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Request: “Hii mmhmh, I just want to say that I like your blog so much, I think you’re cute and I would ask for a fic where Bucky and reader has to share a bed so he has a hard time trying to hide how turned on by reader he is. Smut, if possible. THANK YOU.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, SMUT (OH, YAS)

taging: SORRY, I totally forgot to tag people last time xd . @magellan-88         @bellastellaluna  @all-the-fandoms2  @nyu-kun69  @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction  (again sorry if I’m missing someone, please let me know if you want to be tagged in my next series, or untagged!) :) Thank you XX.

Part 2. 

4.32 a.m

Bucky has problems. Serious problems.

Nearly an hour ago something has woken him up from his slumber. This “something” has been your leg spread freely over his tighs. It seems that in to the nigh both of you have moved and now, for his dismay, you are laying peacefully on top of him with your crotch dangerously near to his.

He has tried to move you a couple times but didn’t had the guts to wake you up, you seem so relaxed and you deserve it so much… So, every time you move in your sleep and rub your knee over his dick you stick another nail on his coffin. Bucky gulps nervous when your arm shakes a little in his chest as if you are dreaming, he knows from the start that sharing a bed with you was not a good idea. For fuck’s sake, how he has let you convice him of that? If he can’t bare with feeling your knee againts his when you dinner with the team, how is he gonna bare with the feeling your warm, half naked, body squashed againts his? He commit the mistake of taking a deep breath

- Fuck… - he mutters. You smell so well… And it was not the shampoo, that’s for sure, because the one in the bathroom doesn’t smell like anything. It’s your natural smell, and he can’t help imagining that same fragance saturating his nosetrils when he digs his head on your neck while burying himself deep inside you… - Virgin Mary… - he mutters under his breath, extremelly unconfortable when his dick twitch on his sweatpants at the vivid image.

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anonymous asked:

trini and kim, “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” ?

6) “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - for this writing exercise

Kimberly almost misses it on her first pass. She shuffles into her room, dumps her bag onto the floor and has the hem of her tank top in her hands when she freezes, arms still crossed comically across her torso.



It’s barely a grunt. Kimberly lets her tank top go, moves to the bed where Trini is curled on her side. Kimberly’s boldly pink covers - eight-year-old-Kimberly had been weak to societal expectations but current-Kimberly is definitely learning to rock it - are pulled almost over her head and Kimberly smiles, sure she looks overly fond. “What are you doing?”

“Dying,” Trini groans. Kimberly reaches to gently pull the covers down and comes face to face with Trini’s pout, full and unrelenting, and she would be embarrassed by how thoroughly charmed she is by the expression if she didn’t know for a fact that Trini feels the exact same way about her pout, too. “Either save me or leave me to die in peace. Stop letting the cold air in, you heathen.”

Kimberly laughs as Trini pries her fingers away, tugs the covers back up under her nose again. She looks so small bundled in Kimberly’s sheets, the only things visible the lilting tip of her nose and her hair sticking out at odd angles. It’s only upon closer inspection that Kimberly realizes some of Trini’s hair is sticking to her forehead from sweat and Kimberly frowns, pressing the back of her hand to Trini’s skin.

“You’re hot,” Kimberly says after a moment. She waits for Trini’s inevitably cheesy you know it but when it doesn’t come, she knows something’s up. “Okay, shuffle over and open up. I’m coming in.”

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The Other Side

Based on this adorable kitty;

Originally posted by catsandkitten

Special thanks to @kmmcm for beta testing this! 

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s having a bad day or not feeling well!


That damn cat.  

That damn, lovable, awesome, badass cat that he was so proud of, that he practically bragged about nearly every single day to his coworkers, was gone.  

Poof, right out the window, like the black shadow he was. And Gajeel was close to tearing his hair out just trying to find the cat on his own. Two weeks had passed and he was terrified that Pantherlily was dead, in a shelter, or worse; in a little kid’s bedroom with a pink as fuck bow around his neck. Pink was not the cat’s style, and he was worried that if the cat retaliated, he would end up in a shelter.  

Still, it was nerve wracking as the days went by, with not a single hit from the local shelters or anyone calling from the flyers he put up. ’Who even does that anymore anyways?’ He thought, grumbling under his breath as he hooked up the safety line to the building. He should’ve just stuck with Facebook and hoped for the best. But then again, he didn’t use the site as much as some people he knew, and hated when his friends urged him to go on it more. It was a waste of time and energy when he had barely any for a social life, let alone killing time on the net. He was better off doing his own thing, like looking for his cat.  

