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A few fitness gifs for Tumblr to throw red flags all over. Again.

Lol. Jk. Maybe.

Here’s some Motivational Monday material for you guys. My form isn’t perfect, but that’s probably because I’m struggling to curl 25 lbs (just to see if I could) (spoiler: I did. Three times.) and “pretending” to put down 40 lbs at the end of your workout without actually putting it down requires you completely focusing on telling your upper body not to move while your legs are screaming at you for a bit of assistance.

Waking up early enough to hit the gym before work is still a pain, but hey, that just means I started off my week burning over 400 calories, which leaves me feeling pretty damn good about myself.


⚡️Legs & Arms⚡️
🔹1 Mile Run
Lunges 4x15 each leg 10#
Bicep Curl 4x10 10#
Side Lunge w/ Front Raise 4x15 each leg (2 sets 5#)
🔹1 Mile Run
Push Ups 4x10
Squat Jumps 4x15
Overhead Squat 4x10 30#
🔹1 Mile Run
Upright Row 4x10 30#
Deadlift 4x5 50#
Step Up 4x20 each leg 20#
🔹1 Mile Run

Holy shit, I could barely get through 2 sets of Side Lunges with 5# Front Raises. That was so tough! But now I have another goal. 😉💪

Total: 4 Miles ✔️

Wednesdays Arm Workout

Dips 3x8

Chin-Ups 3x8

100 pounds.

Skull Crusher 3x8 - 12

Dumbell Isolation Spider Curl 3x8 - 12

[circuit above]

Barbell Curl Rope 5x8 - 15

Tricep Pull Down Rope 5x8 - 15

[circuit above]

Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3x8

Dumbbell Overhead 3x8

[circuit above] - 12

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback 3x8

Incline Inner Bicep Curl 3x8

[circuit above] - 12

2-Position Dumbbell Kickback 3x8

Concentration Curls 3x8

[circuit above] - 12

Tricep (machine) 5x8 or max going up every set - 20-35

Bicep (machine) 5x8 or max going up every set - 20-35

[circuit above]

20 minute boxing sesh w/ Bryant.


HIIT & ARMS workout –> Burn that fat & Tone your arms!