Tips on How To Master Arm Balances

Learning to fall can help us overcome our fears of turning upside down, while keeping us safe. For instance, if you’re entering a headstand without the assistance of a wall, and feel an unsteady waver, tuck your head and roll it out in a somersault. Or if you’re turning upside down into a handstand and feel the telltale signs of a fall, walk your hands out in front of you to avoid flipping.

Once you’ve mastered learning to fall, here are 8 other tips that may help you with arm balances and inversions:

1. Open – Opening key areas of your body with your yoga practice will make balancing easier.  Target areas such as hamstrings, wrists and shoulder girdle. 

2. Visualize - Studies have shown the power that mind training can have on the brain’s ability to rewire itself, and mere thought can alter the function of our gray matter. In yoga, this means that by visualizing or mentally rehearsing an inversion or arm balance, we can yield powerful results in our physical practice.

3. Be Present – Is your mind wandering to your to-do list? Are you worried about what you might look like in class?  If your mind starts to wander to other places, reel yourself back in to the present moment and start your balance over.

4. Move slowly, move mindfully – The brain’s ability to sense relative positions and movements of different body parts is improved with slow, mindful actions. So, take it slow and enjoy the journey of coming into each yoga pose.

5. Breathe – When you’re in a pool, exhaling will make you sink…

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Based on this prompt: “ In a society that invented time travel, it has become a custom to mentor yourself as a child.”

~1400, no warnings, angst

“Books are for losers. He’s a loser.”

“You know, I bet he has some interesting stories in those books. I bet you could make another friend.”

“I don’t need friends.”

“We don’t need friends?” 18-year-old Eren asked.

“No we don’t. They are dis-a-point-ing,” 6-year-old Eren said with a sniff of superiority as he sounded out the word.

“I bet Armin is actually really cool,” Eren sang.

“How would you know? You’re so lame. I am not growing up to be like you. I’m going to be cool,” 6-year-old Eren said, hopping up on the concrete wall, holding his arms out for balance.

“Hey! I’m cool!”

“Ugh, you sound just like Mom and Dad,” 6-year-old Eren said.


Eren bit his lip. His time was almost up.

“Just make one friend…for us?”

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Arm Balance Workshop with Amanda Field   Explore prep work and movements for upper body strength development that will allow you to setup for and enter into crow, scissor side crow, 1 legged crow, flying pigeon, hummingbird, scorpion, and toe stand.

About Amanda Field
Amanda comes from a background deeply rooted in education - both in her life and the lives of her mother and grandmother. Before becoming certified to teach Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga, Amanda was a Texas-certified teacher. Her love for educating and empowering students is directly evident in her yoga classes, which she describes as “steady and accessible to all levels.” Don’t expect the same sequence when you attend Amanda’s class. She uniquely tailors each class to students’ specific needs to ensure that yoga remains a positive, healthy influence on each person’s life, including various extensions and modifications for everyone. Amanda enjoys integrating props into her classes, and integrates various elements of other styles of yoga into her classes. Flow-based yoga with long holds, and time for synthesis of the posturing is typical to her class structure.
Amanda also loves off-the-grid Caribbean travel. When she is not helping students to deepen their practice, Amanda can be found swimming amid schools of whale sharks, helping sea turtles bury eggs on the beach, and diving into far off cenotes.

Saturday July 19, 2014, 12:00-2:00

Joy Yoga Center Washington, 4500 Washington Ave. Suite 900, Houston, TX 77007

$40 (15% discount for members)

Registration & Questions
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AWESOME arm balancing, inspiring


As the sweat dripped from her brow into her eyes, she attempted to breathe and feel the breath enter her body, feel the cells themselves taking in what they needed. Exhale slowly, controlled, let everything else go and focus on the now. 

Slick and slowly overheating, wishing for the desert sun to dry her back, every movement becoming lethargic and forced. All the tranquility ripped away replaced with an uncomfortable yearning to escape this room made for desert dwellers and those who regulated body temperature. It was arduous. 

But what she realized in that time…was that she was thinking of nothing else other than the sweat dripping down her spine. Focused only on the dread of moving into another pose. Nothing else. Just the excruciating heat. And all else was drowned out…and what sweet silence that can be. 

[Bikram Yoga-useful for getting one’s mind off all else…]

Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 is one of my favorite arm balances due to the amazing lower body opening. It’s also one of the easier poses to transition into any yoga sequence. Although it may look difficult, if you can do Side Crow, you can master EPK1. We’ll be working on this pose and many more in all of my classes today and this weekend. See you there!
Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg
Fri 2pm - Yoga Express Hour
Sat 11am - Core Vinyasa
Sun 5pm - Vinyasa


Wrists flexibility, it is such a crutial part of arm balance asanas and handstands how ready/warm our wrists are before you start getting upside-down.

