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Hey guys! We’ve done 3 super successful 30 day challenges (flat abs, butt lift, thigh slimming) and now we are headed to our 4th challenge…30 day Sleek Arms!

Your moves are:

1. Arm Circles

2. Arm Raises

3. Single Chest Press Pulse

4. Half Cobra Pushup

5. Up Up Down Downs

Print the calendar out, follow it exactly every single day. You can break it up or do all at once. Just get it done. Reblog if you’re in!

Here we go - time to define your beautiful, toned arms!

Love, Cassey


Right To Bare Arms

Do each move for 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off for your best arms ever. You’ll also work your core and lower body, says Kelsey Bohlen, LA based trainer.

1. ISO Squat With Alternating Curl

2. Lateral Into Frontal Raise

3. Bent Over Row With Kickbacks

4. Squat Into Press

5. Alternating Pivoting Lunges With Tricep Extension

6. Concentration Curls

7. Alternating Step Back & Punch

Lean Upper Body Workout!

  • The temp is hot so it’s pratically summer. Which means that your arms will probably be exposed everyday. Make sure they’re strong and toned with this workout. As a bonus your abs and back will get sculpted too:)

Do all the exercises for the prescribed number of reps or hold count:

  • Incline Push-ups - 15 reps. You can use a bench, sturdy chair or sofa
  • Tricep Dips - 15 reps. Do them with straight legs. Your muscles will work more.
  • Push-ups with rotation - 15 reps. Do these on your toes so that your muscles work harder.

Rest 45 seconds

  • Side Plank, Left Side - 45 seconds
  • Side Plank, Right Side - 45 seconds
  • Plank - 1 minute. Try doing this on your forearms to make your stabilizing muscles work harder.


Then repeat the circuit 2 - 3 x.

You can do this workout 3x a week or follow my blog more workouts like this one so you can switch it up.

Reblog to share.

Slim ‘n Sexy Summer Arms (Printable Workout)

1. Tricep Dip in Reverse Plank x20

Get up onto your palms and heels and lift your butt off the mat, hips in line, pelvis up. Bend your elbows back as you touch your booty to the floor. Then straighten out again. MODIFICATION: Bring your heels closer to the body and bend your knees like you’re a coffee table. 

2. Chest Press Pulses x30

Keeping your elbows together, simply pulse up! You will soooooooo feel this one in your chest without even try! One of my favorite moves in the world.

3. Pushup x10

You can do this on your knees or toes. Make sure you keep your eyes forward. DO NOT look underneath you!

4. Cobra Pushup x10

Begin in plank. Pretend there is a limbo pole right in front of you head. Slither your head underneath it…followed by your back, your butt, and your legs before you gull push up. MODIFICATION: Make the limbo stick higher :) If you’re having trouble, see my video on Advanced Pushup Variations.

5. Inverse Shoulder Press (Pushup) x10

Get into downward dog. Then scoot your hands closer to your legs. Look back at the toes. Now do a pushup and touch the top of your head to the mat. See demonstration video here. MODIFICATION: Don’t bring your hands so close to your feet. 

6. One-Legged Cobra Pushup x10

Same as cobra pushup but one leg up! Do 10 on each side. 

If you have any questions about the different types of pushups and how they look, please see my video on Advanced Pushup Variations

Print, share, and sweat!

<3 Cassey

PS…Oops, Did I say “pushup” too many times in this workout :P