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Wuthering Heights and Billie Holiday

Hi sweet beans!💘 this is a soft and fluffy Tom imagine about him wanting to show the reader how much she means to him! I wrote this based on a request sent in by my bby, L🌸 L, I hope that this cures at least a little bit of your melancholy! I love you with my whole heart, my dear☁️

Wuthering Heights and Billie Holiday
The night before had been wondrous. Each time their fingertips graced the other’s skin, it was as if they were being molded even closer together. Tom was at a loss, he could barely believe how much larger his heart had grown since he’d met her. Everyday that Tom spent with her, the feeling of his heart expanding in a fashion similar to the Grinch’s after he’d observed the celebration of Christmas when he’d stolen all the Who’s presents would overwhelm him. Tom was so positively filled to the brim with love that it was dripping off of his frame.
Tom looked down at her sleeping form, all curled into his chest, and he was absolutely spellbound. Her skin looked luminous and soft, and Tom could feel her chest gently moving up and down each time she took a breath. Long lashes laid against her cheeks, and glancing down at her lips, Tom’s own mouth began to feel exceedingly lonely. He longed to press them against the rosiness of her mouth, but declared that after the night they’d had, she’d be needing to rest.
He moved swiftly out of the bed, as to not wake his sleeping girlfriend. Tom slipped on the pair of his sweats that resided in her drawers, and pulled on his shirt from last evening. Walking into her kitchen, he scrawled out a messy note telling her to go back to sleep because he’d be home with breakfast and coffee soon. Creeping back into her bedroom, Tom laid the note down on his side of the mattress and adoringly smoothed her hair back to place a tender kiss to her forehead.
“I’ll be back soon, my love.” Tom murmured, pulling her blanket a bit higher to tuck her in. He grabbed her car keys and headed out to the florist a few streets down from her apartment.
As Tom drove, he chuckled when he recalled their conversation a few nights before. His girlfriend had gone out with her friends and had drank a bit too much wine, and when she came back to him, she was completely wasted. One of her friends had called him, asking if he’d be able to come and pick her up because there was absolutely no way that any of them were alright to drive themselves. Tom obviously agreed and when he’d gone to get her, she flung herself into his arms, pressing wild kisses onto any spot of bare skin on his body that she could find. Her arms were like vines, constricting Tom with all the love she had to offer.
When he’d finally gotten her outside and into the car, Tom did his best to buckle her in when she poked him softly on his cheek and leaned in once again for a hug. “You know,” she slurred, “I think you’re the love of my life and I wish on stars every day that I’m yours.”
In the morning, it was clear to him that she’d been too intoxicated to call to mind her statement, but it had been on Tom’s mind ever since. He knew that she was the love of his life as well, and he was confused as to why she wasn’t aware that he felt the same. Tom decided that as soon as he woke up, it would be his mission to make her realize that he felt the same.
Tom was out and about for about an hour before he returned home to her. In his arms, he cradled a massive vase of flowers, two coffees, and a box of baked goods and a bag of bagels. There was never a time when he’d been more envious of Peter Parker’s sticky spiderwebs to help him carry goods.
When Tom made his way back to her room, he discovered that she was still blissfully snoozing. Sliding out of his sweats and yanking off his T-shirt, Tom burrowed back underneath her bedspread, eager to hold her in his arms again. Maneuvering her as slightly as he could, Tom could tell that she wasn’t going to stir. She was passed out, and Tom laughed. He supposed that their previous activities really had tuckered her out.
The night before, the couple had ventured out to a quaint, French bistro that she had spotted one day on her drive home from school. She’d mentioned that she thought it looked sweet, and Tom knew of her growing fascination with France, so he thought it would be fun to take her there on date night.
When they got there, the place was even better than she could’ve hoped for. Twinkly lights in the dimly lit cafe, along with soft, french tunes drifting in through carefully hidden speakers, and flowers littered room. Tom had to admit, the place was pretty dreamy.
Beyond the place being dreamy, she was radiating beauty that night. Her hair had been softly curled and she’d taken the time to carefully apply a red lipstick that went perfectly with her red dress, and the heels she wore made her legs appear endless. She smelled as if she’d rolled around in the field of daisies and when she smiled at Tom, she looked so pure and happy, that Tom would give her anything in the whole, wide world because he knew that she deserved it.
Passion and romance drifted throughout the bistro, and as soon as they’d gotten home, Tom had nearly torn her scarlet dress off, he was so keen to dive between the smooth skin of her thighs. After nearly five orgasms, they were finally too sleepy to continue. They’d kissed each other delicately on the mouth before she had picked up her copy of Anne Sexton’s collected poems. She read to him until her eyelids fluttered shut and the book dropped to the floor.
After another half an hour in the morning, Tom awoke to a changed position. He was laying on his back and his girl sat atop him, smiling down at him. “Good morning sleepyhead,” she greeted, leaning in to kiss him good morning.
“Oh, I see how it is,” Tom smirked, gripping her thighs and tossing her onto her back so that he could press tons of kisses to her exposed skin. “You get to sleep in, but not me?”
She wiggled around beneath him, giggling as Tom softly bit into the skin of her collarbone, “Exactly.” She halted her movements and glided her hands into a lock behind Tom’s head, “thank you for getting breakfast.”
“Course, darling.” Tom moved off of her and offered her a hand, “to the kitchen,” he said, once she took his hand. Truthfully, Tom wouldn’t have minded sharing the meal in her bed, he really just wanted to show her the bouquet of flowers that he’d purchased for her earlier in the day.
When they reached the kitchen, her eyes widened and she immediately jumped into his arms. Tom stumbled for a moment, her reaction taking him by surprise, but nonetheless, Tom spun her around the room.
“Thank you, Tom! I love them so, so, so much.” She kissed him quickly before moving to examine the flowers more thoroughly, “I don’t know how you can stand to be so thoughtful and wonderful all of the time, Tom. Doesn’t it get exhausting being you?” She teased.
Tom wandered around her kitchen, doing his best to get closer to her ever-moving figure, “I just really love you,” he said, once he’d finally caught her and snared her with his arms around her waist, “you’re the love of my life, and who am I if I don’t show it?”
She turned to face him, dragging her bottom lip between her teeth, “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.”
Tom took her face between his palms and moved his mouth to hover over her own. “Wuthering Heights?” He pondered.
Moving her head up to meet his lips, “No, Pride and Prejudice,” she uttered before bridging the gap between them.
“I love the looks of you, the lure of you. The sweet of you, the pure of you. The eyes, the arms, the mouth of you. The east, west, north, and south of you.” Tom breathed as soon as they broke apart.
“Billie Holiday,” she smiled, moving to her head to kiss the palm of Tom’s hand.
“Dance with me,” Tom ordered, breaking away from her to fiddle withhis phone to put Billie Holiday’s ‘All of You’ on.
“Everything will be cold by then,” She started, reaching for her coffee, a hot blush spreading across her cheeks.
“I don’t give a damn about the coffee, love. And besides, it’s probably already cold.” Tom said, taking ahold of her waist.
“Tom,” the girl whined, “I don’t know how to dance, it’s embarrassing.”
Tom shushed her with a kiss, “Just hold onto me, yeah? I’ll show you how.” With that, he guided her arms into their proper place and he piloted their slow dance across her kitchen. As Billie Holiday’s voice coaxed her into relaxation, her eyes shut and she laid her head to rest on Tom’s shoulder.
“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” She whispered into Tom’s chest.
He raised a quizzical brow at her, “Wuthering Heights?” Tom questioned.
Standing up on her tiptoes, she nodded and brushed her lips against his, “uh huh,” she agreed as they swayed together, knowing that there was no place in which they’d rather be.

