armageddon expo wellington


So I went to the Sylvester McCoy panel at Wellington Armageddon today :) He was AWESOME. Such a character. I loved how he went around to each person asking a question, and that he played the spoons for us hehe. The last photo was him literally turning around beside me from answering someones question and the flash on my camera may have given him a bit of a fright :P oopsies. didnt expect him to look right at me though! :P 

So, this weekend I was at the Armageddon expo comic con in Wellington, and… I was just randomly looking at a bunch of posters of a lot of different tv shows and movies, when suddenly my eyes saw the glory:

Needless to say that I completely lost my shit. Especially because it was the only TWD poster with two people in it…. (the other ones were the famous ones: “Don’t open, dead inside”, Rick on the van and Daryl alone). If you know what I mean.
This ship sails itself.