These are 4 easy, simple possitions to start with. Find movement in all directions, while being aware of not creating pain or forcing joints.

I ussually give myself like 5-10 minutes wrists therapy and then up I go!!!!!!

Ganda Bherundasana

So I’m planning to achieve new asanas for July, and I’m calling it “JulyAsanas” (I know, I know. That’s very creative, isn’t it?) But anyway, I hope this will push through. Because with all the activities that I get myself busy with, it would take a lot of courage and determination for me to be able to do this. But I don’t pressure myself – it’s just not me to pressure myself. I want to enjoy every moment of my journey and I don’t really care how long it would take for me to achieve certain asanas, as long as I value every lesson that I learn with every practice and I appreciate every little progress that I make. And for me, that is what Yoga is all about.

Beni ❤

Menuju Ekapada Koundinyasana II Tanpa Cedera

Menuju Ekapada Koundinyasana II Tanpa Cedera

External image

Pose ini terlihat mustahil bagi mereka yang belum pernah mencoba tetapi dengan persiapan yang memadai, hamstring Anda tidak akan terlukai.

Asana di atas bernama Ekapada Koundinyasana II, yang termasuk dalam jenis arm balance (pose yang menggunakan kedua lengan sebagai tumpuan). Kuncinya seperti yang Anda bisa saksikan di ilustrasi ialah kelenturan otot hamstring (yang ada di sekitar belakang…

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Exploring Variations of Eka Pada Bakasana

One of my favorite things about yoga is that there are so many different ways of exploring advanced poses to allow people of all levels the chance to explore the pose even if they’re not at it’s “full expression”.

Eka Pada Bakasana or One-Legged Crow is a pose I’m still working on myself. Some days I have it (when my core is completely fired up and engaged), and some days I take a variation because for one reason or another I’m not quite there.

Here are 3 versions of this pose that I explored this week:

Variation A - set flying leg back and lift the front foot (feel your core)

Variation B - keep front foot down, step flying leg back and lift

Variation C - lift front foot, shift forward and fly back leg or come straight from Bakasana and reach up and back with one leg (yes I’m still working on my form)

Not sure how to play with this pose?

This is the pose I taught in class today and it’s the apex pose in this week’s Ignite Vitality Yoga practice for Ignite & Thrive Audio Yoga. I’ll be releasing it on Friday, Jan 30th. In that practice we’ll explore poses to ready you for Eka Pada Bakasana and various transitions for whatever level of the pose you’re at! We’ll also play with actively changing how you respond to intense & challenging moments!

Come practice with me!

i just want to be upside down

Tonight I finished the second half of Raghunath’s “Learn to Fly Inversion Workshop.” Basically, this amazing teacher came to my studio and lead two sessions that covered every sort of advanced balancing pose…not just handstands, but all sorts of crazy transitions that, when he demonstrates, you can’t help but stare in complete awe.

Last week I found that I was completely out of my element. If you ever want to completely kill your ego, take one of these workshops. Whew. This shit is HARD.

Now, I signed up for this because inversions are something I have been working on lately. Encouraged by my headstand success, I’ve moved onto forearm stand. There are footprints all over my walls, but I’m making progress! I can hold it for aboooout 2 seconds ;)

Now the tricky thing about arm balancing, with double jointed shoulders and elbows, is keeping your muscles active enough a) to hold you up and b) to keep your elbows from hyperextending and your shoulders from locking out. Essentially, take an extremely difficult pose…and make it exponentially more complicated.

Fast forward to tonight. Arm balancing went from intriguingly difficult to impossibly frustrating. Between my arms giving out, my inability to actually get my body UP on my hands at ALL, and a slew of other things that just seemed unattainable.

Stupidly I let my frustrations get the best of me. The more emotional I got, the more ineffective my efforts became. A horrible spiral that essentially killed the end of my practice. 

Sometimes I forget that my body isn’t like everyone else’s. Yet as frustrating as that reality is, I can’t keep letting it be a handicap. All too often I psych myself out thinking that I can’t do a pose, when in actuality my only hindrance is FEAR.

I can do this. Its just gonna take some extra patience. And some extra courage. And probably a few more bruises.

I can do this. Even if I fall on my face 100 times before I get there, I WILL do this. 

Thank goodness the weekend is finally here. With the new Super Moon tonight it’s time to kick back and regroup for some amazing times ahead. Join me today and this weekend for some yoga to help you let go of your week, get more present in the now and create more space physically and mentally for the future. See you soon!
Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg
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Sat 11am - Core Vinyasa
Sun 5pm - Vinyasa