valentine's day


word count: 1,655

A/N: I know it’s already past Valentine’s Day but better late than never right??

**warning: SMUT**

I sat on the couch, watching some cheesy, romantic movie that I had no idea what the title was. My mind kept wandering elsewhere too often to actually know what was going on in the movie. I was too upset about Shawn not being home for Valentine’s Day to think about anything else. I decided to celebrate it by myself with a movie and all the candy I bought at the store yesterday.

Shawn had to go to L.A. for the week and had tried his best to make it home, but told me he just couldn’t. He promised to make it up to me when he got home and I knew that, as always, he would keep his promise. I glanced over at the clock to see that it was nearing eleven o'clock. The movie was boring and if I stayed up eating these chocolates, I’d gain twenty pounds before the night was over. I walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then changed into another one of Shawn’s t-shirts, one that was more comfortable and had a stronger, more pungent scent of him lingering on it.

As I was pacing back to the living room to turn the tv off, I heard a noise outside. I knew Shawn wasn’t due home until Friday so I knew it couldn’t be him. I peeked out the living room window to see nothing. Not a vehicle, not a person, nothing. Soon, keys rattled in the doorknob and I wondered if it could actually be Shawn. I stood in living room, waiting for the door to open. The door hinges squeaked slightly, like they always do, and the door flew open.

In the doorway stood my boyfriend, but it front of him, a vase full of white and pink daisies. A smile spread across my face, not only at the fact that Shawn was actually home, but also because he knew me so well. He knew how much I absolutely loved daisies. I ran to hug him, letting his arms engulf me after he had set the vase of flowers on the floor. His scent overpowered everything else and I inhaled his smell. Oh, how I had missed him. I buried my head in the crook of his neck and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.” He whispered into my ear, right after tucking loosely falling strands of hair behind it. He shut the door behind him when he realized it was still wide open, forgetting the cold February air was drifting into the house. He sat multiple bags onto the ground, a couple being his own and the rest looking like gift bags.

“Oh my gosh, Shawn, I missed you.” I told him. I cupped his face into my hands and kissed his sweet, plump lips. They were soft, smooth and his breath tasted of wintergreen mint, something I’ve always loved about him. I continued kissing his perfect lips, having to stand on my tip toes to do so. I pulled away to admire the flowers he’d brought and placed them on the kitchen counter. I walked back to the living room, where Shawn had compulsively placed every gift bag in a specific spot.

“I feel so bad because I was going to cook for you for Valentine’s but it’s too late for that now. I’m sorry babe.” my voice trailed off. He assured me it was okay and rubbed my back lovingly after doing so. “How about a Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow morning?”

“That sounds amazing, honey.” Shawn assured me. He handed me a bag from Sephora, which contained a few lipsticks I had shown him a few weeks ago and a beautiful eyeshadow palette. Two gift bags later and I was to the last bag, which Shawn took out from behind his back. A Victoria’s Secret bag.

“If you don’t like it you don’t- you don’t have to wear it, baby,” He stuttered, “I just thought it might be something kinda fun for the both of us.”

I opened the bag, finding a dark red piece of lingerie inside. I took it out, examining it thoroughly. It was lace all over and had tiny bows on the straps. A blush creeped across my cheeks, shocked that Shawn would buy something like this for me but eager to see how he would react to me wearing something of the sort. I looked up at Shawn, who was biting his lip awaiting my response.

“Thank you, I love it. Thank you for all of it,” I said, “Do you want to, uh, see me in it? Tonight?”

“Only if you want me to. If you want me to, then damn right I do.” I laughed at how excited he seemed. His cheeks had became a splotchy red and his eyes had turned darker, slightly shy yet filled with lust all at the same time. He followed me to our bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed while I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I slipped off the shirt that belonged to Shawn and my panties and replaced them with the one piece lingerie. I suddenly felt confident in myself for one of the first times in my life. The color of the lace went perfect with my skin tone. What little support was in my bra cupped my breasts perfectly. I stared at myself in the mirror, messing up my hair slightly to add to the effect.

Figuring this was as good as it was going to get, I walked out of the bathroom. I opened the door, revealing an anxious Shawn. His face was still flushed and he bounced his leg up and down out of anticipation. His gaze met mine and I waited for him to break it, to examine over my body. Before even moving his eyes down my body, he bit at his lip. His eyes flickered down. The look in his eyes told me he was mentally taking off what little clothing I was wearing.

One thing I loved most about Shawn is that he always knew how to make me feel beautiful. Just something so simple as the way he looked at me. He stood up, placing his hands on my waist. He guided me to the bed slowly after letting me strip him down to his boxers, covering us with the sheet after laying me down. His lips kissed mine lustfully yet lovingly at the same time. I kissed back with equal passion. My lips fit perfectly against his much softer ones, feeling like time was standing still in the very moment.

