Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian & Commander Shepard

meetings & reunions

you smiled at me and i fell into galaxies,
lightyears of deep space and abyss.
i scowled at you and you sank into oceans,
tides shifting to leagues below where the sun can’t touch.
there were nebulas in the night’s prisms. you found reefs wreathed in crystal color.

we were hidden because we didn’t know how to be found.

you didn’t see me coming
i didn’t see you coughing.
you can’t withstand the waves any more than i can inhale the stars.
are we survival or destruction? separation or reflection.
i don’t make it easy for you. yet
even when i’m gasping for air i was never meant to breathe and
your words should be knives at my throat, you hesitate.
you can’t cut me loose.

it could be seismic. it could be sentiment. but you move me like the moon and follow from a distance.

i wish you would come closer.