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Hiatus Con Schedule

I making this for my own reference, because so many Hiatus things and Non-Creation cons are coming up and I like to know when and where they are and who will be there. Not really spoilers, just my obsessive need to organize information. Here’s a break down by individual actor.

April 7-9. Creation Salute to Supernatural - Seattle, WA, USA . Last american con before finale and end of filming. Cast appearing: Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Kathryn Newton, Mark Pellegrino, Richard, Rob, Matt, Jim Beaver, Rachel Miner, Julian Richings.*

April 14-16. CCPXTour - Brazil. Richard.

April 27 Filming ends on Season 12. (wrap party April 28)

April 29-30. Dark Light Con - Paris, France. Mark Sheppard, Kathryn Newton, Mark Pellegrino, Richard, Rob, Matt

April 27-30. Calgary Expo, Calgary, Canada.  Ruth

May 6, 7. All Hell Breaks Lose - Melbourne. Jensen, Jared, Richard, Rob, Matt, Emily Swallow, Amy Gumenick. Converted schedule.

May 10. Fangasm book release party, Los Angeles, CA, USA - Rob (with the Station Breaks).*

May 12. Ottawa Comic Con, Ottawa, Canada - Ruth.

May 12-14. Asylum 18 - Blackpool, England. Misha, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Kathryn Newton and Kat Ramdeen, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, David Haydn-Jones, Adam Fergus, and more. Converted Schedule.

May 18. The CW at Upfronts. NYC, 11 EDT.

May 18 - Season Finale

May 17-18 . JIBLand2, Rome, Italy. Rob, Adam.

May 19-21. Jus in Bello 8 - Rome, Italy. First post-finale con. Jared, Jensen, Misha, Richard, Rob, Matt, Briana, Tim Omundson, David Haydn Jones, Adam Fergus. Converted Schedule

May 27-28. Purgatory Con - Dusseldorf, Germany.  Richard, Rob, Matt, Kim, Briana, Ruthie, Sebastian, Gil.

June 3-5th. Armageddon Expo - Wellington, New Zealand. Mark Sheppard. 

June 9-11. Creation Salute to Supernatural - Phoenix, AZ, USA. First post-finale American con. Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Rich, Rob, Matt, Kim and Bri, Ruth, Jim Beaver, Rachel Miner, Julian Richings

June 26 - Prep begins on Season 13!

July 12 - Filming begins on Season 13!

July 7-8. Montreal Comic Con - Montreal. Ruth.

July 14-16. Creation Salute to Supernatural - Chicago, USA. First post filming start up con. Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Rich, Rob, Matt, Sam Smith, Ruthie, Kim and Bri, David, Adam

Sunday, July 23 - San Diego Comic Con appearance - San Diego, Ca. * -10:30 pacific.  Likely line up: Jared, Jensen, Misha, Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer, Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Smith, maybe wayward daughters.


So I went to the Sylvester McCoy panel at Wellington Armageddon today :) He was AWESOME. Such a character. I loved how he went around to each person asking a question, and that he played the spoons for us hehe. The last photo was him literally turning around beside me from answering someones question and the flash on my camera may have given him a bit of a fright :P oopsies. didnt expect him to look right at me though! :P 

So, this weekend I was at the Armageddon expo comic con in Wellington, and… I was just randomly looking at a bunch of posters of a lot of different tv shows and movies, when suddenly my eyes saw the glory:

Needless to say that I completely lost my shit. Especially because it was the only TWD poster with two people in it…. (the other ones were the famous ones: “Don’t open, dead inside”, Rick on the van and Daryl alone). If you know what I mean.
This ship sails itself.