“You’re so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He spoke softly against my lips. His forehead rested against mine and his eyes stayed shut as the words fell out of his mouth. His lips returned to mine and I was thankful. I needed him in every way possible right now. My lips no longer felt his. He had started to kiss at my collarbone. He kissed down, kissing my skin through the thin red lace.

“I need you,” I blurted out while Shawn was kissing my body, “so so bad and right now.” He didn’t tease like he normally would. He removed his underwear and tossed them to the floor. His left hand went to my hip, his right to my cheek and he caressed it with his thumb. His lips pecked mine softly while he lined himself up at my core. I was dripping wet for him and we had only kissed.

He slid into me with ease but kept the pace slow. I felt him filling me up completely, a feeling I still wasn’t fully accustomed to. My eyes fluttered open and closed over and over again. His thrusts were agonizingly slow but I could feel every ridge of his shaft. I could feel the way the head teased along my walls. Each large vein rubbed me pleasingly.

Shawn’s pace picked up slightly, still thrusting slowly, however. I moaned out his name loudly. I needed him to know how much he was pleasuring me. His hand gripped onto my hips harder whenever I moaned. He moved damp hair off of my cheek and rubbed it gently.

I closed my eyes from the massive amount of pleasure washing over me. Shawn’s thrusts were slow but hard and deep. He hit the right spots with almost every stroke. His press his forehead against mine. His hot breath fanned over my cheek and he peppered my face with soft kisses.

“I love you,” he moaned out, cutting off his own sentence momentarily to thrust into me all the way, “so so fucking much.” he mumbled whenever he bottomed out. Even with the slowest possible thrusts, I already neared orgasming.

“I love you too.” I barely made out, the pleasure was almost too much. Shawn could tell I was close, as my legs became weak and I was more of a moaning mess now. He picked up his pace only slightly, wanting to see me come undone underneath him. I looked up into his still dark brown eyes that stared back into mine. With only a few thrusts more, I was there.

My back arched and soft moans left my lips. Shawn struggled to keep his thrusts steady and smooth, so close himself but wanting to make me come first. Absolute, pure bliss came over me as I came. Shawn only helped push me over the edge by pressing his sweet lips into mine so lovingly.

Only moments later, Shawn came too and cuddled up next to me. He rested his chin on top of my head and kissed my forehead. I changed back into Shawn’s t-shirt, him seeming happier to see me in that than the lingerie. I cuddled into his chest, we said our goodnights and with that, we were both asleep.


Gotham Riddlergordon AU: Jim Gordon ‘Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Innocent’ Edward Nygma 

“Do you like the name Eddie, Eddie?” Jim asks, nosing his way down Edward’s clavicle. He adored the trembling hands pushing back on his well structured shoulders.

“I-I don’t really mind any name I, oh, I…ah!” Ed tried to catch his breath as Jim rolled their hips together, causing friction that was alien to him. 

“Good to know, Eddie. I think I prefer that name.” Jim kissed him firmly on the lips, feeling Edward’s long arms wrap around his neck affectionately. He was trusting Jim with his safety, with his life, giving himself over entirely to this man he had only met the week before. 

Jim hummed when he heard Ed’s breath hitch. The tips of his ears were red, a light shade of pink in his cheeks. He was really enjoying all this. 

“So I’m guessing you have kind of a thing for scruffy bounty hunters in tight leather jackets,” Jim chuckled against Ed’s neck, trying to ignore the churning of emotion in his own stomach. He felt inexplicably comfortable and…happy in the presence of this man. It was more than he could say for anyone else.

“I have a thing for genuinely kind-hearted men,” Edward corrects with a smile and he curls his long fingers into the hair at the name of Jim’s neck. Jim falters, and laughs nervously.

“I wouldn’t consider myself one of those men,” he says.

“I do. You’re a good man Jim Gordon.” Ed kisses him softly. Jim wants to pull away, leave, maybe run away, but the stronger part of him stays, needs to stay. Ed somehow saw right through him breaking past the thick barrier of bricks he had built around the better half of himself. 

When Ed kisses him again, it grounds him and he holds the slim-framed man in his arms like he was a vase of flowers toppling over the precipice. Jim didn’t know if he was a good man like Edward claimed, but he would protect this man with his life, even if it killed him. 

Second Chances || Hoseok

Request - mylifeundecidedandconfused said: Hi can i request a Hoseok X Reader X Jimin angst smut? But like Hoseok X Reader are end game and Jimin is like helping her make him jealous but in the end they both slowly develop feelings? Do i make sense >< but eventually Hoseok X Reader end up together. Kinda like a Smut X Angst X Jealousy with a bit of fluff? Sorry!! Thank you!!            

Pairing - Jung Hoseok x Reader (ft. Park Jimin)

Genre - Angst, Fluff

Summary - When Hoseok leaves you under unforgiving circumstances, another man is there to pick you up. But when both of you start developing feelings for each other, you feel it’s only right to not act on it, costing you a very precious friendship. And when Hoseok himself decides to drop in after months, you’re in for an ugly but heart-wrenching surprise.

In the years you’ve been with him, this was the rarest of those moments you’d had in all the three and a half years.

His face turned red, like he wanted to explode, wanted to yell at you for being there for him. Yes, for being there for him. The stress was getting to him. And you could see it. But he was getting too blinded by it that he swiped an arm over the table, sending the beautiful vase of flowers crashing into the wall.

You flinched. And in all the months you’d been together with him, he’d never achieved that feat. And for a second you see him pause. Calculating, contemplating, measuring what he was doing. But that second passes too fast, and the rage is back again. More alive.

‘I’m leaving, Y/N.’ And you didn’t know what to think when you felt relieved that he hadn’t raised his hand on you.

You called his name once. Twice. Thrice. But he stormed away.

'Hoseok!’ You called after him again, but he ignored you, his feet already rushing out of the room and out of the door.

Tears fell, hearts broke, and you felt yourself being abandoned. Because that was what had just happened: you’d been abandoned by your three-year-long boyfriend.

Sniffling, you pulled the comforter tighter around yourself, feeling the cold getting to you, when in reality it was a pleasant weather.

