arm's bracelet

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

Okay Kaiba, if you’re such an expert on fashion, let’s break down some of your outfits.

Outfit #1

A purple trench coat over a green dress shirt and green pants. Stylin color combination.

Outfit #2

A sleeveless white trench coat (is that even a thing? do they make sleeveless trench coats?) with red lining, a high collar, studs, and pointy shoulder pads. Worn over a black shirt, black pants made of what looks like–what, leather, rubber?

–with a pair of belts tied around each leg, matching belts around each arm, some kind of funky metal bracelets…

…and heels. Guess that explains why his height varies wildly from shot to shot.

Outfit #3

The Best-of-Both-Worlds Trench Coat: even purpler than Trench Coat 1, and with even pointier shoulder pads than Trench Coat 2. Worn over a black turtleneck, with the same bracelet/arm cuff/whatever thingies from outfit #2. 

This ensemble shows up a lot in scenes where he’s in his office doing day-to-day Kaiba Corp business.

Maybe he thinks the loafers make it business casual.

In conclusion: nice outifts, dork.

Jared Auto Story

I brought my Bands for Arms bracelets to Vegas for Jared and Jensen both to sign. So, I get to Jared and I give him my bracelet and he looked at it for a second and he realized he was wearing the same exact bracelet. He took his own bracelet off his wrist and signed it. He gave me his bracelet and kept mine and put mine on. So that’s the short little story of how I have Jared’s AKF bracelet now and he’s wearing mine. I adore Jared. 


Bionic Arm;

- Under “Bracelet”;
- Custom emission map (Glow effect!);

(Base Colors - 10)
: [x]
(Grunge Version - 3) : [x] (YOU NEED BASE COLORS FIRST).
(Base Colors - 10) : [x]
(Grunge Version - 3) : [x] (YOU NEED BASE COLORS FIRST).

- Don’t claim it as your own;
- Feel free to recolor it! You can include the mesh, but please tag me!
- If you use it, please tag me!

Credits: Maxis; Sims 4 Studio;