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Klaine meet-cute prompt: Rachel dragging Kurt to a "lame" book signing for some author he's never heard of, and he runs into Blaine in the aisle or restroom or somewhere, and they commiserate about this awful book signing and then Kurt discovers that woops Blaine is the author?

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There is something … familiar about bookstores.

About books surrounding you, and offering warmth and shelter.

At least it used to feel like that, when Kurt was a kid.

It still does, when he thinks about it–just not when his roommate is dragging to a signing and the bookstore is filled to the brim with squealy women.

That being said, what is he doing here.

“Cronuts, Chookie and Duffins : The Year of the Hybrids”.

Interesting premise, sure, but if the book is about hybrid desserts, why isn’t there even one miserable baby cupcake in the whole bookstore.

And who the devil is B.D. Anderson?

“Beats me.”

Kurt does not jump a mile high in his shock at the voice that comes from his left.

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I actually find them very easy to walk in so my falling over is very much acting because they’re very easy to walk in. And I don’t know. I think it is interesting because nothing is so black and white and I think that his criticisms for being masochistic and all these things because he was veiling women’s faces or binding them with leather and things like that I find that those images and those clothes, they’re quite powerful and makes women look quite strong. I find the adverse but I’ve always been much more inclined to the dark side of things.
—  Dianna Agron on wearing Alexander McQueen’s famous armadillo shoes in McQueen (CCTV)