The sun shining and occasionally getting clouded was pissing you off for no apparent reason, and you swore at the curtains that had been drawn apart by the one person who’d dare to wake you up like this.

'Y/N~’ Jimin’s sing-song voice sounded from behind you. And withing seconds - before you’d even seen it coming - you felt two strong legs wrap around yours, his arms snaking over the duvet and pulling you closer to home his chest. Or what you could feel of it with the thickness of the blanket.

'What, Jimin?’ This was the fifth time that week he’d come over to try and get you off the bed. You didn’t blame him though, you’d been spending the last whole month sulking in you’re house, and when he’d come over to check in you just a day after Hoseok’s departure, he swore to you he’d never seen you that way before. Had you taken Hobi’s leaving that bad? Apparently, you had taken it worse. And now, the boy behind you considered his life-long sacred duty to try and bring you out of your forsaken apartment and into the real world.

'But I don’t want to, Jimin. Leave me alone,’ You’d whined when he’d said that the first time, but obviously, he wasn’t taking a no for an answer.

He began rocking both of you, like he did most of the time when you’d break down out of no where, desperate for some anchoring. He was there. Every. Single. Time. And you didn’t even know how. At one point you’d even considered the idea he was living in your house. But he’d waved it off, saying he was just following his intuitions. You didn’t believe that one bit.

And now with one month into your break up with Hoseok, whom, according to Jimin, could be brought to if triggered at the right places, you were almost clueless with what you were doing, yourself.

'Hey, Y/N,’ He whispered softly into your ear that brought goosebumps to rise on your arms and legs, 'Let’s just get out for today, all right? Let’s go have some fun.’ You could hear the sliver of hope that was hanging on to his voice by a thin strand. And for that moment, you pitied him more than yourself. You had plenty of time to wallow in self pity. Maybe it was time to let his efforts come through. And maybe it was time to move on.

You felt like you’d made the best decision of your life the moment you stepped into the amusement park. You heard Jimin whimpering just as your eyes raised to the roller coaster that was spinning mercilessly on the rails and dropping from nauseating heights.

Nauseating, but exhilarating: just what you needed.

You tugged on Jimin’s hand.

'No, no, no, Y/N, no!’ He begged, but you wouldn’t let him have it. You knew he didn’t particularly enjoy riding these height-unfriendly-and-death-for-sure rides, but you were just really testing out his boundaries.

'You wanted to bring me out, Jimin. And now that I’m here, you might as well join me.’ You tipped your head and offered him a small smile. Jimin watched you, his furrowed brows relaxing. He found that settling. Very pleasant, and very welcoming. It made him feel warm and fuzzy. And in all the time he’d known you, only now did he dare to acknowledged that foreign feeling.

His lips lifted into a smile, mirroring yours, but a little more brighter. And he could’ve sworn your eyes sparkled. That’s it - that’s what he’d been dying to see. That’s what he’d been waiting to see for all these years. But you’d always kept that reserved for his older friend - who was now your ex, and no more related to you.

Then he remembered: that’s why he was here. Hoseok was the reason he was here in the first place. He couldn’t possibly have such feelings for you when you were still trying to cope with the void that had been left in you. No, that’d be just bad. And he was too much of a worrisome person to let that happen.

So his whining began again.

You laughed in what felt like weeks. Because it really had been weeks. Weeks since Hoseok had left, in fact it had already been two months. And with every laugh that erased the tiniest memory of you and the man that was once your eternal sunshine, it brought another closer to you.

You slapped Jimin’s arm again, his body too, racking with silent laughter. How your legs had gotten tangled like how it did, you had no idea. But somehow, some movement from the either of you had gotten you to fall on top of him, an oof leaving his lips in a gasp as you pressed against his chest.

Your laughter seized gradually, it turning to giggling before completely stopping. Your eyes locked with his. And for that moment, everything seemed to fall in place; seemed to look right. Feel right.

In that same moment, like Jimin could sense your approval, he brought his head up and crashed his lips onto yours.

A pause: in your thoughts and in your actions. And then your body began to work. Your mind began to work. Your lips moved along with his, in the same pace, in the same rhythm. Right then you felt how much you’d missed this passion. This love. His hands creeped their way up under you shirt, it resting on your hips as you clutched tight onto his collar. He got up, his back straight as he held your hips tighter and the kiss got rougher and sloppier. Your hands shook with anticipation as you let them roam freely in his hair. It was so soft, so fine, just like Hoseok’s.

Your eyes snapped open.

Then everything came crashing down on you. And then you knew it’s wrong. Your actions, your anticipation, your feelings. It was beginning to flow in, drowning you in the regret and pain for going for your lusts. For listening to a voice that wasn’t your conscience. His eyes opened slowly, like he knew what you were thinking and was dreading it, while at the same time he was treasuring that brief moment of intimacy you both had shared.

'I- This…Jimin, I’m-’ A finger stopped the movement of your lips followed by a shushing sound. You saw Jimin staring at you with half lidded eyes, a small smile resting on his lips as he shook his head.


And you hated yourself for being able to follow his instruction so easily. You felt like clay on his lap, where he - without even touching you - was able to mold you the way he wanted.

You felt anger suddenly rising in your chest. Anger that was directed at you and him, but mostly you. You scurried away, trying to get off his lap while you awkwardly settled the material that had manged to ride up above your stomach. He too got up, his hand combing his hair back (a habit he never dropped) while his eyes remained on you.

And when you noticed his gaze, you tried to hide your reddened neck and cheeks with your hair, your eyes averting to extreme corners of the room - at anywhere but him.


‘You should leave.’ You blurted - it caught both of you by surprise. It came out much harsher than you’d been going for. A breathy chuckle left his lips, ‘Y/N, I under-’

‘No, Jimin. I appreciate you helping me and all, but…you need to leave.’ You said again, this time your eyes finally meeting his. He was hurt, and you felt far more guilty than you already were.

‘Please’ You added, turning around and walking away, trudging to your room.

You walked in and closed the door behind you, your hand clutching onto the hem of your top as your breathing stopped to listen for any moments on the other side of the door.

