They gave out 11. At first they gave out 10 and then asked all the winners to sit back down in the crowd and all the rest to come up.

The last was going to be voted by the crowd. So I climbed up with a bunch of other people and they said our names (character) and then depending on the volume of the cheers they judged who would be eliminated.

I was then left standing next to a Sasha cosplayer and two people I’m not sure what they were from but they were popular. And then it was just me and the two people.

AND GUYS I WISH I RECORDED IT. You should have heard them scream and clap and cheer when they called Jack frost. It was so exhilarating.

And by all chances, because they couldn’t figure out which sounded loudest (they screamed that loud) so they decided to figure out who got it was with a game of rock-paper-scissors…and well I think you can guessed what happened :D

It was so cool.

By the way, shout out to Germany and Zachery the medic. These guys were really cool and I had fun goofing off with them. Too bad I probably will never see them again.

Ahh yesterday at animarathon was sooo fun I wish it wasn’t just a one day con :/

BUT while scouring the internet I found another con nEXT WEEK THATS LIKE 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME HAHAHA

If anyone is going to Anime Punch: Armageddicon please let me knooow!

I’m probably going to be pre scratch Jade again, and if I work up the courage maaaybe I’ll be in my Pearl cosplay

Here’s a little something of both just in case

I am having the worst time finding the Jake English online that I met at Armageddicon.  He was also known as the guy who blew up water balloons and stuck them to random people with static electricity.  He said that he would walk me to my car after the rave because I parked a block or two from the convention center and downtown Columbus is pretty sketchy at night.  He was the cockiest and funniest Jake I’ve ever met.  Another kind gentleman cosplayer ended up escorting me to my vehicle later in the night and I feel bad that I never found that Jake or atleast got to say goodbye because I can’t find his blog on tumblr!  Then there was the bubbley Roxy Lalonde cosplayer that took several pictures of my Meulin cosplay.  She was really awesome and we became friends and she said she would upload the pictures and then I realized that I never properly got her tumblr either. ):  The con was very fun, but I wish that I kept better communication with these people.  Anyone who was at Anime Punch last saturday and happens to know who I’m talking about and, preferably, has their urls, please message me?

I'm aiming to go to Anime Punch again this December.

(1) I will have to beg and sell my soul because it’s during blackout season at work.
(2) If I get it off…I’m Twitterbombing Todd Haberkorn until he can’t help but to show up there…because he’s adorable, anime-y(yeah it’s a word now) and he does our Sally Today videos at work…and most of us gals want his babies so I would LOVE to meet and greet him just to make them jealous! (except Queen Mother[my manager] who I believe already met him when we earned her the incentive trip last year) xD