In the English dub, they gave this guy a Brooklyn accent. I wonder if it’s intended as a reflection of a distinctive Japanese dialect given to this character in the original, sort of like how English!Armadillomon has a New England accent to reflect Japanse!Armadimon’s Nagoya dialect.

Okay so - 

Iori’s father, Hiroki, and Oikawa were the first people to believe in the Digital World, right?

But then, the Digital World still would have been relatively young

But due to the time relativity, time passed differently, so by the time Iori met Armadimon, it would have been thousands of years in the Digital World, right? 

And what is Armadimon again?

  ‘Armadimon is the descendant of an ancient species,’

In other words, Armadimon would have been around at the same time as Iori’s father.

  And as we seen from the ending, Oikawa had a partner, all along

  Chances are, Hiroki had a partner too

  Chances are, Hiroki got his partner when he was a child

  After his death, his partner could have died, or, because he never actually met his partner, simply, fallen asleep? Or moved on?

  And, of course, the day Iori was chosen was the day he left Japan to pick up Hiroki’s ashes (Probably the day after his death)