Footsteps thudded - hard and hurried, and you jumped when you heard the front door close with a loud bang. It elicited a throaty sob out of you, your teeth trying to get hold of your quivering lips, biting down hard onto your lower lip, your hands trembling as you walked to your bed and sat down.

You dropped your face into your hands, the sobs racking your body as memories flooded your mind, words that left your mouth coming out slurred and sloppy.

‘Hobi…’ You whimpered, your hand reaching for your phone.

The tears that brimmed your eyes clouded your vision - but that didn’t necessarily obstruct your way to open the gallery where you still had pictures of the two of you saved in your phone. You apologized to Jimin (for he’d made you promise to delete the pictures if you were to move on) and you opened them one by one, your sobs becoming open mouthed wails almost, as your chest began aching.

You downed the glass of wine in one go and you spared a glance at the bottle. It was half empty, the first one laying empty on the floor, discarded and useless - like me, you supposed.

It had been two weeks already and you hadn’t seen or heard from Jimin. Maybe you’d really got him to leave you alone. And that hurt you even more. First, Hoseok; now, Jimin.

You poured yourself another glass before raising it in the air as a silent cheer, ‘To the years of misery and darkness around the corner; and to the loss of my only sunshine.’ As melodramatic as that sounded, you couldn’t help but think that was all your emotions put into precise words.

You picked your phone up again (after finishing the second bottle of wine) and opened your inbox. You clicked on the familiar contact name and began typing words that were too blurry for your now incomprehensible mind.

And the next thing you knew, you were dropping the phone while you fell into darkness.

Your alarm was strangely sounding like the doorbell. Or was it your ringtone? Because it was ringing like crazy. And then it struck you - it was the doorbell.

‘Huh, I’m up.’ You bolted upwards, your mind in a hazy mess while you tried to comprehend where you currently were. Your brows scrunched tight as the ringing continued, one ting after another in a continuous eardrum bashing melody.

You drag a hand through your messy hair and wiped at your mouth, the saliva making you cringe as you wiped it on your top. Squeezing your eyes tight, your rubbed at them before yelling, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’

Why was your voice so hoarse?

You opened the door, your eyes still half lidded and drooping, you saw a familiar face, ‘Hobi?’ You muttered, and you opened your eyes a bit more.

Your lips spread into a smile, ‘Oh hey, babe, you’re home.’ You opened the door wider, and stepped aside, giving him space to come in. You frowned when he remained outside the threshold.

‘Why aren’t you-’

‘Y/N, have you been drinking?’ The voice that normally let alight a thousand fireworks made you snap awake as realization slapped you twice on the face.



Your eyes were now completely awake and stunned, your mouth hanging open as you took in the sight of your ex boyfriend at the door, who was staring at you with what you definitely counted as disgust - even if it was just a speck.

‘Shit.’ You inhaled sharply before darting away into the house and into your room, slamming the door so hard you thought the house might fall down, before you sprinted into the bathroom while you chanted, ‘Nononononono, please tell me I didn’t do-’ Your reflection took the life out of you.

Needless to say, you’d probably have the same look as Hoseok if you’d ever seen yourself like this: your hair was nothing less than disheveled, your lips were tinted red with wine, mascara was running down your cheeks with dried tears at the corners of your eyes and when your glance dropped to your top - that definitely snatched the breath away from your lungs.

Wine stains, everywhere. Every fucking corner you saw there was something wrong with you. And you couldn’t have been seen in a much worse condition.

You whimpered, leaning yourself against the sink as you groaned loudly, cursing your fate.

You immediately turned the tap open, splashing water onto your face as you scrubbed it clean, your wine stained top removed and forgotten on the tiled floor.

‘Why is he here, why did he have to come today, why, why, why?’ You groaned even more as you scrubbed your face raw.

When you were finally clean, fresh, and raw out of your skin, you put on a fresh top and shorts before walking out of your room with your hair up in a ponytail. You stopped in your tracks the moment you saw him picking up the wine bottles you were drinking from and placing it on the table, before grabbing your phone and placing it next to them.

You jogged into the room, ‘You didn’t leave.’ You commented. Mentally face palming, you breathed. Of course he didn’t, he’s right there.

‘I got your text messages, but I guess that wasn’t you.’ Hoseok said, looking down at you with no particular expression.

You scrunched your brows, ‘What?’

He sighed deeply, ‘You might want to check your phone.’

You were already dreading it the moment you looked at your phone that rested beside the wine bottles on the table, it looking back at you - you felt it looking at you, mocking you.


You picked up your phone and your trembling fingers opened the first contact that reflected too brightly through the screen. And you saw a string of messages that made your legs turn solid and your heart stop beating.

You (10:34 PM)


Please come baaaacckkkkkk, i miss you too much!!!

Please, Hobi, plleeeeaaassseeeeeeee

You (10:40 PM)

I’m sorry okay. ust get over it alredy. Im sorry. Please come bck to me/

You (10:56 PM)

Why did ypu lwave me, Hoaeok//// Why

What did i do to ypu

I was loyal to you, always with you, you’re the one at faylt.

Hobi (12:30 AM)

What Y/N, I’m busy.

You (12:30 AM)



You slapped yourself mentally as many times as you thought you’d be able to handle before you looked at him, ‘And you come now, as an answer to my call of help?’

You could tell he wasn’t expecting that by the way he took a sharp breath, his eyes instantly leaving yours, ‘I figured you would’ve called Jimin by then,’ He said, the younger’s name seeming too venomous for him to say normally.

‘But you still came.’ You whispered, your heart taking a too mirthful leap.

‘And I’m still leaving.’ He said, turning around to leave. A sense of deja vu washed over you as you remembered the day he’d left. You’d called his name so many times but he’d refused to stay. He’d refused to talk out his problems and now you were sure he was suffering as much as you are.

So you didn’t call out to him, and you let him walk away. But your chest was definitely aching.

‘You’re not going to ask me to stay?’ He finally asked, as he stopped by the door. An asshole move, and it only made you angry.

‘You didn’t bother to when I asked you to stay two and a half months go.’ You replied, your hand clenching around the phone as you bit down on your tears.

Hoseok breathed, and he turned around.

Your breath caught in your throat as you saw him: his eyes were red as he tried his maximum to hold in the tears that were threatening to spill. His lips quivered and he kept watching you, ‘Why do you actually think I came, Y/N?’