He sighed as he began scaling the building, dragging the sponge and squeegee over the glass panes that overlooked the busy city beneath. Window washing was a part time deal that his uncle had saddled him with, mostly to keep an eye on his idiotic and rather destructive cousin, Natsu. The guy meant well, he supposed, but had far more fun swinging than cleaning, causing more mayhem and shenanigans than they could handle. Thus far, only Gajeel had managed to make the situation slightly less of a hazard for them, mostly by promising him to spar once they were on the ground and off the clock. Which seemed to have worked so far; there were fewer accidents now than then.  

Natsu had even helped with the search for his cat, declaring that there was no replacing such a friend like his cat, touching the normally surly man. Yet, another day had passed and there was still no sign of the asshole. He bit his lip as he descended another level, worry beginning to gnaw at the back of his brain. What if he wasn’t alright?  

A tap on the glass startled him, making him almost drop his sponge. He cursed as he whipped to the glass, only to nearly drop his jaw.  

A girl waved at him from the other side, grinning mischievously as he recovered, scowling at her as he pointed at the ground then shook his finger at her. She ducked her head bashfully, mouthing the word “sorry” as she bit her lip. He shook his head as she turned back to her apartment and whatever she had been doing. He had to admit, he mused as he stared after her retreating figure, that this job had its good days along with the bad days. She was cute, and a bit of a distraction with her short, wild sky blue hair and short petite body. Washing her windows was definitely the highlight of his life, despite the subtle teasing and jabs from others about her.  

As cute as she was, he still had to focus on finding his cat. It was getting too depressing at home not seeing the cat or hearing his annoying meows for food. And it was worse at nights when he couldn’t feel the tiny weight curling up on his feet in bed, purring lightly after spending minutes kneading the blankets before settling down. He sighed as he descended another level, almost done with the blue haired girl’s apartment, vaguely registering the black ball of fuzz that stared at him.  

He was in the middle of dragging the squeegee across the plane when he did a double take, staring wide eyed at the cat. Sure enough, there was the familiar scar that crossed the cat’s brow and scraggly looking whiskers. This time, his jaw did drop, and indignant rage pooled in his gut as he pointed at the cat.  


If his roar didn’t shake the foundation of the building, the verbal spew that erupted from his mouth would have. He cursed, ranted and raved, waving his arms almost comically as the cat sat calmly, watching him in a bemused fashion. Something behind the cat startled him, and he turned to flee as the girl approached the windows again, her eyes wide with curiosity.  

Great, just great,’ he thought, snapping his mouth shut and blushing. He pointed at the cat, who looked at him from behind a chair and shouted as loud as he could, “That’s my cat!”  

She blinked, confusion crossing her face as she turned to Pantherlily, then back again. He groaned when she whirled and walked to a table, pulling a piece of paper out of a pile nearby. He glared at the cat as it returned to the window, bunting the glass as smugly as you please.  

“Just you wait till I get you home, you little butt,” he said, poking the glass. He couldn’t quite believe it, his cat was alive and well. It was somewhat of a shock that he was here of all places, tucked away in the girl’s apartment as if he had planned it. Maybe he had, the cat was far more clever than he appeared. But if the girl had taken him in, then maybe she was worth more than a few wistful stares and waves from the other side of the glass.  

She was coming back to the window, paper in hand as she knelt in front of him, stroking the cat’s back. Now that she was closer than before, he could see her better than he ever could hope to. And good god, she was prettier than he expected. She smiled shyly as she held up the paper to the window for him to read. He squinted as he leaned forward, then broke into the biggest grin that he had in two weeks, laughing delightedly as he nodded at her.  

I assume that this is your cat, so whenever you’re done, come to 609 so we can talk?’  

“Never Think” - A ‘Riverdale’ Imagine

Archie Andrews x Fem! Reader

Author Note: Thank you all for being so patient! I’ve made a full recovery and I’m ready to get back to posting. Hopefully I’ll be posting almost every day if I get enough requests. So, this imagine is going to be a tad different as its inspired by Rob Pattinsons song “Never Think.” I can really imagine Archie writing and playing this song and would advise you to go listen to it as it will be in the imagine. Here’s the link;

I hope you all enjoy! I would really appreciate feedback and feel free to send me requests!

Archie smiled looking across the table at (Y/N) as she pulled out her purse to pay for the milkshakes they both had. “Put that away.” He gestured towards the purse and chuckled at the funny look she was giving him. It was somewhere between surprised and confused. “Don’t look too surprised, I’m allowed to treat my best friend to a milkshake every now and then.”

(Y/N) shook her head and sighed “Archie just let me pay for…” but before she could finish her sentence the redheaded boy was already handing the waitress the money.

“Keep the change” he smiled towards her before looking back at (Y/N) “Sorry, were you saying something?” he raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smirk playing on his face.

