought over Buzzy with him too; she pupped at sea: Armandy and Claremont, stump tails, both black.” Buzzy was obviously Bergère, and Clermont was another of his dogs. There is a reference to bulldogs as well. (I’ll be writing something up later on Jefferson and dogs because it is truly tragic). [x]

There is indication Alexander Hamilton owned one dog, a retriever dog named Old Peggy (Chernow 584). 

James Monroe owned several sheep dogs of which the names are unknown but a couple may have lived in the White House. Monroe had two other house dogs that lived in the white house: a black spaniel which belonged to his younger daughter Maria named Buddy and a Siberian husky that was named Sebastian. 

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