You frowned, ready to accuse him of acting too much and making a mockery out of your feelings. But he spoke, reminding you what day it was.

‘If I’d stayed, which I regret so much of not doing,Y/N, today would’ve been our four years together.’ His voice cracked at the end, and he sobbed. It took you moments before it finally registered in your head.

You gasped. It wasn’t the anniversary that got you by surprise, it was the fact that he was regretting his decision that made you run to him, that made you throw your arms around his neck as he wrapped you in a secure and crushing hug, his face dipping into the crook of your neck. He inhaled your scent in, the two of you sobbing so hard it was hard to control each other as you pulled back to look at him.

‘I missed you, Hobi, I missed you so, so much.’ You cried, holding his face in your hands. He blinked away the tears, ‘I’m so sorry, Y/N. So terribly sorry. I was so stressed and I wasn’t thinking at all when I said all those things to you then. But when I’d finally gotten a hold of myself, it was too late. Jimin had already got to you and I didn’t know how to approach you.’ He inhaled deeply, and looked you in the eyes, ‘I thought I’d lost you again, Y/N.’

You pulled his face down and crashed your lips onto his as you kissed him fiercely, your tears and his mixing together as they met at your mouths. He pulled away, breathing heavily and placed his forehead on yours, ‘I love you, Y/N, I love you.’

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such a sunshine.


p.s.s - The ending was shitty, forgive me.

Broken Toy Soldiers

It had been a while now since Yuri Plisetsky had considered the word “impossible”. To call a task impossible implied that it could not be done, and Yurio had long since decided that his passion for skating would crumble that word, tossing its dust onto the ice he skated on. Ever since he was a young boy, it was all he could do to keep going, to make people astonished, to make himself proud.

But that had changed. As the beeping grew somehow louder in the otherwise silent room and the smell of sterilizers filled his nose, Yurio couldn’t find the will to open his eyes again. So he let his mind wander instead.

He’d finally added the word “impossible” back into his vocabulary.

It had been impossible to think he could drive Otabek’s motorcycle alone. Impossible for that to have been a decent decision, he knew that. But it wasn’t supposed to have cost him his arm.

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“Oh come on Y/N, you liked me a year ago.” He said, malice and threat in his voice. 

“I said no. Leave me alone.” Your tone was firm, in an attempt to hide just how frightened you were, with that you shut the door. Before it latched it burst open as Sam kicked it in, startled you jerked backwards and hit the end table behind you before hitting the ground. Sam towered over you, then he bent and gripped you tight by the arms and pulled you to your feet, his fingers pressing into your soft skin hard enough to bruise.

“Come on baby, I just want to talk.” He said smiling a terrifying, almost lifeless smile. You jerked an arm free and grabbed the vase of flowers behind you and crashed it to his temple shattering it. He let go and stumbled backwards holding his now bleeding head. His face turning from anger to a twisted delight. 

Horrified you ran, knowing it was a futile effort, he was too fast, his legs too long, you were going to get no where quickly.

Amelia made her way across campus, peering through the bouquet of flowers that obstructed her vision. In her arms was a glass vase, full of water and colorful springtime flowers which Amelia planned to place in her room. With everything going on around campus, she figured her living space could use some artificial happiness in the form of tulips and roses. The campus was wet with old rain. And between the slippery concrete beneath her feet and the garden of flowers blocking her view, she felt herself crashing into someone, causing her to drop the vase. “Oh my God.” she exclaimed, cheeks automatically reddening in embarrassment. “I’m sorry! Are you okay?” Her eyes gazed down to the flowers and glass strewn everywhere. “Did I get water on your shoes? Did I cut you? I’m so sorry.”

EXO Reaction to you hiding when upset

Thanks for requesting <3

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He’d hear someone sniffling from inside the walk in wardrobe. He’d hear your quiet whimpers, and immediately open the door to see you. He never expected to see you crying, head in your hands and hair all over the place. Xiumin wouldn’t say anything, he’d be shocked as he’d never seen you cry before but he’d just sit next to you, and let you cry into his chest. 

External image


Lay would be the type of guy to get his hoodie that is your favourite. He’d sit next to you, and hold out his hoodie for you to take. The corners of your mouth would smile slightly, and you’d take the hoodie and hold it to your chest, hugging it. “Babe, put it on. You can hug me silly.” He’d say sweetly, helping you put it over your head and then taking you in his arms. Lay would let your cry onto his shoulder, and every so often he’d kiss you forehead.


Sehun would come home from dance practice early, and decided he needed a shower. However, he also needed to get a towel from the airing cupboard - your usual crying space. He’d open the door, not realising you were there and just look at you. The way he toward over you just made you cry harder, and Sehun’s stern expression would relax as he realised he should probably do something to help.

External image


Kai would be the type of guy to know you were feeling the way you were for a long time, and he also knew about your hiding space when you needed to be alone. This time was different however, because he sat on the other side of the door, and he could hear your crying louder then you eve had before. This broke him. Kai wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and he’d open the door, pick you up and place you on the couch, hugging you gently.

External image


He’d find you behind the huge curtains, sat on the carpet with your legs pulled to your chest. You’d be completely un noticeable, but the sound of your crying gave your space away. Chanyeol seeing you cry would genuinely break him. He’s such a lively kind person so seeing you cry would make him feel like it’s his fault. He’d sit next to you, and try and make small jokes, doing everything he could to make you laugh. This is Chanyeol we’re talking about, and he’s the funniest guy ever so it would work.

External image


Tao would find you at the end of the garden, you’d be looking up at the sky, tears slowly falling from your eyes. Tao would sit next to you, getting your attention. He wouldn’t say anything, he’d just take your hand and entwine your fingers together. After awhile, he’d lean back so he as lying down, and you'd lie next to him, head on his arm. The both of you would stay there, just thinking to yourselves in a comfortable silence.

External image


D.O would be the type of guy to say something to you. He would want you to know he was always there for you, no matter what. “You can tell me about it okay?” He’d say, bending his head slightly to look in your tear filled eyes. This would just make you cry even harder,  you didn’t want to worry Kyungsoo - or anyone else for that matter. “Tell me later jagi. Come here.” He’d say, taking you in his arms.