“Yeah, I was just saying how much I secretly don’t like you.” She stuck out her tongue and skipped to the door. Archie just smiled watching her. Truth was he had liked (Y/N) for a very long time, ever since he met her really. He didn’t know what it was about her specifically. He didn’t know if it was the way her eyes would seem to light up whenever he played her music or if it was how her smile was the brightest and realest he had ever seen or if it was the way she was never scared to be herself and how she wouldn’t take any rubbish from anybody. What he did know was that he loved her, everything about her. He just didn’t know how to tell her. “Hello! Earth to Archie!” (Y/N)’s voice brought him out of his small daydream.

Archie shook his head a little and blinked. The look of confusion on his face. “What?”

“I was just asking if you were ready to go or if you’d prefer to stand and stare at nothing for the rest of the night.” She raised an eyebrow “What were you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He replied a little too fast. “I’ll walk you home, okay?” he smiled walking towards her. (Y/N) just nodded, trying her hardest not to look too concerned for him.

They were only 5 minutes down the road from Pop’s Diner when (Y/N) decided to break the silence. “Are you sure you’re okay? I swear this is the longest you’ve ever been quiet the whole time I’ve known you.” She joked

Archie let out a small chuckle “Yeah, I’m fine (Y/N). I was just thinking about how much money I just lost. It’s breaking my heart a little.”

“Excuse me, but I clearly remember you telling me to put my money away and then paying before I could even put up a good fight. I had a great speech prepared about how its men like you that create the stereotype of women never paying.”

“Oh you prepared a speech. So, you knew I was going to insist on paying?” Archie glanced at

(Y/N) while they both walked. A goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Archie Andrews. You know fine well that is not what I meant.” She frowned. “ I just know you like the back of my hand and enjoy being prepared.” She chuckled before letting out a small shiver.

“Here take my jacket.” Archie smiled as he started to take it off.

“No! I’m not even cold.” She protested.

“Well that’s an obvious lie, You’re shivering like mad. Just take it please.” He held out the jacket to her.


Archie shook his head, a small smile  on his face. “You, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) are unbelievable stubborn.”

She chuckled “I learn from the best” she replied while playfully elbowing him in the side. Almost buckling in laughter while he pretended to be in agony.

They continued like that most of the way back, they must have been around 5 minutes from Archie’s house when it started to pour down in rain.

“Oh My God!” (Y/N) squealed as the freezing cold rain hit her.

Archie grabbed her hand “My house is just around the corner come on.” He said as they began to jog up to his house.

“I should have taken your jacket when I had the chance!” she laughed as she jogged along with him.

“Dad, I’m home! (Y/N)’s here!” Archie yelled as they both clambered to his room. Rain water dripping onto the floor from their wet bodies. Closing the door behind them Archie let out a laugh seeing the mess of them both. “Do you want some dry clothes? I mean I probably won’t have trousers that will fit you but one of my t-shirts will probably act like a dress or something.” He shrugged.

“Yes please!” She smiled, still shivering as she watched him look through the drawers in his room for something she could wear. After a few minutes, he handed her a baggy blue t-shirt. “Thank you, I’ll just you know, go get changed.” She laughed, leaving the room to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Archie let out a small laugh as he watched her walk away before quickly undressing and putting on some dry clothes. He was fully changed and tuning his guitar when (Y/N) came back into the room. “What d’you think?” she asked, giving a playful spin. The baggy blue top was still baggy on her but very short, it came up very high on her thigh, just below her bottom.

Archie glanced up at her from his guitar, speechless for a few seconds by how beautiful he found her. He gave her a small smirk “Would you prefer what I think or the response from a straight teenage male?”

“Actually, just forget I asked.” She sat down on the bed, facing him while he was sitting in a chair. “Have you been working on anything new?” she asked, nodding towards the guitar he was holding. Archie sheepishly nodded. “Play it for me?”

Archie smiled as he started to play. It was a slower song, filled with lyrics that were seeping with emotion. Every now and then he would glance up from his guitar so he could see her eyes sparkling. He silently prayed as he continued to sing that she knew the song was about her. Once he had finished he looked back at her, waiting for her response but all she did was sit there and stare into nothing. Much like he had done earlier that day back at Pop’s Diner. “Well?” he asked quietly.

A large smile grew on her face as she focused again. “Archie, that was amazing. The best thing I’ve heard so far. It was so emotional like it was filled with raw emotion.”

“So, you liked it?” Archie bit his lip while watching her. God, he loved her.

“Of course, I do! I loved it.” She grinned before lying down on the bed. “What was it called?”

There was silence for a while as Archie raked his brains for a name to the song. “I was thinking maybe ‘Never Think.’”

