arm with vase of flowers


“Oh come on Y/N, you liked me a year ago.” He said, malice and threat in his voice. 

“I said no. Leave me alone.” Your tone was firm, in an attempt to hide just how frightened you were, with that you shut the door. Before it latched it burst open as Sam kicked it in, startled you jerked backwards and hit the end table behind you before hitting the ground. Sam towered over you, then he bent and gripped you tight by the arms and pulled you to your feet, his fingers pressing into your soft skin hard enough to bruise.

“Come on baby, I just want to talk.” He said smiling a terrifying, almost lifeless smile. You jerked an arm free and grabbed the vase of flowers behind you and crashed it to his temple shattering it. He let go and stumbled backwards holding his now bleeding head. His face turning from anger to a twisted delight. 

Horrified you ran, knowing it was a futile effort, he was too fast, his legs too long, you were going to get no where quickly.

In this condition: stirred not only by men but by women, fat and thin, naked and clothed; by teenagers and children in latency; by animals such as horses and dogs; by certain vegetables such as carrots, zucchinis, eggplants, and cucumbers; by fruits such as melons, grapefruits, and kiwis; by certain plant parts such as petals, sepals, stamens, and pistils; by the bare arm of a wooden chair, a round vase holding flowers, a little hot sunlight, a plate of pudding, a person entering a tunnel in the distance, a puddle of water, a hand alighting on a smooth stone, a hand alighting on a bare shoulder, a naked tree limb; by anything curved, bare, and shining, as the limb or bole of a tree; by any touch, as the touch of a stranger handling money; by anything round and freely hanging, as tassels on a curtain, as chestnut burrs on a twig in spring, as a wet teabag on its string; by anything glowing, as a hot coal; anything soft or slow, as a cat rising from a chair; anything smooth and dry, as a stone, or warm and glistening; anything sliding, anything sliding back and forth; anything sliding in and out with an oiled surface, as certain machine parts, anything of a certain shape, like the state of Florida; anything pounding, anything stroking; anything bolt upright, anything horizontal and gaping, as a certain sea anemone; anything warm, anything wet, anything wet and red, anything turning red, as the sun at evening; anything wet and pink, anything long and straight with a blunt end, as a pestle; anything coming out of anything else, as a snail from its shell, as a snail’s horns from its head; anything opening; any stream of water running, any stream running, any stream spurting, any stream spouting; any cry, any soft cry, any grunt; anything going into anything else, as a hand searching in a purse; anything clutching, anything grasping; anything rising, anything tightening or filling, as a sail; anything dripping, anything hardening, anything softening.

Lydia Davis, ‘This Condition’