External image


You would be in the spare bedroom, crying under the covers. You thought the pillows you cried into would hide the sound, but it didn’t. You got the scare of your life when Baekhyun started singing next to you. You didn’t even hear him come in! Baekhyun would sit next to where you were lying, just singing some song quietly while playing with your hair. Later you’d tell him your troubles, even though you didn’t wan to make him worry.


Luhan would find you in the small space next to the wardrobe and the bedroom wall. He wouldn’t comfort you straight away, he’d go into the kitchen and make you a hot drink before sitting opposite you - as there was more room in the gap. “Babe, listen. Crying isn’t worth it. Whatever it is it isn’t worth it.” He’d say, slowly handing you the drink. Luhan would steady the cup in your hands, as you were shaking so much. He’d smile really goofily. “I’m here for you.”


Now this would break him. He’s so used to making everyone around him smile, that seeing you would tear him apart. Suho would sit next to you, tears also forming in his eyes. Seeing this would make you cry even harder, you always hid to avoid these situations and here karma was, biting right back. After awhile of you both silently crying Suho would start to laugh. It was odd, how he just started laughing after crying so quickly, but it made you laugh too. You probably looked like fools, just laughing at nothing together.


He got home late, after only just finishing a night time themed photo-shoot with the boys. You wouldn’t notice him coming into your office. He’d bought you late night dinner, and went into you office to give it you- but when he saw you siting under the desk, legs pulled up to your chest he’d immediately forget about the food. He’d bend down to see you. “You’re going to have to come out babe, I can’t fit under there!” He’d joke, trying to make you smile. It would work, and you’d move to his arms.


Chen would be distraught. I can imagine that his attitude would change instantly. The normal funny Jongdae would be forgotten, he would be mad. Mad that something/ someone would make you feel this way. He wouldn’t be angry in front of you though, he’d hold and comfort you. However, when he was alone later on, he’d be frustrated, throwing his arms in the air and at one point he’d throw a flower vase at the wall.

This GIF holy mother of God

Thanks for requesting. I love your ideas so much, and I genuinely hope you enjoyed this <3

As per, the gifs are not mine, however all ideas (except the request) are mine (And Jongdae, he’s mine too)

In this condition: stirred not only by men but by women, fat and thin, naked and clothed; by teenagers and children in latency; by animals such as horses and dogs; by certain vegetables such as carrots, zucchinis, eggplants, and cucumbers; by fruits such as melons, grapefruits, and kiwis; by certain plant parts such as petals, sepals, stamens, and pistils; by the bare arm of a wooden chair, a round vase holding flowers, a little hot sunlight, a plate of pudding, a person entering a tunnel in the distance, a puddle of water, a hand alighting on a smooth stone, a hand alighting on a bare shoulder, a naked tree limb; by anything curved, bare, and shining, as the limb or bole of a tree; by any touch, as the touch of a stranger handling money; by anything round and freely hanging, as tassels on a curtain, as chestnut burrs on a twig in spring, as a wet teabag on its string; by anything glowing, as a hot coal; anything soft or slow, as a cat rising from a chair; anything smooth and dry, as a stone, or warm and glistening; anything sliding, anything sliding back and forth; anything sliding in and out with an oiled surface, as certain machine parts, anything of a certain shape, like the state of Florida; anything pounding, anything stroking; anything bolt upright, anything horizontal and gaping, as a certain sea anemone; anything warm, anything wet, anything wet and red, anything turning red, as the sun at evening; anything wet and pink, anything long and straight with a blunt end, as a pestle; anything coming out of anything else, as a snail from its shell, as a snail’s horns from its head; anything opening; any stream of water running, any stream running, any stream spurting, any stream spouting; any cry, any soft cry, any grunt; anything going into anything else, as a hand searching in a purse; anything clutching, anything grasping; anything rising, anything tightening or filling, as a sail; anything dripping, anything hardening, anything softening.

Lydia Davis, ‘This Condition’

Daddy’s Home

Okay guys so this is my very first fanfic ever…. It’s a Liam fic and I’m really proud of it! Hopefully you like it too :) I’m gonna try to write more of these since I am a writer and these really get my creative juices flowing. This one’s about hubby Liam surprising you by coming home from tour a lil early ;))) 

WARNING: smut. 

You didn’t come on tour often. You missed Liam whenever he was away but it’s hard toting a two year old around the globe. Especially since you found out that your family was growing. After your Barcelona visit a few months ago, you were pregnant with baby number two. The morning sickness was making it uncomfortable to fly and more than anything you just wanted to stay home and nest in your first trimester.

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Unconditional (Part 4)

Fandom: Celebrities
Pairing: Reader x Sebastian Stan
Words: 1, 526
Warnings: none, liquor before beer you’re in the clear! 
Request: yes or no
Inspired By:
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A/N: here is part 4. there are only 6 more parts. so i hope you all enjoy!

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Seven Days of Halloween 1/7 | Ouija Be With Me, Always?

Warning: Do not play with Ouija boards folks. Just don’t do it.

“So, wha’da ya’ think?” Natsu grins at her brightly, gesturing to the board on the table with a grand sweep of his arms and nearly knocking it (and a vase of flowers) off the coffee table in her living room. “Shit!” he curses, catching the flowers before they can spill and sending her an almost embarrassed smile. The planchette isn’t as lucky.

It flies right of the table and lands at Lucy’s feet, pointing at her almost ominously. 

She considers crushing it beneath her heel. 

Lucy imagines that it would be oh, so satisfying to snapping the little thing in half and watching it splinter against the carpet. It’s already ruined her date night before it’s even started, so it’s not like picking wood shaving out of the carpet would make the night any worse.

She purses her lips, crossing her arms and staring at him. “I think this is the stupidest thing you’ve ever brought into my house,” she tells him. “And I still remember the chili-waffle of 2012.” 

Natsu’s lips quirk down into a frown–he’s pouting at her? Seriously?–and his shoulders slump. “Aww, come on, Babe,” he whines. “It’ll be–”

She cuts him off, shaking her head. “I want it out of my apartment in the next,” she glances at the clock, “five minutes, because that’s when Hocus Pocus starts, and I am not missing it because of… this,” she spits, pointing an accusing finger at the Ouija board, glaring at it.