“I love it.” She let out a small yawn. “Will you play me some more?” Archie responded by gently strumming the guitar and starting to play another song. At some point during Archie playing (Y/N) had fallen asleep. Not long after that Archie’s dad came in to check on them both and to say he’ phone her parents to let them know she was staying so she didn’t have to be woken up.

Once Archie had finished his final song he put his guitar down as quietly as possible as to not wake (Y/N) up. It was late now and the rain still hadn’t stopped. He could still hear it pounding down onto the window behind him. He yawned loudly as he slid off his shirt before moving to lie on the bed next to (Y/N). “Archie?” she quietly murmured, stirring from her sleep.

“Sorry, go back to sleep.” He sighed, watching her.

She nodded a small okay before moving to place her head on Archie’s chest. In response, he wrapped his muscly arms around her. “Are you sure you’re okay, Archie?” she whispered. “You got really weird at Pop’s.”

There was silence for a few minutes as Archie tried to think of something to say. He couldn’t decide if now was the right time to tell her or not. Things felt so perfect the way they were in that moment he didn’t want to ruin it. “I’m positive,” he whispered back “I was just daydreaming.”

(Y/N) frowned into the darkness as she decided not to even question what about. Instead, she asked “will you ever tell me what about?”

“Soon, I promise.” He replied before very quietly singing the lyrics to ‘Never Think’ until they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


This is an image of a canon Scout, really, that’s… that’s real.

This is the last concept art before his model was created.

This image shows the Scout model has at least the width of Soldier’s for the shoulders. Soldier, the one who holds a firing rocket launcher without issue every single day taking the kickback in order to fly, and is generally shown as big rough and tough. He does have a smaller waistline, but that’s not actually condemning in and of itself, so much as Soldier seems to have a bit of padding ‘round the middle if you get what I mean.

“But he’s got such skinny arms!”

Motherfucker have you even looked at the art style. EVERYONE HAS SKINNY UPPER ARMS unless they’re portrayed as heavier in weight. See the green? That’s how much skinnier than Demo each arms are. BUT LOOK. SOLDIER’S SCRAWNY. I mean shit, his jacket falls in such a way as to show his upper arms are TEENY. Holy crap. I did not even notice until I did this. Wow. Scout’s arms just look tiny because he’s got his shirt sleeves rolled up and so there’s a sudden visual drop off. That’s it. That’s the explanation. Don’t even look at Spy, his fucking thigh gap alone… Oh, and as a reminder, all three of the aforementioned classes have been shown to have extra weight. That’s muscle AND whatever’s gathered on their arms to match their little pudge bellies. Scout’s not overly skinny, he’s just athletic fit. Those arms aren’t that twiggy despite what people think. That lady commenting on his broken arms in the comic? I’m pretty sure going off this, she’s just an unreliable narrator. He may not be some buff daddy, but wiry and/or athletic =/= weak child-like kid.

These gifs show him not only beating the shit out of a Heavy in the Meet The Scout video, but in the first gif the Heavy gets a hold on the bat, pulls it away from his neck, and Scout yanks it back with a combo of his strength and his weight. He cannot weigh as much as Sasha okay, Sasha is 331 pounds, rounding up. Scout does not weigh 300 pounds. He does however completely overpower someone who regularly lifts that much, with a single yank. That’s, what, over 300 pounds of force, and they’re both yanking in a direction that does not benefit them. Can you imagine how hard he hits with the bat? OH YEAH THE SECOND IMAGE SHOWS US THIS. APPARENTLY SO HARD THAT MISHA BENDS IN HALF BACKWARDS. What, he’s gotta be like 270? 300? Just in terms of weight let alone his muscles? And Scout flipped him backwards from a tense stomach hug position that actually meant he was resisting. Plz m8 that’s some fuckin’ force.

Not to mention in the second he jumps up a typical freighting box like 'hey just wandering up the steps here.' The most common boxcars are 10’-10" to 11’ high. That’s 11’. He just jumped 11’ feet in the air from what is barely a running start. That is give or take 5 inches a 126 Inch leap. To accomplish that you have to leave the ground at a speed of 7.92 m/s vertically no matter how much you weigh. He needed a force of 19,585 Newtons against the ground based on about a weight of 163 pounds to reach that speed assuming he bent his knees at an angle of 60 degrees, which it appears he does. Salt water crocs slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. A 2008 computer model estimated that a 21-foot (6.5-meter) great white shark would produce nearly 4,000 psi (17,790 newtons) of bite force. A Scout kicks off casually at strengths rivaling the bite of a Great White.

Can we skip the commentary that Scout’s are weak and scrawny yet? Can we? CAN WE FUCKING MOVE ON NOW?