armament haki

I wonder if anybody’s Haki can stand up to Law’s ability, because so far it seems like he’s able to bypass Armament Haki, even with Vergo who was said to have some of the strongest in the series.  Maybe because Law’s cutting ability doesn’t do ‘damage’, there’s no way to guard against it, which makes it extremely useful in a lot of situations.  

Leaving an enemy in pieces can be just as debilitating as injuring them, after all.

Even though Sanji was injured going into this fight because of what happened when Nami was in his body, I don’t really think that would have made his bones any stronger so this is probably supposed to be an indication of just how strong Vergo’s Armament Haki is. 

Of course, even though he literally fractures Sanji’s leg in two places, it doesn’t seem to slow him down any and it’s never mentioned again after this arc.

And now we get ‘official’ confirmation of who on the crew can use Armament Haki (and also that Law can, since Law’s referring to Caesar being a Logia and that’s really the only Haki that would be useful against him)