His frown deepens. “You watch Hocus Pocus every year,” he complains.

“Yes,” she agrees, bending down to scoop up the planchette. It’s probably best not to break it. Maybe Natsu can still return it and get his money back. “And I will continue to watch Hocus Pocus every year,” she tells him. “Why? Because it’s my favorite Halloween movie.”

How dare he question Hocus Pocus? That’s her favorite movie! Does she question it when he shows up in her living room covered in maple syrup and leaves? Well, yes, she does, but only because that’s something very concerning! Not to mention that that’s happened twice now! What the hell is he doing in the woods anyway? Then again, she probably doesn’t want to know.

 "Aww, come on, Lucy,“ he whines, shooting her puppy dog eyes. She snorts, not falling for the look. He pouts, crossing the room so he’s standing in front of her and then engulfs her in a hug, his cheek against her hair. "Can’t you break tradition just once?” He whispers, breath tickling her ear. 

 She bites back a laugh at the feeling. “Can’t you go one Halloween without doing something stupid?” She retorts, sliding her arms around his stomach and leaning into him, pressing up on her toes to press a kiss to his jaw. 

 "But it wouldn’t be Halloween without me doing something stupid,“ he jokes, blowing a raspberry against her cheek. Lucy squeals, trying to squirm out of his grasp. He merely laughs, looping his arms around her tighter and doing it again, this time tickling he sides as well, fingers digging into her ribs.

“Ack!–Natsu!” she shrieks between laughter, batting his hands away. “Stop it!”

He releases a heavy sigh–dramatic much?–and loosens his grip. “Fine,” he says, drawing out the word for at least six seconds. Sometimes she forgets that she’s dating a two year old. 

Natsu kisses her cheek. “I’ll stop tickling you, but–”

“Nope!” she cuts him off. “I’m not doing it!” 

He frowns at her. “You did’t let me–”

Lucy crosses her arms, moving out of his arms. “I’m not fucking around with a Ouija board, Natsu. I’d like to live, thank you very much,” she seethes, narrowing her eyes at the object on the table behind him. Damn thing is cutting into her Hocus Pocus time. Stupid son of a–

“Please?” he whispers, engulfing her in his arms one more, nuzzling her neck. “Just one question and we can put it away, I promise!”

Lucy bites her lip, pulling a face. It’s the only surefire way to keep him from complaining about it all night, but it’s also a great way to an early grave. Then again, no more taxes. But also potentially gruesome and excruciatingly painful death. And then there’s–

“Fine!” she relents, throwing her hands up and brushing past him to plop down in front of the table and the stupid Ouija board, and then she places the stupid planchette beside the stupid board, and meanwhile her stupidly attractive boyfriend just stares at her slackjawed. She shoots him a look. “Well are we doing this or not?” she asks, gesturing to the table.

He’s next to her in the next second, an arm on either side of her with his chest pressed to her back. Natsu scoops up the planchette, setting it on the board. Backwards.

Lucy sighs, turning it around, and then his big hands are on top of hers, his palms warm against her chilled fingers. “Fingertips only” she reminds. “And no cheating.” She shoots him a warning look over her shoulder but he only smiles back.

“I would never,” he promises, stealing a kiss. She laughs, giving him a quick peck before turning back to the board.

And then it starts to move. 

“Wait, Natsu what are we asking?” she murmurs, watching the planchette slide across the board. She almost turns to look at him, but hesitates, more concerned with what’s happening on the board.

“You’ll see,” he breathes against her neck, pressing his lips against her skin.

It’s a “W” first, followed by an “I” and two “L” ’s.


She frowns not sure where he’s going with this, but it is Natsu after all. He’s probably going to ask any wandering spirits if they’d like to order pizza, or something.

The planchette keeps moving. Three more letters.


He pauses, removing one hand from the board to fiddle with something behind her. “Keep your eyes on the board, Lucy,” he whispers against her skin. The planchette keeps moving, but this time there’s no hesitation between the words.



And suddenly she feels like she’s just been punched in the gut. The air rushes from her lungs, leaving her breathless. And she can’t even move, she’s too frozen at the question.

Her head snaps around and she catches sight of the ring in his hand–and wow, this is totally not what she was expecting.

Her voice cracks as she tries to speak and she doesn’t even think to nod, instead she just grabs the discarded planchette and slides it over to an answer.


For @loveinpanem‘s The 12 Days of Christmas

Day 12 Prompt: Wreath

Pairing: Everlark

Rating: M/E (for fireside smut)

Trigger Warnings: Holiday depression? Not sure if that’s a trigger or a state of being.

Summary:  Katniss and Peeta face their first post-war winter solstice in District 12 by taking on a holiday project and taking their first steps towards growing back together.

A/N: Inspired by @xerxia31‘s amazing Everlark Advent project, which caused my grinchy heart to thaw the tiniest bit. Last minute (seriously, I’m barely squeaking in on Day 12 here) and unbetaed, but hopefully a stocking stuffer for all my Everlark friends. Happiest holidays to all of you. I wish you nothing but joy and warmth and love.

I could feel her slipping away again. She had slowly but steadily been getting better in the months since I returned to District 12. The starved, feral Katniss that had confronted me as I dug in the earth planting primroses to honor to the dead, her dead, had bit by bit returned to herself. We worked on the memory book. I fed her cheese buns and tried not to dwell on the renewing lushness of her body. She returned to the woods. We nurtured each other. It wasn’t a straight line of improvement by any stretch of the imagination, but it felt undeniably like recovery. But as the winter solstice approached, and darkness surged in on every side, I could sense the ebb in her tide, the incremental loss of all the ground she’d gained.

I tried not to let the worry and desperation I felt overcome me. I needed to stay focused on mending my own wounds and gaping places, without succumbing to the urge to make Katniss the center of all of my attention. Neither of us wanted her to be subjected to that kind of neediness. I tried to coax her out of her quietness with animated conversation, but it was like she was retreating to some far off land inside herself where she couldn’t make sense of my words. I cooked her elaborate meals, but she scarcely had any sort of appetite. Even as I held her at night, I could feel her withdrawing further into the dark corners of herself.

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